Don’t Miss the “Caption This” Picture

Here is a little bit of humor at Palin’s expense.  Evidently the game was to come up with the best captions for this picture:

I was too late to submit my entry, but these are the ones I would have sent if the deadline hadn’t passed:


1.  How long do I have to look at these pictures before the photographer gets my picture?

2.  Where are the funnies?  I thought they always had comics on Sunday!

3.  There is Todd’s name in the classified, but why did they put his ad in the pet column?  When he advertises “cougar” doesn’t the mainstream media know he’s not advertising a pet cat?

4.  Who reads these long articles anyway?

5.  I thought they advertised the television schedule in the newspaper, but the lame-stream media lied again!


What would your caption be?

16 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the “Caption This” Picture

Add yours

  1. Did you notice Sarah Palin is looking at the sports section?

    1. “Come to mommy my giant chocolate manhood of love!”
    2. “Damn that brother is fine!”
    3. “When the feds finally come and take Todd away I will be looking for my Chocolate Thunder… Let’s see… hmmm… he looks like he is packin’!”
    4. “He aint Obama, but he’ll do for now.”
    5. “Which one of these fine specimens is into trial marriages?”.
    6. “Like they say, Once you go black you gonna end up in a wheel chair…. Somebody go find me a wheel chair…


  2. I’m closing my lips tight so the msm can’t see that I say the words as a I read. So what I’m going is staring at some cool basketball players’ legs in the sports section. They sure are cute.


  3. Note to self, ” I must move my eyes so it appears I am reading”!! ” I have been busted for that bullsh_t before!, Sum b__th’s aint tricking me again!! Woo Wee!!…look at that pic of Rice!! He sho is a fine looking piece of chocolate “Man Candy”!


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