Romney is far behind Obama in popularity among women. He has been reported to be almost 20 points behind President Obama, at 57% to 38%.With Robert Bork as the person appointed by Romney, to advise him on appointment of Supreme Court Justices, that margin might become even higher.

Recognizing that Romney has significant work to do to improve his standing with women, he has come out recently in favor of renewal of the Violence Against Women Act. This is perhaps the only thing transparent about Mitt Romney. It was just 10 days ago that Romney didn’t know what the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act was, and whether he supported it.  When his administrative aids did respond, the best that they could say, after thinking about it, was that Romney had no plans to revoke the law requiring equal pay for women.

Romney’s lack of concern for women’s issues was evident in 2008 when he was asked if he was in favor of renewing the Violence Against Women Act, and he didn’t even know what the act was.  More recently he has demonstrated his lack of concern for economic issues affecting women by indicating that he gets all his information from his wife who is wealthy, and has never worked outside the home.

Indifference to the struggles of women is almost as offensive as outright support for the degradation of women.