Sarah’s Secret Service, and David Chaney

David Chaney is the Secret Service agent who resigned as a result of the Colombia scandal involving prostitutes. He is also the Agent who posted the Facebook picture of he and Sarah Palin with a notation “I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?”  He is also the agent that Shailey Tripp has said was introduced to her by Todd Palin. So the question is “Who is David Chaney?” The best information I could find came from a blog post written by Vincent Palamara. Vince has a degree in Sociology. Vince has devoted substantial time to investigation of the Secret Service regarding the assassination of JFK. He has corresponded with over seventy former Secret Service Agents in addition to interviewing family members, White House aides, and medical witnesses regarding the assignation. He has written two books. Vince has been favorably mentioned in over 50 JFK and Secret Service related books to date. Vince Palamara has become known (as he was dubbed by the History Channel in 2003) “the Secret Service expert.” As former JFK Secret Service agent Joe Paolella proclaimed: “You seem to know a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I do!”

Needless to say Mr. Palamara seems to be much more knowledgeable about the secrets of the Secret Service than most reporters.

The following facts

have been reported by Mr. Palamara regarding David Chaney:

1. David Randall Chaney, 48, posted several shots of himself on duty in a dark suit and sunglasses, including one that shows him behind the former Republican vice presidential nominee during her 2008 campaign.

“I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” Chaney wrote in the comments section after friends had marveled at the photo. He is married and has an adult son.

2. Chaney was a supervisor in the Secret Service’s international programs division.

3. Chaney retired under pressure last Wednesday due to allegations that he and other agents participated in a night with prostitutes while in Colombia, preparing for Obama’s visit to the Summit of the Americas.

4. Chaney has worked at the Secret Service for almost 20 years.

5. Chaney has worked for a significant amount of time in the Presidential protection detail and was based out of D.C.

6. The Secret Service announced Wednesday that Chaney would be dismissed from the agency along with two other agents.

7. The attorney for Chaney has refused to comment regarding the allegations against Chaney.

8. Chaney’s duties in the international programs division have been identified as “supervising a department that provides support and administrative help to the agency’s foreign offices.”

9. Calls made to Chaney’s home and cell phone have not been returned, and the door of Chaney’s home in northern Virginia has not been answered. There is a silvery 4z4 Ford pick-up parked outside Chaney’s home which advertises stickers with an outline of Texas (Chaney’s home state) and the words “SECEDE” on it.

10. Chaney’s father was also a Secret Service agent.

11. Chaney’s connection to Sarah Palin when the Facebook post of David Chaney revealed pictures of him on duty, assigned to Sarah Palin. In one photo Chaney is standing near Sarah Palin.

In the comments section next to the photo, a friend remarked that Chaney appeared to be “lurking in the shadows” behind Palin. Another person commented that there seemed to be “real chemistry” between the two.

Chaney posted: “I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?”

Another friend asked if one of the buttons on Palin’s lapel was emblazoned with Chaney’s face.

“well if it was could you blame her, anything to satisfy a stalker,” Chaney wrote in his reply.

12. In another set of Facebook photos, Chaney documents a trip he took with his grown son to Egypt. One photo shows a voluptuous belly dancer in a revealing bikini-like top and tight, sequined skirt positioned between him and his son.

Thus it seems that there is no real controversy that Chaney was involved in the prostitution scandal in Colombia, or that he previously came in contact with Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign and thus Todd Palin would have likely met him as well. Based on the report of Shailey Tripp it seems that Todd Palin introduced Chaney to Shailey to allow him to take advantage of her services. The connections between Todd Palin, David Chaney, politicians, and prostitutes are unmistakable. Todd Palin will not be the First Dude, and nobody seems to want to make a reality show about him. David Chaney is no longer employed with the Secret Service. Shailey Tripp is no longer working for Todd. Chaney knows a lot of hookers in Columbia. Todd evidently has a lot of clients. Maybe they could go into business together. They could name their new business “SARAH’S SECRET SERVICE.” Palin obviously knew this agent as she said she hoped that his wife send him to the dog house and made a joke referring to President Obama saying: “as long as he’s not eating the dog, along with the former boss.” The joke was in references to Obama’s Dreams From My Father, in which he wrote about eating dog meat in Indonesia as a child. Palin showed really bad judgment making that slam on Obama. Perhaps a more enlightened comment would have been that he should be fired before the 2012 election because if Romney should win you know what he does with dog houses!


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  1. Wow! Malia … you keep at it and there will be results. I just feel it. The media can’t ignore this much longer as it should be outrageously profitable to peel the layers of scat that surrounds anything Palin.With your straightforward journalism and quirky humor, I think you would be a wonderful guest for Colbert, Stewart, Maher, or Oberman. Or O’ Donnell, or Rachel, or Ed Shultz. Ad infinitum. Comedy Central and MSNBC, are you listening?


    1. laurensd1,
      What a thrill it would be to be a guest on one of those shows, but i doubt they will ever take an interest. Depending on the evidence that COULD be uncovered in the next couple of months, we’ll see if anyone notices.


  2. In the belly dancer picture it sure is like father, like son. Makes me wonder how Todd bonds with Track.

    In one of the articles I read they spoke of how the men wasted no time making arrangements and started to party. As if it is routine and well co-ordinated, regular set up for advance teams. As well the military has a big part to play.

    Chaney’s sister links to Dr. David Jeremiah and others on Facebook.
    Jeremiah succeeded former senior pastor, Tim LaHaye, at Shadow Mountain in 1981.

    This is not about Chaney, but interesting MUST READS

    Tina Brown’s first pick is Andrew Nagorski’s Hitlerland, a book about the rise of the Nazi regime told from the perspective of Americans, including foreign correspondents and diplomats, who lived in Berlin during the 1930s and early 1940s.
    Gerda Ursula Zinn

    Brown says. “What Breitbart did was, he was a provocateur, he was a ‘death by a thousand tweets’


  3. Todd is climbing the stairs in the photo with Chaney & Palin. The MSM and the investigations re interstate sex trafficking will hopefully get to the bottom of all this. Shailey is commenting and Sarah can’t help herself, she’s actually “daring” someone to ask her about “BoysWillBeBoys”.

    Politics does make stange bedfellows.


  4. Hello Malia! Correct me if I’m wrong – in your post, perhaps you meant to say “assassination”, not “assignation”. However, now that this agent has “resigned”, “retired”, or was “fired”, and the connection was made between him and $P, he may play canary and start singing. Maybe this is why $arah is lashing out at the Secret Service; he may spill the beans about $arah and Toad’s conniving schemes, and finally Pandora’s Box will reveal it’s dirty little secrets. Judgment Day is near $arah; be VERY afraid…


    1. abbafan,
      I fixed the spelling problem, thanks. I think Sarah is worried. She should be. I’ll keep you advised if i hear anything.


    1. Ha i was just coming here to post about this. It was a no nonsense woman who busted the old boys club and sent them packing, too sweet!

      “I am confident that as an agency we’ll determine exactly what happened and take appropriate action,” she said in the interview with her and an agency spokesman. “Despite this current challenge facing the Secret Service, my job is to keep Miami personnel focused on our core protective and investigative missions. Anything less is counterproductive to the many critical functions we perform each day.”


  5. I remember an article about toad and the secret service guys going snow maching. And remember ss were outside the wasila home when bristol was afraid due to phone hacking. I forget the ss names for scarah and toad.

    Bet scarah was creeped out by chany, but liked it, also bet toad got cheny some servicing because he didn’t appreciate cheny lusting after scarah.

    She’s really stupid to bash a guy who has the goods on scarah and toad.


    1. Danali and Drill ? SS names??
      Where is the story about Bristol? I can’t recall. It seems she was saying her parents couldn’t call her while campaigning, no Levi, no Track and no one was around for some reason. It was absurd yet she was believed by those she told that to. The SS say nothing about being there so she could get by with lies.


  6. The Palins avoid responding to anything about a possible Todd Palin Prostitution Ring. They seem to be hoping that it will all go away. Well, it won’t, it is only becoming a bigger story. Congressional Investigators are looking into Secret Service Agents’ activities as far back as the Carter Administration. The Alaska and Seattle Todd Palin connection will show up.
    It will be very interesting to find out Sarah Palin’s knowledge of her Husband’s Sex Trafficking and why she ignores it.


  7. It’s obvious chany is a womanizer. I bet there are a lot of women in the ss administration that are happy to see his ass go. Karma baby!

    You have to wonder who would marry a jerk like chany, he has at least one grown son and has been married just 10 yrs., so something happened to the first wife or marriage.

    Seriously, we have to wonder how a creepy rightwing jerk off gets promoted to supervisor and has anything to do with guarding President Obama. Obviously he’s shown little reguard and much disrespect towards this commander in chief. How many more are there?

    Which type checked out ted nugent?


  8. For someone who brags about “getting what she wants” from men by wearing her PUSH-UP BRA, who wears short tight skirts and sexy RED MONKEY SPIKED HEELS to sex up the old geezers and who is married to a CHEATING PIMP, TOD ‘THE SLEAZE’ PALIN one would think that Sarah ‘THE PRICK TEASER’ PALIN would be more than flattered to have one of her hubby’s JOHNS “check her out!” HAHAHA BLESS YOU KARMA, NOW GO GET’EM LADY K. ;o)


  9. P.S.

    “Todd Palin will not be the First Dude, and nobody seems to want to make a reality show about him.”

    Could the real reason that no one wants to make a reality show about Todd be that too many of the people that could do it have been or still are good customers (JOHNS) of PIMP PALIN???


  10. Remember that President Obama is playing “three-dimensional Chess” while the far-Right nut-jobs are playing Checkers. I’m sure he must know about this “rogue” SS man and his connections to Sarah and Todd/Shailey by now. Plus the “Secede” bumper sticker. Remember how he decimated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondent’s dinner in 2011? It was masterful! Thin-skinned Sarah doesn’t know the meaning of waiting for the perfect moment. She just spews and projectile vomits word salad at every perceived slight. Amateur!!

    Thanks for keeping on this, Malia! You DO rock.


    1. dKey,
      I’m not cool enough to “Rock”, or at least my 18 year old daughter would say that! But thanks for the support! Malia


  11. I don’t understand how a SS agent who supports “secessionist” viewpoints has been allowed to work in the Secret Service at all!


    1. Sir Guestalot
      No doubt because there are many others, including high up. Internal struggles within an organization are kept underwraps. Think of people like G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt. There remains covert things that go on today. Within the military they know how to be politically correct and do professional work but there are total extremists.

      Chaney seems like an arrogant sob that behaves, as necessary, at work. He is determined to exercise his freedom of speech in personal life. Is probably glad to display his beliefs. Wants anyone from another perspective that he works with to know. Like don’t mess with me, I am part of that group, we’ll stomp you others. Chaney has seniority and his father was Secret Service, don’t you know he is full of himself and doesn’t care for what he preceives as enemies coming in and taking over.


  12. SOMEwhat O/T (but not really) : I hope, someone sent Shailey’s book to Representative Peter King, chairman of the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee. He is investigating the Colombia fiasco with the Secret Service agents…


    1. FED UP! I was just reading about that. Sometimes it seems they are going after President Obama, like Palin, the Secret Service is poorly managed. I am all for deeper probes but not feeling so good about Grassly. He does look good when he cares that there may be underage girls.
      “We want a full record (of the probe), so at the end we can decide if the Secret Service acted appropriately once they found out about it,” ( Paula Reid, maybe some people want her out )
      Rep Peter King said. Two of the original 11 Secret Service employees involved in the scandal were supervisors, he added.

      “They should have been in control of everything. Instead, they were accessories. They were part of it,” King said.


      1. How could they possibly blame President Obama? He didn’t create the culture of the Secret Service. Chaney was there for 20 years, and his dad before him.


  13. So if Sarah had been properly vetted by the players qualifying her for VP, how was Todd overlooked? Can you imagine what would have happened to all the ladies involved with Todd….had McCain won presidency,… all strings left behind would have to be cleaned up. Lots of accidental deaths…but if Todd is acting like a Madaam how does that get covered up?


    1. avahome,
      Of the alternative is a possibility. Todd could simply save taxpayers some money as the Secret Service wouldn’t have to go to Colombia to have their needs satisfied.


  14. avahome,
    I don’t think Todd was overlooked. He was vetted and sealed the deal. Remember Schmidt told Sarah not to lie about the AIP. They knew more on Todd. McCain is no saint, he is just old now. When he learned of Todd he knew his dreams could all come true. Many rich people stay in marriages because they have already worked out separate beds and just don’t get caught. Someone they trust seems like a safe and sure deal. Don’t forget McCain is a military man, generations.


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