It Wasn’t Sarah Palin, It was a Different Pit Bull


The Pit Bull’s name was Big Boi, not Sarah Palin. It was George Zimmerman, not Todd Palin,who was afraid of the dog.

Todd Palin hunted caribou and moose. George Zimmerman hunted burglars. Both men were armed when they were hunting their prey. Todd Palin had a hunting license. George Zimmerman did not. Zimmerman shot and killed a teenager armed only with Skittles. If Todd killed anyone, he hasn’t admitted it. Zimmerman has asserted that his gun was necessary to protect himself from a vicious pit bull.

Todd had a gun too, but found that cans of food worked just fine.


5 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Sarah Palin, It was a Different Pit Bull

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  1. One day either Todd or Sarah will get hurt with those cans they hurl at each other. And that picture of Sarah looks like she’s in need of a good washing…man, does she look dirty and skanky!


  2. Malia,

    This goes along with how the Secret Service treated you.

    Can you believe White House spokesman Jay Carney did not think Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan briefed the President on the El Salvador allegations? The cover ups and denials are so critical that no one can believe anything. Heads should roll, including Sullivan. He had to know about El Salvador. He did not bring up what all is happening in the region? Persevere.


  3. That’s one photo that I think is her real hair…thin, scraggly, She wouldn’t have dared have one of her wigs on while putting on and pulling off a motorcycle helmet would she?


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