We Are NOT Living in a “Post-Palin” World

Bob Costa of the Nation Review devotes three pages to an article about Romney’s pick of a Vice Presidential candidate in a “Post-Palin” world. He concludes that the lesson of Sarah Palin and the 2008 election is that long resumes are in, and fiery rising stars are out. He observes that because Romney is a “competent manager” he will be smart enough not to pick someone with relatively little actual experience, like Rubio, Ayotte, Toomey, Haley, or Martinez. Steve Schmidt is quoted as saying that “in a post-Palin world, the only requirement that matters is whether this person is qualified to be president on day one.” Dick Cheney expresses similar sentiments saying that “the single most important criteria has to be the capacity to be president.”

Whew! What a relief. If Romney picks Rubio, Ayotte, Toomey, Haley, or Martinez now, it will be clear that his selection was the result of poor decision making, and would be evidence that he in an incompetent manager. Just yesterday we watched Romney’s willingness to say anything, even if contrary to past positions, if he perceived it was politically helpful to win votes. Thus, Costa is fooling himself if he thinks this is a “post-Palin” world. It seems that Romney will select the running mate that he perceives will win him the most votes, not the most competent person. If he selects a person with experience, it will not be because he would never endanger our country by selecting someone ill-prepared to serve, but because he is simply reacting to the Palin-fallout. We are not living in a “post-Palin” world. While she is no longer a politician, she is a force. When the President of the United States reacts to her comments about the secret service, it is clear that she still affects the political discourse.

On multiple occasions Sarah Palin has attacked Romney. In June of 2011 the pit bull took a bite out of Romney for his position on health care. In January of 2012 the barracuda was credited with referring to Mitt Romney as one of the GOP’s weakest candidates.  In early February of 2012 Palin attacked Mitt, for his attack on her candidate, Newt Gingrich. By the end of February it was becoming increasingly clear that Romney would earn the Republican nomination. Even though Palin said she would support him “100% if he became the nominee” she criticized him saying that “he still had considerable work to do to get important portions of the party base on his side.”

Yesterday, as Sarah Palin was renewing her chant “drill baby drill,” Romney seemed to be intent on winning Palin’s support. Romney declared that he too “opposes environmental regulations for drilling of coal, oil, and natural gas.” 

Once again Romney was “Going Rogue”. In the past he has worked to protect the environment. He appointed Mr. Foy, an environmental advocate, who initiated a lawsuit to cleanup Boston Harbor, worked to protect fishing grounds, worked to negotiate a regional climate-change initiative, and drafted regulations to cap emissions on coal-fired plants. Romney himself joined activists outside a coal fired plant indicating that the plants were killing people through their carbon emissions. Rick Perry, the Ex-Candidate, famous for his environmentally destructive policies, and his adoration of Sarah Palin , launched a “broadside” against Romney’s environmental record, pointing out that “Massachusetts was one of the first states to implement its own cap and trade program, which included limits on carbon emissions…”

With Romney’s adoption of Palin’s chant “drill baby drill” it seems clear that Romeny is willing to compromise any position to win favor with Sarah Palin. It is not a “Post-Palin” world. When Sarah Palin can inspire the Democratic nominee for President to respond to her comments, and inspire the Republican presumptive nominee to become more concerned about winning her support than protecting the environment, the damage to America being done by Sarah Palin is still very real.

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  1. The etch-a-Sketch metaphor used by one of his staffers is the most accurate way I’ve heard to describe Romney’s expedient, in-the-moment “stance” on issues. On energy, for the moment, I think he is simply de-fanging Palin by giving the appearance of agreeing with her (thus shutting her up). There’s no way Palin gets a shot at any Cabinet post. Romney may be evil, but he’s not stupid.


      1. Oh I dunno know about that. Remember even McCarthy got people finally to realize he went to far. Sooner or later maybe another cycle after this election she will be a snippet in the news. People will saw Sarah who.


  2. How the heck can someone so blatantly ignorant be so influential? This continues to baffle me to death how the media continues to feed this monstrosity. She’s on talk shows and news shows as if she has something to offer. As if she has any clue about anything except bashing Obama. That’s it! I guess we will forever suffer for McCain’s selfishness and even more ignorance in his pick who has destroyed the image of our WONDERFUL AMERICA. They continue to follow her vile ways. Its really pathetic how the right has become a party of incredibly spoiled rotten disrespectful children! And I do mean real MEAN awful bullies–they have become palins.


  3. Most politicians will do whatever they think it takes, like John McCain. I don’t want to think Romney is that desperate but it is plausible.

    Culture change needed
    Secret Service agents contend misbehavior on trips not unprecedented

    I understand we don’t want to lose confidence in our Secret Service but also concerned if protecting the institution means overlooking a pattern of misconduct.

    Secret Service, Romney & Obama
    “We will not allow the actions of a few to tarnish the proud legacy of the Secret Service.”
    Napolitano also testified that the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility, which is investigating the incident in Cartagena, Colombia, had not received any similar complaints of misconduct in the last 2 ½ years.


  4. palin does not have the influence you suggest and never has.

    for ex. romney is not reacting to palin by his drill nonsense but is reacting to corporate interests that undermine the environment and use stupid people to accept their arguments about drilling.

    and romney will pick the person that the MEDIA is convinced is a good candidate regardless of their resume.

    palin can not move votes nor does she excite the non voter to get to the voting booth.

    her influence is illusionary based on tv exposure and everyone you quote above realizes it because THAT is the reason they argue against anyone like her!



    1. jadez,
      I hope and wish you are right, but when I see her continually getting attention when she speaks, it is very disconcerting


  5. Cheney thinks “the single most important criteria [in a VP candidate] has to be the capacity to be president.” Where were he and Costa when the GOP allowed fools like Cain, Bachmann, and Perry were vying to be the presidential candidate? (I’m not saying that the others weren’t/aren’t fools too. It’s just that those 3 top the list). The fact that those 3 were actually considered viable candidates (regardless of how early in the process)—now that’s the real legacy of Palin’s candidacy.


  6. WHAT?

    “he will be smart enough not to pick someone with relatively little actual experience”

    But but my mom was a looser Miss Alaska, a failure as a small town mayor who put a small populated poor town in so much unnecessary debt, an incompetent quitter half term ethics violating governor of a small populated state, screwed outta town black college basketball players in my auntie’s dorm room while dating my dad, raised unruly homophobic sexually addicted juvenile delinquent kids with no motivation to go to college and my pregnant mom had to marry an unsuccessful pimp, adopted my underage / unmarried / uneducated pregnant sister’s baby to improve my mom’s Christian Family Value image as a mother, lost an election for a man who was running for president of the United States of America, lost another man’s chance to run for the upcoming GOP presidential nominee by endorsing him and brought down the ratings of a number one NBC morning show!

    Are you saying my mom had no experience?

    That’s a lot of experience in one person’s lifetime!

    Okay Malia, ya got me there, no argument here!

    No hard feelings… okay?


    1. Xenon,
      Sadly, I’m afraid that will never happen. Even if the prostitution scandal was the end of her, history books will always reflect the insanity of the 2008 McCain campaign.


  7. It makes me glad to see the republicans, or the smart ones anyway realize what they could have done to the US by having somebody as substandard as palin run for VP.
    Although, she would bring in lots of Evangelical votes for Romney.


  8. The only force ms palin is? Is she forced herself into the lower 48 and forced her ignorance on some Americans. What in the world could this woman be thinking about now? Why does she think so many cannot stand her? Does she actually think were jealous? I for one would not align myself with such a woman. She does not interest me with her lack of knowledge, her lack of parenting skills, her lack of education, her lack of class, her lack of respect, her lack of honesty, her lack of morols, her lack of a backbone, her lack of quilt, her lack of womanhood, her lack of ethics and her lack of understanding why she was used in 2008 and it failed because she was a failure to fool majority of Americans. She is a fake. A delusional, sociopath. WHAT PART DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND SARAH PALIN? Go away and raise you kids properly like most woman would do.


    1. Zoom Zoom,
      You would not believe how many people have suggested that I am jealous of her. I keep thinking that if they read the many articles I have written they would know that nothing could be further from the truth, but I still get that.


  9. We SO dodged a bullet in 08!

    Now we have to make sure we re-elect President Obama to a second term and do not let the Repubs and Koch brothers steal the election. That’s my concern.

    To H with Palin. And McCain will never live down his choice for VP and what he’s done to this country by unleashing an unhinged nut job.


  10. She is like the Khardashians. They just signed a 3 year 40 million dollar contract.

    I have not, nor will I ever watch the Khardashians, but there they are on all the covers and rags at the supermarket and drug stores in our country.


    She is a celebrity, like them, and nothing more, a big mouthed celebrity spouting nonsense.


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