An Inconvenient Truth: Abuse of Women by the Military and Secret Service is Rampant, Tolerated, and Part of the Culture

Testifying at a Senate Judiciary Oversight Committee, Janet Napolitano testified that the misconduct in Colombia of over 20 military and Secret Service men appeared to be an “isolated case.” She said it would be a “surprise to me” if this were not an isolated incident.   On its face that statement is laughable. The mere fact that at least 24 men were involved would indicate that this was an example of 24 “isolated cases.”  The only thing “isolated” about the case was the fact that it came to the attention of the public.  Napolitano chose to ignore the inconvenient truth. Liz Trotta on Fox News admitted that there is rampant abuse of women in the military, but asked the question, “What did they expect?”The fact that Fox News invited this woman to appear and speak on national television is unforgivable. She represents, and obviously approves of the most unforgivable attitude towards women. Fox News made it possible for her to promote this abusive attitude on national television. Words are insufficient to describe the outrage I feel listening to this interview. Consider the facts easily available to all of us on the internet this morning:

1. At least 24 men were involved in the Colombia prostitution scandal. Half were members of the military and half were Secret Service. 

2. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta learned for the first time this last week of abuse that occurred in Brazil. Mr. Panetta was questioned by a reporter who brought an incident to his attention. It happened in November of 2011, but the Secretary of Defense had to learn about it from a reporter in March of 2012! As if discarding a piece of trash, three Marines, and an Embassy staff member threw a woman, Romilda Ferreira, out of a moving car. It was an Embassy car. The car ran over her! The car RAN OVER HER !!! The woman hit her head and lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness she was barely alive, suffering from a punctured lung, a broken collar bone, and broken ribs. The men involved could not be charged by Brazilian officials because they were “pulled out of the country before the police could file charges.’  Somebody in a position of authority had to pull these men out of Brazil and cover-up the story.   It appears the military thought they had done enough to made amends. They paid the woman’s medical bills. 

3. Just yesterday a reporter from Seattle uncovered another cover up of Secret Service agents in El Salvador acting badly. The incident occurred in March of 2011 just before Obama’s visit. The eyewitness reported that he joined about a dozen Secret Service agents and a few U.S. military specialists at a strip club in San Salvador. The majority of the Secret Service agents were “wasted,” or “heavily intoxicated” at the strip club. Most of the Secret Service members at the bar paid extra for access to the VIP section of the club where they were provided a number of sexual favors in return for their cash. Even though warned against doing so, the agents took the strippers back to their hotel rooms, explaining that they “did this all the time” and “not to worry about it.”  The owner of the night club reported that the agents involved were there at least three nights in a row. He reported that his club routinely takes care of high-ranking employees of the U.S. embassy in San Salvador as well as visiting FBI and DEA agents. The owner says his reputation for “security” and “privacy” makes him a popular strip club owner with “those who want to be discreet.”

4. Abuse of women in the military is rampant.

• “A woman who signs up to protect her country is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.”

• Only 14 % of sexual assaults are reported by women in the military, according to the Pentagon. Of those 14% of cases, only 8% resulted on court martial. 

• Four in ten women in military veterans have been raped by fellow soldiers.

• Sexual assault in the military is “pervasive” and “constant.” Many women veterans feel ashamed, terrified, blaming themselves irrationally and without trust in others. These women often turn to drugs or drink to numb the pain.

• Women described the horror of abuse from the very people you’ve been told have your back. Then the betrayal from the command is often worse than the assault itself. Imagine the horror of being raped by someone who is supposed to save your life in battle. “You don’t want to believe it’s real. You don’t want to have to deal with it. The family doesn’t want to deal with it. Society doesn’t want to deal with it.”

• Retaliation against the victims for reporting sexual assault is also rampant. Just one example was a woman who was raped by a fellow Coast Guard member, given no medical services, made to continue working with her rapist and ultimately dismissed from the Coast Guard as unfit for duty. The source of her “unfitness for duty” was the trauma she suffered from both the assault and her futile attempts to seek justice from a stonewalling commander who told her to “shut up and leave his office.” Bertzikis is one of 17 plaintiffs in a class-action suit filed February 15, 2011, in Federal District Court in Virginia, against former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, charging them with failure to protect service members from repeated rape and sexual assault in the military and failure to investigate complaints or prosecute and punish perpetrators.

• 8 in 10 women in the military have been sexually harassed during their military service. Of those raped, 37% were raped at least twice and 14% were gang raped.

• 80% of rapes in the Air Force are not reported.

• One of the most horrific consequences of women’s efforts to protect themselves from sexual assault is the death of several female soldiers in Iraq who died from dehydration in their sleep. Despite the 120-degree desert heat and little to no air conditioning, they stopped drinking liquids after 3 or 4 PM. They did so to avoid using remote, unlit latrines after dark because of the high risk of being raped by fellow soldiers. Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, senior US military commander in Iraq, ordered a coverup of this potentially explosive news, directing the reporting surgeon to omit in oral briefs that the deceased soldiers were women and not to list the cause of death on their death certificates. His attitude? “The women asked to be here, so now let them take what comes with the territory.”

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  1. I have just copy/pasted the above statistics about women in the military to my senators – both women. These numbers are totally appalling and totally unacceptable!


    1. Carolyn,
      It is educational for me too! I had such a high opinion of our military, and this tarnishes their image beyond comprehension.


  2. Malia,
    Thank you again for all you are doing. I truly hope the time is right to bust open some of these secrets and get to a place where we can make effective changes.

    John McCain: ludicrous, partisan, imaginary ‘War on Women’ Dem’s fault.

    Why prostitution should be legal
    Prostitution is in the news because it is legal in Colombia, where U.S. Secret Service and military personnel have been implicated in a sex-for-pay scandal. And just a few weeks ago, a Canadian court threw out two of Canada’s three prostitution laws – laws that criminalize brothel owners and individuals who “live off the avails” of someone else’s prostitution (see my earlier piece in GPS on this ruling). The court ruled these laws unconstitutional, thus raising the possibility that Canada might legalize prostitution in the future.

    Canada: Legalized brothels ruling to be appealed to top court

    Lead investigator in Colombia prostitution scandal to question Charleston Air Force Base airman

    To Legalize Or Not To Legalize: Bill O’Reilly Is Wrong About Prostitution

    Donny Deutsch Tussles With Rosie O’Donnell In A Battle Of The Sexes

    Prostitution Investigations Aimed at Rescuing Minors

    Ex-Marine faces death penalty for ‘Cathouse’ prostitute murder

    Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, affecting every country and cities large and small. Trafficking Looks Different with Each Case


    1. anonymous,
      Thanks for all the links! I obviously have my hands full today,but I’ll try to get to these as I can. Thanks, Malia


  3. This is so sad Malia. I have known 2 women who are or was in the military. My mind was thinking of them as I read this. One older lady who devoted her life to the military as a nurse (Viet Nam), now deceased. The other the daughter of my former cleaning lady. A product of our currant economic situation who couldn’t find a job and couldn’t afford to go to college. The Air Force offered her a chance for college after serving her duty to our country. She is now a MP serving in Afghanistan. My heart weeps for both of them. They truly are/were patriots for protecting us and protecting themselves from these predators!


  4. It seemed suspicious to me that a little over two years and the secret service had zero complaints about sexual misconduct. That is absurd in and of itself. The fact that you tried to report something and you were passed around and then hung up on, no wonder they had a clean bill of health. No one will even let you report if there is a problem. This is the real reason Ms. Tripp. They are treating her the same way they treat all the other prostitutes and then they think that she is getting what she deserves since she committed the act of prostitution. I am sure the men who ran over the prostitute in the embassy car also had that attitude as well. This is what is fundamentally disturbing. Should not the men who did this to these women be treated with the same disdain? Should these men not have to pay retribution and justice? Why should they go on with all expense paid health benefits, use of cars, paid trips an yet the women who out of desperation has to resort to servicing these men sexually are constantly cheated out of their money, assaulted, and have zero protection or recourse when they are hurt. If they try to report it or take up for themselves they are ignored or hung up on! I am not speaking out to get attention. I am speaking out to change things. Please help me make a change.


    1. Shay,
      It is so frustrating to be treated this way. I am just a concerned citizen, and they obviously don’t want any record of a problem. Of course they have no records of complaints if they won’t take any complaints. It’s really intimidating for a law abiding citizen to become fearful that a report of misconduct would be not just ignored, but that I would be the bad guy for making the complaint. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for you! When somebody finally speaks out they are not taken seriously. It’s like the woman who was thrown out of the car, and she is the persecuted one for complaining. Paying only her medical bills is outrageous to me! That tells you they knew it was their fault, and that they were responsible, but by paying the medical bills they thought they could make the problem disappear, and who would believe a prostitute anyway?


      1. Malia have you seen this?
        Shailey Tripp I am now on Dial A Star 888-695-4543 Ext. 109087

        Caller must spend a minimum of $30 on each call

        What does this do to Ms Tripp’s credibility? Is this her new opportunity?
        I’m not judging what she does. She has to do whatever is best for her but this seems strange.


    2. You are making a change and a difference Ms Tripp.

      This is no longer about Todd Palin or Shailey Tripp.

      This about men every abusing and taking advantage of women every where.

      It just took somebody with cajones (no disrespect LOL) to speak up and now it’s time for the rest of the abused women to speak up!


      1. Doug,
        That’s right! I believe what happened to the woman thrown out of the car, and the women who are raped in the military constitute hate crimes. It’s about an attitude of asserting dominance over women just like the KKK trying to assert dominance over Blacks. They scare and intimidate and cause the victim to be scared of complaining. That form of abuse reinforces the feeling of the abusers that they are powerful and are free to continue.


    3. Ms. Tripp, respectfully, I wonder if you might comment on your relationship with your teenage employee, Kashawn, now that you have a sophisticated awareness of victimization and exploitation, and your understanding is more developed and mature than it was a year ago.

      Have the two of you been able to process these events and start a relationship of mutual respect as women, or even a friendship? Now that she’s a young single woman burdened with a baby and a criminal record, have you reached out to her? Do you still serve as a mentor to her?

      She got pregnant while she was working for you as a prostitute. Did you provide her with health insurance and did you encourage her to seek prenatal care, while she was in your employ? How did it work after your arrest – did you keep up a health insurance plan?

      What provisions did you make to cover the costs of delivery and subsequent care of this infant? Do you provide her support now?

      What have you done to encourage this teenager in a ‘career change’ out of a life of prostitution and exploitation – to better her life circumstances, help her find legitimate work to earn a living for herself and baby, pursue education and vocational training, etc.?

      Did you provide a list of her “Johns” to her or Social Services, so that paternity can be researched on the baby’s behalf?

      Thanks for your input.


  5. Malia –
    I can only imagine how emotionally drained you are today. When I read your previous post this morning it just made me feel ill.
    I don’t know how we are going to get the attention needed to bring this out – but it is imperative as this is a make or break moment. The various prostitution scandals are out there, Congress is pretending to be taking it seriously. Somehow we have to get the info about Todd out there front and center.
    I know you are up to your eyeballs in work today – but if we could have a list of people and links of people you think we should be writing to that would help.
    Collins seems to be serious about this. I was also thinking of Jackie Speirs (sp?) from Calif. She has always been a strong advocate for women. I saw her speak once in the Bay Area. Very magnetic.
    OK. What else can we do? I left a note for Sarah Jones about your prior article. I am going to locate Maddow’s address and send a note to her.
    Thanks for everything.


    1. Pat,
      thanks for your help. If I knew what else to do I would do it but I am now at a loss. I am still hopeful that someone will look into this, so if you think of anyone to tell, we should pass it on.


      1. Malia, how about contacting an international news medium like the BBC? If the story gets investigated and reported by a foreign source it may get wider attention and force someone to do something. I’m so frustrated with all the cover ups and corruption.


    2. Pat, i belive Senator Clair McCaskill would be a good person to contact. She is on facebook and tweets too.

      I think she had something to do with investigating the Blackwater military contractor rape scandal and helped craft legislation to safeguard and strip gov contracts for violations.

      From her wiki page:

      “Sen. McCaskill serves as a member of the Committee on Armed Services, Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and Special Committee on Aging. She is chairperson of the Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight.”


      1. MM,
        Thanks for your help! I know that some of us have already reached out to her, but the more who do, the more likely it is that something will be done.


      2. MM – I will see if I can get her e-mail and send her a letter. Thank you. I had not thought of her. I need to get a list of the female Sens and Reps and go from there. Can’t work on this until next week, unfortunately. Working with the grandchildren on some projects that have to be turned in Monday. If you have any other ideas – please leave a note for me. I will check back. Good week-end to all.


  6. Now a former exotic stripper, ex prostitute from Brazil is threatening to sue the U.S. Embassy in Brassilia? for the injuries she sustained when a van with personnel from the Embassy hired some girls, and she either left the van herself or was pushed out and run over. She has retired as a prostitute now because she has some discoloration and scars from her injuries.

    She wants money for lost wages, pain and suffering etc.

    The U.S., is getting a black eye in South America. Maybe years ago everything was hushed up, but times they are a changing.


    1. Wonkette has a thread on the Brazillian stripper and the men throwing her out of the van.

      I wonder if they would jump on the Secret Service-Todd Palin-Shailey Tripp connection since Sarah Palin is making so much noise.


  7. Malia you are making a difference to the lives of women every where! Your words are getting out.

    Note to the Secret Service, you work for the American people…. Don’t hang up on us…. We will not be ignored or hung up on!

    A comment from Huffington Post, thanks to you Malia:

    What about the Palin connection ?

    Attorney/Blogger Mailia Litman has confirmed through one time Todd Palin prostitute Shailey Tripp that while Secret Service agent David Chaney ( who was involved in the Columbian Prostitute scandal ) was assigned to Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, That Todd Palin setup/pimped Prostitute Shailey Tripp out to agent Chaney and that they did engage in a sex for pay liason ! The Secret Service have been contacted but they are ignoring the situation, a complaint has now been filed with the Dept of Homeland Security ! read :


    1. Wasilla Born and Bred,
      Thank you for your heartfelt support. It is because of people like you that I haven’t given up.


  8. Malia, another comment just popped up on Huffington Post:

    “… David Chaney has resigned from the Secret Service … Shailey Tripp has given me permission to report to you today that David Chaney was referred to her by Todd Palin for sexual services, which she DID provide.. In an effort to make this information known to people within the Secret Service, I contacted Paula Reid… the office in D.C. .., and was ultimately referred to the Secret Service Office in Dallas. Agent Holloway in Dallas indicated he would look into the complaint. When I didn’t hear back from him, I contacted him again today and he indicated he would contact me within the next two hours. After three hours passed I called Agent Holloway back, and he then referred me to his supervisor, Agent Peek. Agent Peek advised me that unless I had audio or video tape of the encounter he would not be interested. When I explained that I did not have either, but had a witness statement, he hung-up the phone on me. It was as if he simply wanted confirmation that there would be no recording featured on the news that he would have to explain. There was no indication of an interest in uncovering the truth about a culture of corruption within the Secret Service.

    …Janet Napolitano said that she felt the Colombia incident was an “isolated case.”..”

    This was commented at:


  9. The thing that disturbs, angers, and saddens me the most about all of this is the attitude of these men (and countless others) toward women — the deep contempt/disdain or even hatred of women that this seems to illustrate.

    Women are disposable goods to them; not even really human. What is with these guys? Were they raised wrong? Do they not have mothers or sisters or wives or daughters that they love? How can they do this to a fellow human being?

    That is the most disturbing part of all, and unfortunately, it says a lot about our culture and values…..


    1. Brigid,
      You are soooo right! I hate to sound like I hate men. I don’t. My husband and I have been married 26 years and we love and respect each other dearly. My son is 23 and I have the utmost respect for him. They would never treat women so badly. However those who do need to be reminded that they are wrong. The problem is that it appears that the culture in the military and the Secret Service promotes abusive attitudes and behavior toward women.


      1. You don’t sound like you hate men, and I hope that I don’t come across that way either. I have a wonderful husband (of almost 39 years), two terrific sons and an equally terrific son-in-law. None of them would THINK of treating a woman that way!

        Those who do think that way need more than reminding that they are in wrong. They need consequences for their actions. Big consequences. Big expensive, embarrassing consequences. In my opinion, that is….


      2. Brigid,
        No you didn’t sound like that, but I always worry that men reading this blog will perceive that I just hate men, and that is far from the truth. Thanks for understanding.


  10. It certainly doesn’t help when Sarah Palin keeps saying “Boys will be Boys” because she is trivializing the issue. I guess her attitude is the reason why Todd thinks it’s ok to pimp.


  11. Remarks are getting through about Shailey Tripp, the secret service agent with Sarah Palin and Todd playing pimp. Over at Huffington, and they are letting them through. One 4 hours ago by K.Grant.


    The tawdry story is filtering through, and sooner or later will blow up in Palins face, no matter how her lawyers, and the Anchorage Police hide it all.


  12. Shailey, I have never walked an inch, let alone a mile in your shoes. I really don’t know what led you to be a prostitute, but I know it must have been horrible. I can never imagine me having to make that choice. I’m sorry you had to. There has to be a reason to make any female do this. Abuse as a child, in a marriage, no self esteem? I don’t know. I have never been beaten by a parent or boyfriend as I grew up in a very loving family and I chose my friends wisely, or at least I thought so. I have always tried to stay away from people who caused conflict. Something has to compel one to sell her body for money. It must be terrible. My sister got pregnant in HS and married a man 9 years older than her after he had been in the service. She had 10 babies. We had the same parents and were taught the same thing. I saw the heartache my mother went through and I saw it kill her. I just knew, I would never make the same mistake. I picked my boyfriends very carefully. I wanted someone who loved me and was respectful to everyone. Someone who was educated and could provide for me and our family. Someone I could be proud of and would be proud of me. Someone I could love forever…till death do us part. I don’t think I would have found my wonderful husband 55 years ago if he knew I would sleep with everyone I went out with. He would have never respected me. That was a different time and different rules.

    I had one daughter and I explained to her, that boys have the highest levels of hormones when they are teenagers and sex is about the only thing on their minds. Kind of like the un-neutered dogs in our yard every spring! You may think they like you, but any girl would fill their needs…it wasn’t her beauty or personality that they wanted! If she wanted to be happy she would save herself for that special person that came along and was willing to respect her to prove his love to her, beyond sexual fulfillment. Her body and mind was more important than a tryst in the back seat of a car! She met that person after high school. She was very beautiful and very popular and I think she was on birth control pills. I realized she was human too. Her husband turned out to be bi-polar and beat her for 10 years. 3 children later they divorced. She got a good job and raised those kids by herself and was the best mother in the world, but we did help her when things got scarce. Not every parent has the ability or cares to help their kids. I do not know your situation. I just know, that she would never turn to prostitution to support her family. I’m so sorry that was your only choice.

    I hope you can put this all behind you and you will be able to be heard by those in authority to put an end to this. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, so you are not the first or will you be the last, but something must be done to stop this trafficking of young girls in our country and everywhere.

    Boys will be boys, but grown men using women to line their pockets is a crime. I hope that what Todd Palin did to you and other girls will be stopped by the courts. I think if the other girls who worked with you would join you, you might get the attention of someone who can do something about it. One squeaky wheel may not get the attention, but a whole wagon of squeaky wheels may get their attention. Lawyers are expensive and when you don’t have any money, it’s hard to find someone to help you. Joining forces may help open some doors.

    Write the Congress women and get them behind you. You know that those in Alaska have a deaf ear or are intimidated by the Palin’s. Malia has opened a door for you, but it will take many blogs to touch a small audience. Good luck, but get the “girls” to join your fight! This is in the news now…we are behind you, write the ladies in Congress. Wake up the military!


  13. It’s all disgusting, especially the denial and cover-ups at the top. I’m not clear why ANY U.S. Military official would think that because women signed up to serve their country (“asked to be here”), they also asked to be raped or brutalized by their own comrades. Despicable, all of it.


    1. BW,
      Years ago I saw the movie “Courage Under Fire” and just assumed it was fiction. Now I realize it was based on a culture that abuses women.


  14. Malia,

    “It’s about an attitude of asserting dominance over women just like the KKK trying to assert dominance over Blacks.” This almost completely sums it up. Add to that the power of these men’s positions: not only SS, but military men, with supervisors leading by example and “protecting” his men with the power of their positions. Strauss-Kahn is one recent example. This is so obviously not new in the SS, and it was only exposed because one man thought he was protected enough to refuse to pay his prostitute what he owed. I give her tons of credit for standing her ground! No doubt if she had been in a less protected place, she would have ended up missing, never to be found. It makes me ill to hear Janet Napolitano insist that this is a one-time case! Maybe she has to do it in order to protect her own position, but she is a sell out to women, and she disgusts me. The fact that we’ve had presidents use their power to seduce young women feeds this culture.

    Would it surprise you to know that I know of surgeons who sexually abused female residents, just because they know a young resident would be afraid to speak out and jeopardize her medical career? I have a very good physician friend in NYC who encountered this during her training, and she assured me hers was not an isolated case.

    I really applaud you and Shailey for speaking out and trying to make a difference.


    1. GG from Cincy,
      When I was younger I witnessed this type of harassment in the legal field. I was never raped, but had a judge regularly harass me and if I ever had to go into his court room, he’d kiss me!!!!As a young female attorney I was afraid of complaining for fear of what the judge would do to my clients or firm. I understand what it is like to be intimidated!


  15. “Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, senior US military commander in Iraq, ordered a coverup of this potentially explosive news, directing the reporting surgeon to omit in oral briefs that the deceased soldiers were women and not to list the cause of death on their death certificates. His attitude? “The women asked to be here, so now let them take what comes with the territory.”

    I’m a Marine Corps veteran, and that last sentence absolutely makes me want to chew nails. Nowhere in the oath taken by every enlisted service person it there a phrase promising to submit to the criminal behavior of others. I’m pretty sure that if Gen. Sanchez had his wallet stolen he’d turn the Middle East upside down to find the “criminal.” I’m also pretty sure that if a female soldier who was being sexually assaulted managed to stick a K-Bar in the assailant, she’d face a court martial.

    That is the military culture…to be cruel, callous, and tough, and learn to objectify the enemy. Unfortunately, too many commanding officers see the enemy as being those who stand in the way of their next promotion. Having sex crimes in one’s command isn’t conducive to getting the next star, or the almighty bird, or oak leaf or whatever. They are, very early on, corrupted by a hunger for more power. They don’t make decisions based on decency, let alone what is legal or illegal. If they can sweep it under the rug they will. If sleight of hand will distract attention elsewhere, then that’s what they will do. It’s not only corruption, it’s corrosion so deep that, like a piece of metal rusted through, it simply has to be replaced. Good luck with that one. I don’t see that happening no matter how much sunlight shines on the problem. Those in power simply no longer know who the real enemy is.

    I read Maddow’s “Drift” and as an afterthought I realize that war makes criminals of us all, and constant war makes ours a criminal society. Sex crimes are a reflection of that sickness that is all of ours. I’m glad there are people like you around who aren’t weary like me. I’m sick of the turn our society has taken. Oh, I keep suiting up and showing up, but with a lot less optimism than in years past. Keep up the good work. I read your blog daily.


    1. rayadams,
      Thanks for following the blog. My dad was in the Navy and my brother was in the AirForce, as is not in the reserves. I have always thought only good thing about the military, but this has to stop, …for the sake of the women, the soldiers, and the entire military.


  16. It’s also against military code for soldiers to copulate. Women who are raped typically don’t report it because of the risk of HER getting in trouble or not being believed. People who hold rank above others use it to their benefit.

    This is what I’ve been talking about since 2007. The military isn’t a good institution. They protect us, yes. They are disciplined, yes. But it is NOT natural for your worth to be valued at the number of your kills, to kill people because they’re deemed “bad.”

    Yes, we as humans aren’t good by nature. That is why conflict has always existed, and greed with always exist. The entire entity must be dealt with. Going after one inconsequential peg in the ladder isn’t going to change things.


  17. This actually makes me feel bad for Sarah, as she legitimately supports the military and has received honors from them for her selfless and monetary support. I bet Todd’s past secret life killed her inside.


    1. I would guess most of us would divorce or at the very least leave a man who was pimping AND exploiting other women.

      There is turning a blind eye to indiscretions, and there is condoning illegal activities. Do Pimps who profit get prosecuted under the law, or only their prostitutes.

      Of course at this stage it is Shailey Tripp who is talking about Todd Palins activities. She said, and he keeps mum.

      Sarah Palin not only turns a blind eye, which many woman do do, she benefits if Shailey Tripp is writing the truth. Very icky.

      How much does Sarah Palin know? Her husband seems to have a reputation, as well as Sarah.

      I would imagine she knows a great deal about Todd and his sexual activities outside of her home.

      After all as she puts it “Boys will be boys”.

      I won’t disagree, and it is after all her marriage.

      Secrets are secrets, but the rock has been turned over and what is underneath is out to scrutiny by the public.


    2. Paige,
      I don’t think Todd’s past secret life was secret to Sarah at all. As for “killing her inside” I think she was actually a part of it. She sure seemed to enjoy the money it brought in.
      By the way, what selfless and monetary support has she given to the military or to any entity except herself and her friends and her family? I would like to have links to any support she has given to anybody or anything that didn’t put money in her pocket. Do you have any?


      1. “She sure seemed to enjoy the money it brought in.”

        What money DID “it” bring in? How much? Like, millions? Or hundreds of thousands?
        What period of time? Like, decades? Just in 2010? Like, up to when she was arrested in March 2010? Or including the next six months after her arrest, when she was advertising herself as a prostitute in Seattle?

        What was the economic structure? What were the terms of contract with Todd Palin? Like, 50/50 or 20/80 or what? What was Shailey’s cut? Where’d the money go?

        How come Todd didn’t get her a private attorney? Pimps provide that. They almost HAVE to. Not because they’re nice people, but to protect their own interests. Getting arrested is a well-known calculated liability inherent to the biz.


      2. guest,
        I respect the request of many people who send me confidential information, and this was information that Shailey asked me not to disclose right now.


      3. Sure, I can appreciate that.

        The question was for “surfpnsbch” who says Sarah Palin enjoyed the money that Todd brought in from pimping. Which may have been income from someone else, and not Shailey Tripp.

        I was hoping that surf would answer.


  18. Well, the good news is that it doesn’t go unnoticed and uncorrected forever. It all comes out eventually.

    The Whistleblower.
    Kathryn Bokovac was hired by private military contractor DynCorp International, supporting the UN peacekeeping mission with the international police task force (IPTK) in Bosnia,.
    She discovered American and international officers involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution and their connections to private mercenary contractors, the UN, and the U.S. State Department.
    Book excerpt:

    The Peacekeepers and the Women, A film by Karin Jurschick
    A documentary that examines the booming sex-trafficking industry in Bosnia and Kosovo, and boldly explores the disturbing role of the UN peacekeeping forces and the local military in perpetuating this tragic situation.
    Jurschick confronts UN officials and aid workers, goes on a raid with international police, and reveals the tragic stories of the trafficked women themselves to unravel the many layers of this complicated crime scene.

    BARRACKS AND BROTHELS – Peacekeepers and Human Trafficking in the Balkans


  19. I’m not at all surprised to know you were harassed because you dared to compete in a “male field,” just as the medical profession used to be. The military examples disturb me the most, because they can’t just walk away from the job and go elsewhere. This stuff makes my mind go to the ‘dark side’. I fantasize about a huge group of female soldiers abducting a male rapist and terrorizing him, then making sure his ordeal is exposed to the world. Of course, they would all be wearing ski masks to hide their identities! Every other potential rapist at that post would think twice before attacking a woman.

    I have three sisters and a brother, all within four years of age (two of us twins). All of us are rather small in stature, but our brother would often single out one of us and use us for a punching bag. Both of my parents worked. Bruising on the arms was the most physical damage we endured, but the psychological damage was much greater. Finally, we girls decided that the very next time he started abusing one of us, the other two would jump in and the three of us could surely defeat him. We weren’t really sure what the outcome would be, but we had to try. When it happened, we were all at home, and the three of us put him on the floor and kept him there untill he was completely humiliated. It never happened again!

    To the commenter who stated that Shailey was raised in a loving and supportive family and therefore thinks her upbringing could not have influenced her adult choices, I just have to say that nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors in any family. She could have been sexually abused by a close relative, and may even have repressed it to the point that she doesn’t remember it. Some people think they can judge a person based on limited information. I’m 65 years old, and my sister is 69. We have always been close, but only recently have we shared certain secrets that we’ve never shared with anybody previously. And we laughed that some secrets will be taken our graves!


  20. The larger problem is that the United States government is run by criminals. This fact is made clear in Peter Dale Scott’s American War Machine in which he outlines the obvious… that the U.S. has been protecting drug barons, terrorists, and other goons for decades in the name of national security and American expansionism. The problem with protecting and supporting criminals for 50+ years (since the end of WWII) is that you wind up with a government here and around the world run mostly by some of the most depraved criminals in the world. Pakistan is an ally of the U.S. Yet Pakistan is the number one source for terrorism in the world. Now that is odd. Why would the U.S. be supporting the number one producer of terrorists and terrorism while we are in the middle of a “War on Terror?” If you understand that the criminals are already at the top running things, and that for criminal activity to continue, then the criminals at the top need to continue to protect it…then everything in the world makes sense. Kabuki is the word for it. A Stage Show. Now you start to understand why the FBI would allow Russians to try to cosy up to Democrats for 10 years in the U.S. and then to Obama’s white house. Why a dozen agencies around the world were keeping tabs on the 9/11 hijackers, yet 9/11 still happened… and why it took years, and years and years to find Osama bin Laden. And then when the U.S. “finds” the world’s #1 terrorist, he is being protected in Pakistan by the U.S.’s #1 ally in the “War on Terror.” You also then begin to understand why the U.S. Secret Service on the face of things seems to be filled with complete idiots…..noooo…in reality it is probably filled with compromised tools. See, in the real world, everyone understands that allowing Secret Service agents to sleep with prostitutes(possibly even underaged according to New York Daily News) in advance of a visit by the President of the USA compromises those agents and sets them up for blackmail. And in turn sets the President up for worse. EVERYONE understands that. Only an IDIOT doesn’t understand that. Do you really think the head of the SS is an idiot? So what is going on? Consider the more likely possibility that U.S. government is deeply compromised and has been that way for many years and is the main reason why our government doesn’t seem to ever work for the interests of the citizens over which they govern anymore. An why the Democratic party is mostly a useless gimick in actuality controlled by Republicans through coercian and blackmail schemes. A gimick used to pacify liberals who don’t seem to care to ask too many questions about what is really going on. Considering all of this, it is therefore no surprise at all that these government goons would throw a woman from a moving car. You’ve seen the movies, that’s what criminals do.


  21. Sorry for all of the misspelled words in that last rant. This whole story and the media trying to downplay what it really reveals about what is going on in D.C. makes me pretty upset. Lesson learned : don’t type rants when upset.


    1. You know, thos whole fiasco has me wondering. Was this scandal “allowed” to. E exposed? Was this meant to be “used” to hurt President Obama’s leadership image? Both at home and worldwide?

      As bad as it is that this crap goes on, i tend to think DickCheney tpye of tactics when this stuff happens. I thought the same thing when Deepwatet Horizon exploaded, things were just starting to look better for our country, then this crisis hit and the drama drug on for months on end, hurting the economy, jobs and the American phychi(sp). Obama’s Katrina indeed.


  22. I’m sorry, but this is just a hate on the US military forces. Yes, I understand that abuse of women in the military is a huge thing. I mean really 80% of rapes in the Air Force have not been reported?? So in that case, if they haven’t been recorded, how do you know about them. I have plenty of friends who have gotten charged for sexual assault and they got busted down. In the end, they find out that the woman was lying the whole time. If that’s true, how can you really believe anything. Unless proven to a Medical Examiner, I have no reason to believe this.


    1. Danny,
      Obviously I have no way to know whether anything anyone says in response to a post is true. It does seem to me that a woman reporting on this blog about a rape in the military has nothing to gain by lying.


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