Sarah Palin has a Big Mouth

I thought you might enjoy this sculpture and article, if you haven’t already seen it.

21 thoughts on “Sarah Palin has a Big Mouth

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  1. …that speaks common sense.

    So Malia, any thoughts on Roseanne’s latest statements about Obama? Or are you too busy perpetuating lies about people you’ll never know?


    1. Rather than claiming that Malia is lying, tell us what you think is a lie. Palin will never know President Obama so what do you call what she’s doing when she lies about him? Or is that OK in your RWNJ world?


    2. Malia always backs up what she posts, always. That is something about Todd being a pimp, don’t you think? I wonder if Sarah knew or helped him with his business. Do you know? By the way, Shailey has e-mails to prove it. Not to mention her first hand knowledge of his anatomy.


      1. malia, I was beingg sarcsastic to QTBug when asking about Todd’s pimping, as well as pointing out to the bug that there is actually proof through Shailey’s e-mails.

        And, have I thanked you lately for continuing such a great and informative blog. Smiles to you.


      2. ginger50,
        Thanks for your encouragement. Given the decline in Palin’s impact, I have wondered if there was a need for me to carry on, and then I read about Romney and Bork, and know that there is still work to be done~


      3. ginger50,
        Thanks for reading. When I learn about something like Bork and Romney and I realize there is still much to be done!


  2. “Smoke comes out the top of the sculpture’s head to make it look like she’s fuming…”
    Not THAT is funny!!! 🙂
    I don’t like the fact it will be used to cook a pig (I’m a vegan) but since $arah enjoys murdering animals it makes sense to use the sculpture that way.
    I always knew she was a meat head!!! 😉

    Some of the comments after the article cracked me up!


  3. “Sarah Palin has a big mouth.” Oh, ya think?! For her, it’s a reverse poop shoot: crap goes in, it’s processed, and poop comes out


  4. OlSarah is good at Slander, btu then agaib Soccrates had a message for people like her. “Slander , the tool used by loser’s”.


    1. GG –
      It is good to see articles coming out that portray Palin as she really is – just down right ignorant. She may end up being a stage mom as Gryphen says – that seems to be where the money is.


  5. Someone on IM remarked that these would make awesome urinals. I concur!!! That would be really really funny!!
    I’d even sneak into the boys bathroom to use it lol!


  6. Malia –
    If you missed Lawrence O’Donnell last night be sure and check it out today. The segment he did on Robert Bork was very interesting. Apparently, Romney wants him involved in his administration in some capacity. I did not see the whole segment and will go back today to see it all. I remember yearas ago the Bork hearings, but Lawrence had someone on who has done extensive research on Bork and it is frightening.


    1. Pat,
      Thanks again for bringing this to my attention! Obviously I wrote about this today, and it is outrageous that Romeny would do something like this! Malia


  7. The sculpture is an apt depiction of Sarah Palin’s true character, which is that of a loud-mouthed, attention-needy, reality-denying ignoramus.


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