Sarah Palin Compares Herself to a Prostitute

It’s not what you think! Sarah Palin has never admitted Todd used women for prostitution. She has never said that Todd made money off of women. She never said that Todd married her to make money off of her. You’re probably confusing what Shailey Tripp said about Todd Palin, with Sarah’s comments about the Secret Service agent.

Sarah has slammed the media for “ginning up controversy.” Yet it seems that it is Sarah Palin who is trying to gin up controversy. With all eyes in the country focused on the prostitution scandal in Columbia,

Palin felt left out. The only logical thing to do was to interject herself into the scandal. But how? That was easy for Sarah Palin. First she has a direct connection to the media through Fox, so she gave an interview on Fox.  In that interview she reminded the listeners of a pervious comment she made defending Herman Cain, for having a 13-year affair, saying “Boys Will Be Boys.” It is amazing that she repeated that phrase as it was sure to trigger thoughts of Todd’s involvement in prostitution as described in Shailey Tripp’s book.

It was as if Sarah, in some sort of twisted logic, wanted to be thought of as appealing and pursued by men as much as a young prostitute. Then to make the point crystal clear she made sure all listeners knew that she was connected to David Chaney, one of the Secret Service employees who was ousted this week in the wake of the Colombia prostitution scandal. It seems that David Chaney had posted several photos of himself on Facebook showing him protecting the defeated Republican vice presidential candidate. In a comment under one of the pictures, Chaney wrote, “I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” While these comments may have been somewhat inappropriate, they would surely not be grounds for dismissal. If anything, the Half-Term Ex-Governor must have been flattered that anyone was “checking her out.” To bring attention to these comments, rather than simply not repeating them, Sarah Palin was advertising that the same man who paid money for prostitutes in Columbia, also found her to be attractive.

No interview of Palin would be complete without finding a way to slam the President. Not to worry. She worked that in too. First she suggested a comparison between herself and Michelle Obama, saying:

“The president, for one, he better be wary, there, of when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her.”

Palin then indicated that all of these scandals were the President’s fault and due to his “poor management skills.” Was Sarah comparing the management skills of Todd with the President’s? Was she indicating that a better manager would intimidate everyone involved into keeping the information out of the public domain?

When Palin concluded the interview, do you think she was talking about Todd when she said:

“…I have had enough of these men being dogs and not being responsible?”

58 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Compares Herself to a Prostitute

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  1. Sarah has been a prostitute her whole life. She traded sex for drugs, grades, and attention and STILL didn’t graduate college. She sold herself to the GOP. She wears FM shoes, mini skirts, bimbo hair, leather and generally looks like a street hooker on meth. Too bad, her brand has gone out of style.


  2. Every-bit was true Malia….well except the part you left out where Sarah has Todd’s two toned member in an old baby food jar sitting on the nightstand. Ya, that part makes me laugh.


  3. “The president, for one, he better be wary, there, of when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her.”

    What a really creepy thing for her to say. It’s even creepy that she thought it. What a sick mind.


  4. I find her remarks about the President and his wife quite obscene. Fortunately the former have the sense to keep quiet and ignore Palin – which shows the quality of their characters.

    Making snide remarks about Michelle Obama – who is so far ahead of Palin in every possible way – is the way Palin thinks she can attack the President and his “uppity” wife. She loses many of the remaining fans – and the respect of most of the nation – every time she opens her mouth.


  5. Sarah apparently is not smart enough to understand that the comment made by the FBI Agent was really an insult. Any Women who takes a comment like the one said about Palin and thinks it is a complement,had better run quickly to a shrink. Men make this kind of comment about Women who they believe are available. Are You Sarah?


  6. palin can not see anything but herself as a victim.
    its part of her mental instability.

    no doubt being well aware of todds prostitution business she reverts to charector as if this expose were really about todd and not the SS.

    this is one sick woman who always needs to project herself as the victim as if believing EVERYTHING revolves around her.

    but also she can never resist portraying herself as the object of sexual attention(and goes out of the way to project herself sexually) then immediately feels overpowering guilt casting the man/men she attracts as predators and even projecting that to her children and here the first lady.

    i believe what palin really is doing is reliving her child hood life-script.

    i believe something dark was going on in that creepy house instigated by that creepy chucky and palins behavior certainly as it relates to what i describe here acknowledges it.


  7. I hate to actually listen to the interview but this one i may have to. She is such a wierd and vile woman. She has to be mentally ill.


  8. Interesting that Palin would do this hours before Tripp’s website goes blank. Wording aside, I’m sure there is no connection.


  9. Malia –
    Do you recall a story concerning Romney claiming he lived for awhile in his son’s basement? It would have been during the special election that Scott Brown won in Mass. to replace Kennedy.
    Oz Mudflats has an article about this with references to Mother Jones, Forbes and Democratic Underground.
    I remember about this and the story sounded strange – that he would be living in his son’s basement as he claimed.
    Do you have any updated info on this?


    1. there is an investigation under way. As of 2010, his son’s basement was unfinished and unfurnished, not heated and without water. There is no way he lived there at any time. When asked about it, Ann Romney said their home was in CA. In addition, Mrs. Romney claims title to FIVE mansions side by side on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. There is no way he legally resided or voted in MA.

      It would be interesting to see if he also voted in CA or NH during the same time period .

      However, this lawsuit began awhile ago so I doubt if anything will come of it. In the US, the rich and the celebrities don’t pay for crimes.


      1. Thank you. As I recall the implication was he voted for Scott Brown and was able to do so because he was living at his son’s home.


  10. The hypocrisy…………………Sarah, Sarah , Sarah………..don’t cha remember all the money Todd made through his PROSTITUTION RING…….you and your PIMP business partner are the very lowest form of life I know of.


  11. “I have had enough of these men being dogs and not being responsible” was, IMO, merely a brazen attempt to call President Obama, a black man, a dog – and it succeeded.

    During the same conversation, she also indirectly refereed to the president as a ‘boy’: “I’ve had enough of these men being dogs and . . . not entrusting, being able TO allow us TO TRUST what these boys are doing in Washington.” That, too, was a reference to the president.

    These were virtual and literal ‘dog whistles’, and the vast majority of Fox listeners would have interpreted them as such. They, too, consider the president to be both a boy and a dog – though they have no facts to back up their belief. Epidermis is where it starts and stops for them: President Obama’s epidermis serves as a physical justification for their deep-seated, frothing hatred of ‘the other’.


  12. Chief media whore, what else ……now is the time the media should be asking Sarah about Shailey Tripp. I don’t tweet but I have asked a number of media outlets….OK National Enquirer….start asking the questions, perhaps the LSM will follow.


  13. I think she was referrng to Todd and his dirty proclivities with that comment myself. She is a sick one. I find it funny she keeps using that phrase, boys will be boys, when it just automatically brings Shailey’s book to mind.


    1. do you think it’s possible that she doesn’t know about Shailey’s book??? George Bush was often kept in the dark and was not allowed t o read newspapers because it was too upsetting. Maybe Sarah’s nannies shelter her from bad news.


    2. Not only that, but remember how the secret service and toad were so close during the campaign? Yeah, things that make ya go hmmm. Ya wanna bet toad set this guy up while in Ak? And ya wanna bet toad got some with this guy while in Vegas?

      I’m thinking YES!!!

      I still haven’t listened to the interview, but this could be scarah’s way of threatening toad too. As in Kiss her ass.


    3. Are the tabloids that only “news” source that would investigate a story like Shailey spelled out in “Boys Will Be Boys?” I would think that a copy of the book would have crossed the desk of someone that has the means to do research on the hooker connection.

      Malia thinks the media is afraid of Palin and Lonnie thinks it is fear of her backers. I think “THEY” have Palin right where they want her on FOX. It keeps that part of the base stirred up and she thinks she is getting her POV out there. But let her stick one of her peep toes in the political waters and the stories that we have been watching since 2008 will be headline news. Sarah has never learned that revenge is a dish best served cold. The freezer is well stocked.


    4. Duchess,
      Me too! YOu know she knows about the book, and to use that phrase in conjunction with a story about prostitutes just reeks of a connection.


  14. Time to toss her remarks over to MSM to find out if she’s talking about Todd too. BTW, what kind of a “manager” is she if she can’t keep her husband away from Shailey? The good news is that Palin is increasingly irrelevant and her Faux Nooz comments increasingly inane.


  15. Apparently this jerk off secret service guy is from texas and has a secede bumper sticker on his redneck pick up truck. Bet he and toad hit it off on so many levels.

    Seriously, these types should not be guarding our President!


  16. Shay has made a statement on her public facebook:
    Shailey Tripp
    2 hours ago
    Now I have reviewed the picture of the one secret service agent who in his FB wrote about her and posted pictures. It was completely unprofessional and creepy of him to do that. When I saw his picture I was stunned. Todd Palin had introduced me to him and two others as people he worked with. I assumed at the time they must work with Todd. Boy was I wrong. Todd encouraged me to give them a good time, make sure they were taken care of, and suggested to me they may need more than a happy ending. I hope the secret service will investigate other trips these agents have been on and I hope other people will come forward. These men do not respect women, by engaging in this behavior they put all women at risk, they violate their work ethics and morals, and they put us all at risk, and they put our national sexurity and President at risk

    Also Sarah Palin doesn’t remember who was in charge in 2008? GWB. I think everyone might want to stock up on popcorn…b/c you know the R’s will push this and it might not be where screech wants to go…


    1. Excellent! KARMA in action. And, after Sarah trashed our President for eating dog in a foreign country when it was served to him by adults when he was nine, we need to remember that Christina Green was also nine. Shot by a deranged gunman after “Wolf-killer Barbie” put crosshairs on Gabby Gifford’s district.

      I hope this GWB Secret Service guy’s entire record is scrutinized to the hilt. It’ll expose Todd’s pimping business, then we’re short steps away from the fake pregnancy hoax. Go Shailey!


  17. OMG…Shailey just OUTED this guy!
    What’s it going to take, ‘fer God’s sake, for this to go “mainstream”?
    The whole sordid, filthy mess that is “Palin” needs to be exposed.
    Turn over the rocks and let sunlight reveal the disgusting, slimy critters.
    MSM…where the hell are you??


    1. From the WAPO article:

      “Attempts to reach both men were unsuccessful. Calls made to Chaney’s home and cellphone and to Stokes’s home were not returned. No one answered the door when a reporter visited Chaney’s home in Northern Virginia. Parked outside was a silver Ford pickup truck, bearing stickers with a colorful outline of Texas, Chaney’s home state, and the mantra “SECEDE.”

      Also, he’s married! Stupid fool! Both he and the other senior SS supervisor had Been SS for 20 yrs. Way to screw up. He seems like bad news.


  18. And certainly by now you’ve gotta have figured out that Shailey Tripp and “Vickie”, the co-author of her book, are probably the same individual writing two different blogs. Or a team of people. I wonder if there really is a little old man cranking out pens for sale…

    There’s no doubt she’s been put on notice by the law firm that she slandered. And no, she was never a “Licensed Massage Therapist” in the state of Alaska or the Municipality of Anchorage. There are licensing/credential standards and conventions, easily available to the public. Did anyone bother to check? I did. The credential – L.M.T/C.M.T – means a very specific thing. Her business license was for “Other”.

    Not to mention a whole lot of really really interesting other stuff about this woman that never got put out there by the various bloggers. You know you all found it.

    Maybe we can be done now. I think she (and everyone else) got all the mileage on this they’re going to get.


    1. tired of this,
      Guess what! There is a reason there is no slander suit filed, or will ever be filed, because “truth” is a defense, and Sarah and Todd would never agree to be sworn and give a deposition! If they did, I know a lot of people would volunteer a lot of questions we’d love too get answers to.


      1. Wesley Ismoore,
        And you can bet that if they ever were deposed that they would MELT! Since Todd doesn’t think subpoenas apply to him, I doubt he’d show up.


    2. That is not true, Shailey worked for a legit chiropractor and many spas. She had a nail lic and a massage lic. She was evened lic for the valley. If Shailey was so easy to discredit Todd and Sarah Palin would have put out many statements regarding her. However the crickets noise is deafening. Sarah Palin has put out distractions to keep people away from the truth. But she has never said we do not know Shailey Tripp, Shailey Tripp lies, Nothing Shailey Tripp says is true. But in every other instance we hear the wrath of God except for this. Hell Sarah is so vindictive and so vocal she even put a young man in jail for being able to guess her password. If Shailey Tripp were as easy to discredit as you would want us to believe it would have been done by now. All they can do is distract or stay very quiet about everything Ms. Tripp has said.


      1. FreshAir,
        the most telling thing to me is that Todd has NEVER denied the National Enquirer story or commented about the book, Boys will be Boys


      2. No. She. Did. Not.
        She does not, and did not, possess the minimum credential that represents the training specific to that field. LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) MEAN something – a recognized field of study, expertise in curriculum, a very specific number of minimum hours in accredited classroom and didactic instruction set by professional standards of practice in the health industry, and minimum scores on state and local board exams to prove it out. Registration with professional boards are also _required_ and depend on state, county, locality.

        That’s a fact. It’s not interpretive or subjective. It’s real. And trackable. It’s meant to be. She had a professional membership in Alabama for a single year before working in Alaska. In an organization that was investigated for registering folks as professional members without proper credential and has since been completely revamped at the direction of state professional standards.

        Shailey worked as a massage therapist. She was not credentialed. She seemed to start down the path to that. That’s where she was headed. But she didn’t get there for whatever personal reasons. She’s not to be criticized for that. But she will be called out for the use of a credential she didn’t earn.
        She may be a talented masseuse. She may give the best massage on the planet. She may have superior skills and intrinsic expertise. But she didn’t take a course of study and sit for board exams. She isn’t licensed as such.

        She had business licenses to provide commercial services. State and local, in Palmer. She WAS properly licensed to engage in commerce. Yes, she was licensed to do nails.

        Secondary NAICS:813110 – RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS

        This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing personal care services (except hair, nail, facial, nonpermanent makeup, or nonmedical diet and weight reducing services). Establishments primarily engaged in–

        Baths, steam or turkish
        Color consulting services (i.e., personal care services)
        Day spas
        Depilatory (i.e., hair removal) salons
        Ear piercing services
        Electrolysis (i.e., hair removal) salons
        Hair removal (i.e., dipilatory, electrolysis) services
        Hair replacement services (except by offices of physicians)
        Hair weaving services
        Make-up salons, permanent
        Massage parlors
        Scalp treating services
        Steam baths
        Sun tanning salons
        Tanning salons
        Tattoo parlors
        Turkish bathhouses
        Turkish baths

        Not a massage therapist license. Not a credential. And no licenses with the Municipality of Anchorage.
        You can think whatever you want about this, believe it’s some kind of personal insult and attack. It’s not. You can see it all if you want to.

        It is egregiously insulting and marginalizing to REAL masseusses who studied, put the time in, and earned LMT/CMT credentials. It’s not fair. It’s kind of like a guy that works himself up to a VP title in a company and then calls himself an “MBA” because his professional peers do. Or a teaching assistant who identifies themselves a “teacher”, knowing full well that it’s misleading and people will assume that it means a teaching license and a university degree in education.
        People do it all the time. Oh well, right?

        I speculate that this is the deal-breaker when it comes to being vetted by media, attorneys, magazines, publishers, agents – whomever Shailey hopes to engage.
        They DO vet. They DO check. If they can’t confirm this bit, the rest of the story doesn’t follow. See what I mean?


    3. Once again, this isn’t about the Palins suing or being sued.

      It’s about Shailey Tripp making public statements on the internet, that walk her directly into the path of lawsuits having not one thing to do with the Palins:
      “Tiemessen has a distinct record for lying and misusing his Alaska attorney lic.”

      Oh dear. That’s personal.
      Shailey Tripp knows nothing about this man, aside from the fact that he’s earned some of his living as Sarah Palin’s attorney.
      The man has no such reputation. He’s ASU and Willamette magna cum laude. A member of Alaska’s legal community. He’s served as attorney to many other clients. For a long long time.

      Why would she say such a thing? Why is it necessary?


  19. I agree, truth IS a defense. Also true – one cannot prove what isn’t. You can only demonstrate what is.
    Another truth – sometimes all you can do is _ignore_ crazy. But that can only go so far…

    I’m not talking about Palins suing. I’m talking about the law firm she recently dissed. As if she was familiar with individual attorneys or the firm as an entity.
    You do know that her _own_ representation for business matters in Anchorage QUIT (not a criminal attorney, her agent to do the annual filings for state business licensing)?

    Let’s write a book, Malia. Together. You and me. A REAL one.
    You’d know some of the stuff, but I’d know the rest. I think you know some of the same stuff I know, and I wonder what your motivation is to leave it out.


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