Bloomberg Reports on the Stupidity of Sarah Palin Using the Secret Service Scandal to Criticize Obama

Watch, and know that this is what we were all thinking!

9 thoughts on “Bloomberg Reports on the Stupidity of Sarah Palin Using the Secret Service Scandal to Criticize Obama

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  1. Malia, there is another story bubbling around out there. Senator Grassley from Iowa says that the Colombian prostitute/masseuse at the center of story was a Russian agent. Now I don’t know if that is true coming out of the mouth of Grassley. But this story reminds me of the recent story of the masseuse from canada/germany named Dorothy Burkhart whose son ran around burning up Los Angeles a few months back. Apparently the woman was Russian. Interesting… You may remember awhile back the story how the FBI allowed Russians to wander around the USA from 2001-2010? Just watching them while they ran around trying to cosy up to and compromise American politicians. Why did the FBI let that go on for 10 years??? It is said some of them were from Canada. Other than allowing these Russians to compromise Americans..what is the purpose of allowing Russian spies to wander around the USA for 10 years? Has the FBI ever answered that question? Is the FBI using Russians to compromise Democrats and the white house? Also, you may remember that right before 9/11 the FBI was penetrated by at least one Russian spy in 2001… Robert Hansen. What’s going on America? I hate to make this into some type of “Russian Conspiracy” but the Russian ties are there. Don;t know what that means though. There also is a rotten Iowa angle I kind of sniff around all of this… there is an odd intersection in Iowa that I kind of see that involves Paper and Magazine Publishers in Iowa, Theresa Duncan, even Stanley Kubrick(not that he is guilty of anything), and missing Iowa paper boys. Something slithering under the surface.The big question I have is what is the mechanism that causes American politicians to sellout the interests of Americans? How did a bunch idiots and lunatics rise to the top of the Republican political hierarchy when most normal Americans even conservatives despise these clowns? Why is America in all of these wars still when clearly neither the right NOR the left want them? What was Andrew Breitbart REALLY up to when he was teaming up with all of those pornographers to spy on Anthony Weiner? My suspicion has always been that much of this involves blackmail, threats and coercion against American politicians and the American people. It goes along way to explaining why American politicians are so damn useless and the country a wreck.


  2. Good video. Sometimes it seems as if the larger world out there is not paying attention to her ignorance – but then a pleasant surprise like this one.


      1. Very off topic.
        Yesterday in the local paper – The Modesto Bee – I noticed this bit of info at the end of a funeral notice for a local woman: she had asked that all rememberances be donated to defeat Obama and Warren and to keep Walker in office. To say I was stunned is an understatement. So – even a person’s death has become political. I hesitated to send this to you – but thought you would be as amazed as I was.


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