Sarah Palin Unfairly Attacks Hilary Rosen

Hilary Rosen is being unfairly attacked across the media. Sarah Palin has joined in this relentless attack, indicating that the “mama grizzlies across the nation “have been awakened.” I am a stay-at-home mom. I have MS. I actually watched the original interview of Hilary Rosen on CNN.

I was not offended in the least by what Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney, a stay at home mom, and a woman who suffers from M.S. To my surprise Republicans and reporters across the country have attacked Hilary for her comments in what has been characterized as a “furious” political storm. Wolf Blitzer on CNN attacked Hilary Rosen, treating her with total disrespect. Here is the demeaning attack by Wolf Blitzer.

Here is a transcript of the actual interview that gave rise to this purported outrage:

“First, let’s get rid of the words, “War on women” Obama doesn’t use those words. .…With respect to economic issues, I think actually that Mitt Romney is right, that ultimately women care more about the economic well-being of their families and the like. But he doesn’t connect on that issue either. What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, ‘Well, you know my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues and when I listen to my wife that’s what I’m hearing.

Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and why do we worry about their future.

So I think that, yes, it’s about these positions and yes, I think there will be a war of words about the positions. But there’s something much more fundamental about Mitt Romney. He just seems so old-fashioned when it comes to women and I think that comes across and I think that that’s going to hurt him over the long term. He just doesn’t really see us as equal.  

As great a woman and mother as Ann Romney may be, she is not experienced on the issues facing women who work outside the home who are not wealthy.

Consider the entirety of Hilary’s comments. It is clear that when considering a woman’s view regarding economic issues, Mitt Romney uses his wife as his resource, who is not a wage earner, to consider how women relate to “economic issues.” It is precisely because Ann Romney doesn’t work outside the home that Mitt Romney demonstrates his inability to truly understand the economic issues facing women today. Here are facts that Mitt would not know if he bases his impression of the “average” woman in the United States on his wife, who has never worked outside the home:

1. Sixteen percent of preschoolers are regularly cared for by their father.

2. Female employment has been steadily increasing over the past decades, both in numbers and percentages of the female population. Women tend to have lower incomes. While this gap also is gradually narrowing, women still earn less than 80% of what men make.

3.  Over half of the women in the United States are currently employed.

4. In 2010 it was reported that the number of children in single-mother families has risen dramatically over the past four decades. Researchers have identified the rise in single-parent families (especially mother-child families) as a major factor driving the long-term increase in child poverty in the United States. The effects of growing up in single-parent households have been shown to go beyond economics, increasing the risk of children dropping out of school, disconnecting from the labor force, and becoming teen parents. Children in lower-income, single-parent families face the most significant barriers to success in school and the work force.

5. 11.6 million single parents –– mostly mothers — were living with their children in 2009.  The vast majority of those single moms don’t have more than one home or car.

6. The 2008 US census reported 9.9 million single mothers. 

7. More than half of the unmarried Americans are women. For every 100 single women, there are 88 unmarried men available.

In conclusion Hilary Rosen was simply making the point that Mitt Romney shouldn’t base his understanding of women’s perspective on the economy on what Ann tells him. She is wealthy. She is not employed. What Hilary Rosen said was clearly not intended to be disrespectful to Ann Romney. It was the direct attacks on Hilary Rosen who has been a stay at home mother, that were disrespectful. Mitt Romney has demonstrated his lack of understanding about issues important to women.  June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver no longer represents the average American woman, and neither does Ann Romney.

42 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Unfairly Attacks Hilary Rosen

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  1. Mitt Romney responded to a question ont his information about women’s issues by proffering his wife as his adviser. He offered no other sources, he did give any credentials for Ann Romney other than being his wife.

    Mitt Romney blundered on the question. He trails in the polls with women’s voters. He should have been prepared for the question.

    But Mitt Romney has brilliantly exploited a misstep by the opposition. Mitt Romney displays his scorn for women and their concern by CONTINUING to not answer the damn question!


    1. Romney not only trails on women voters, but latest polling I saw earlier today had him dropping 19 points (was around 5 points different last month) behind Obama with women voters.


  2. I’m surprised my mom is weighing in on this subject because it highlights my mom’s failures as a mother:

    1. No kids in higher education.
    2. Multiple kids had / has to get GEDs.
    3. Underage unmarried child with babies.
    4. Multiple children in trouble with the law.
    5. Exposes her children to a sex addict / pimp.
    6. Children / family are sex addicts.
    7. Family of grifters whose only sole purpose in life is to get a reality show.
    8. Family wears stolen GOP clothes.
    9. Family takes vacations using donated money meant to help political causes.
    10. Has homophobic kids.
    11. Children do not believe in the Christian Family Value of marriage, prefers trial marriage.
    12. Children has multiple sex partners before turning 21 years old.
    13. Family lives in a house built as a payoff for awarding hockey rink contract.
    14. Lied about giving birth to daughter’s baby.
    15. Lies about being an energy expert.
    16. Has sex with husband’s business partner.
    17. Has children from multiple men.
    18. Kept children out of school while campaigning.
    19. Used DS child as a prop.
    20. Ignores her children’s needs for her own selfish needs.
    21. Passed a legislation as a governor then immediately quit and then personally – financially benefited from her legislation.


    1. hi Willow,
      If you would commit to writing a tell-all about your family, you could probably get a 1 million dollar advance, and be rid of that crew of fools forever


  3. What I would like to know is if the Romneys ever had hired help with the domestic chores. After all mutts a gazillionaire, so that would not be unusual.The men in the family helping with the laundry? Gimme a break!


  4. I’m with Hilary Rosen. Ann Rmoney is absolutely clueless, absolutely. She has no idea of what “struggle” means for tens of millions of women who have to work outside the home, nor any sympathy, either. She & Mittens might have played “poor” during the time she was in school (even with 2 kids although she quit school when Mittens graduated), but they were never in danger of hunger, being evicted, or having the heat turned off, because they had enough stock (worth $337K in 2012 dollars) to sell off and keep them going without problems, even getting a gift of money to from the parents to buy a house while Mittens was at Harvard. Both of them were born to privilege–plus, I’m sure she has always had the means for the best of health care while many do not have it, much less spending millions on their “therapeutic hobby” of riding dressage (and she won’t even admit how many horses she does have)..


    1. That’s Ann Romney–clueless and so is her husband. It’s why he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, whether he’s talking about being unemployed or about making only a little bit of money from speeches–over $350k!, or his “corporations are people, my friend” statement. He has nothing in common with the average working person in the U.S. today.

      I didn’t realize that Ann wouldn’t admit to how many horses she has but it’s an expensive hobby, to say the least. My niece has been riding dressage and competing for several years so I asked my brother about the cost. He said they spend approximately $80 to $100k on everything last year, including the care of her horses. They bought two new horses a few years ago because the ones she had were getting too old to compete so I can’t even begin to imagine what they cost. They also bought 2 new trucks to transport the horses but that’s in this year’s expenses so he didn’t include that.

      My sister-in-law also has MS, Malia, and she was insulted that Ann Romney spoke about her horses as therapy as if everyone could afford this type of treatment and it’s her daughter who is the rider.

      It’s these types of comments along with their own personal lobbyist for their new build in CA, excuse me, renovation of their home in CA. They are calling it a reno and you can label it as such if you leave even one wall standing, in order to save money on taxes. Romney will do anything to avoid paying taxes, just look at his overseas bank account. Can you all imagine the uproar if it was found out that President Obama had an overseas account?? The RWNJ’s would have a field day with that one!


      1. Kate,
        You must have read my mind, and the article I just posted is about just how CLUELESS Mitt and Ann are.


  5. Anyway you slice it this was a major blunder by rosen and it didnt have to be.

    i always include in my comments how the media is a right wing entity and i dont do it to hear myself talk.

    if you give the media a chance to attack from the right they will.

    what you are seeing is the MSM deflecting the real issue which is economics which they will never touch because they are ALL FOR WEALTH.

    so we cant ever have a discussion on how the women in america are treated unfairly by corporations or how the y are being attacked medically or how the religious loons believe they must submit to there husbands etc etc.

    just like i commented how the zimmerman murder of Martin would never result in a debate about race, we also will never see a real debate about womens issues because societies norms are set up to favor white men and wealth and womens issues might interfere with that.

    and THAT is why you see the right crying about how this was an attack on women.
    because it lets their ATTACK do under the radar.

    i am really so sick of the level of intelligence that the american people demonstrate and this is just another example of how easily they can be manipulated.

    the MO is always the same “attack” at the strongest link of your opponent.
    thats why I told you sanitarium was forced out because he was viewed as harming the womens vote and from today till the election you will see relentless media attacks against obama and democrats regarding womens issues.

    because the goal is always the same, KEEP the country as evenly split as possible.

    the media is just waiting for any chance to show their right wing colors and rosen gave it to them.


    1. jadez,
      And I’m amazed that CNN didn’t realize that in their effort to sensationalize this comment, that they insulted Hilary in a much more offensive way than anything she said about Ann Romney.


  6. He used his wife because he has no one on staff to deal with womens issues – they are not important enough to him to hire people to deal with it.

    If you’ve read about the LDS church, then you know women are essentially second-class citizens in the church hierarchy. For example, they can’t be in the Priesthood, and are to always defer to their husbands. THAT is the story everyone is missing here.

    Mitt has no clue HOW to deal with womens issues because he’s never a need to – up until now.


  7. I totally agree with Hilary Rosen. I am a working mother and know the struggles and guilt I have felt through the years. In no way does a millionaires’ wife have a thing in common with me. I am sure there was hired help and she did not have to worry how she was gonna pay the light bill when the kid got sick and she couldn’t go to work. As usual the media is making a huge deal out of this. oh and I am republican.


    1. Margarita mixxe,
      And I didn’t think what Hilary said about Ann Romney was disrespectful, but Wolfe Blitzer was very offensive in the demeaning way he treated Hilary.


  8. When Ann Romney was working her way through the MS, she went horse back riding, dressage. She said it really helped her. I wonder if my insurance provider would pay for a horse…I know a horse would make me feel much better. Oh, Mitt bought her the dressage horse. More than one, she once stated she didn’t know how many horses she owned. Expensive horses. La, Dee, Fricking Dah. She can’t relate to me anymore than I can relate to her.


    1. Poached Medium,
      They need to just stop suggesting they can relate to ordinary people. It’s ok with me that they are wealthy, but it offends me that they try to act like they can relate.


      1. Their wealth isn’t a problem, it’s their inability to understand what those without their wealth face on a daily basis. They might have a hard time understanding it but there are people who have trouble making it from paycheck to paycheck, only one step ahead of losing their home, car, etc. Worst of all, it’s usually through no fault of their own. When one spouse loses a job, it can often mean financial devastation for a family in these times so to hear Mitt talk about how he’s been “unemployed” while standing among a group of people who truly are unemployed is disgusting. Worst of all, he thinks it’s just a joke that he’s told!

        Thankfully, I know far more wealthy people who are generous and giving, that work to help others and would gladly pay a little more in taxes and would be the first ones to admit they don’t need another tax cut. It would just be more money in an investment account, not money that’s used to hire employees. There’s no reason to hire more employees when profits in business are stagnant and they’ll remain that way as long as their income remains stagnant.


  9. Maila, off topic, but did you know that Shailey Tripp is deleting her blog and “moving on”. A lot of hurt feelings over there today.


    1. Rick,
      Yes, knew about this and why, but have promised Shay not to discuss it at this time. When she can disclose why, I have invited her to post an explanation on my blog. She is working to improve herself, and to move on from the chapter in her life of Todd Palin.


  10. Sarah Palin is absolutely the LAST person who should be weighing in on this issue. She has been neither a good wife nor a good mother, and the issues her oldest 3 have had show this. There’s nothing Palin or anyone else says that can alter the fact that Ann Romney’s insular, well-financed life makes her unqualified to speak authoratively about relating to everyday women’s circumstances. They are trying to make this about being a war on women who don’t work outside the home, but it’s only about the fact that Ann Romney is married to a wealthy man and can’t relate to the struggles of most of us. While Ms. Rosen may not have chosen her words exactly right, she was making a valid point. She has apologized for her inartful words, and it’s time to move on. Willard Romney still has a problem with women because of the policies he and his party espouse, and this distraction doesn’t change that one iota.


    1. Anne,
      In my post today, you’ll see I can’t agree with you more! Nobody could sell Ann Rommey as a good representation of women’s views on the economy!


  11. Re: Palin, we knew she’d throw her wig on and make it personal.

    Re: Blitzer, he’s the little runt who starts a bar fight and then hides in a corner watching it. This guy was once an excellent reporter. Now he just creates news out of semantics. The intent and context of Ms. Rosen’s statements were dead on. Blitzer and other reporters bent them in another direction. Drop Ann Romney in the inner city with just two kids and a minimum wage job. Then let us hear her economic wisdom.


    1. aj,
      I was outraged by Blitzer’s disrespect for Hilary Rosen, and I’ll change the channel from now on any time Blitzer comes on! CNN should never let him host another show.


  12. O/T Over at Shailey’s blog her followers are being really hateful, do you think there is something shady about her ending her blog? Do you think that the arrests of President Obama’s secret service staff has anything to do with her and that is why she is stopping her blog? Do you know what important people she claims to have sent her book to? Do you still think she is a credible person?


    1. akgirls,
      I have communicated with Shailey regarding the discontinuation of her blog, and she has a very good reason for it. She is simply not ready to disclose the reason, but when it is appropriate, I have invited to publish an article on this blog. She is just not at liberty right now to disclose the details, but it is perfectly legit.


    2. I imagine you might consider me one of the ones being hateful but I find it very odd timing that she’s suddenly not only discontinuing her blog, but removing it from the internet altogether. There are many people who have supported her emotionally & financially by buying several copies of her books and/or giving money to her when she’s asked ever since the day she started the blog. When I read Shailey’s post about how she even considered just deleting the blog without notice, that said far more about her than anything else she’s written. Her book came out a little over six weeks ago and has yet to receive the recognition it needs and she’s giving up. Several people asked her if this was a condition of her employment, that she discontinue the blog and yet she won’t answer the question. I find a lot of her answers to be very strange, to say the least. Her naivete has come across in many posts so it’s not difficult to believe that what appears to be quite a legitimate business proposition may well turn out to be a friend of the Palins’ working behind the scene to stop any attention she’s receiving. It’s quite odd that they haven’t responded to hundreds of tweets about Todd’s prostitution ring especially since they’ve been so quick to do so in other cases, threatening lawsuits. What better way to discredit Shailey than to have her eliminate her blog, lose her supporters and then she has little hope of finding any needed support if she tries to start it up again. How many people do you think would even want to listen again?

      As far as important people Shailey has sent her book to, I’ve never seen her say who she has sent it to but she has suggested that others purchase copies of her book and send them out on her behalf. There are two sides to this story which I’m sure you’ll see if you consider why posters are suspicious of her sudden good fortune. Remember how Levi apologized once he and Bristol became engaged and then just a few days later she dumped him, again. He lost any credibility he had. What makes you think they wouldn’t try the same.
      I’m certain they can find someone who looks credible or actually is credible but who may suddenly change their mind after Shailey’s blog has been eliminated.


      1. Kate,
        I have learned that when it comes to Sarah and Todd Palin that things are often not what they seem. I also know that many people have questioned Shaley’s motives, and of course I have never met her in person, so I only know what I know from telephone and internet and of course her book. It does seem that Shailey has had an extremely hard life, and that she is doing the best she can. Only time will tell if things are what they appear. I am not surprised that Shailey is closing her blog. I know from personal experience that it takes about 8-10 hours a day to research, write, and keep up with the comments, and I have only one child at home, and she is driving. I don’t have to work outside the home, and don’t have to support myself, so I don’t have to rely on donations etc. I invited Shailey to write a post for this blog when she can announce what she is doing, but I don’t know when that will be. Malia


      2. Yes I agree. I am shocked as well and asked Shay to keep the blog up maybe just closing comments…that way we could keep tweeting out and refering peeps to her blog & book.
        I do believe her. But This turns everything upside down inside out?
        As what happened to Levi. Many people were working behind the scenes to get her book out. Now everyone has just stopped 😦
        I wish her all the best…but she just burned all bridges of credibility with this move. And she has deleted all comments to the last post.


      3. crystalwolf,
        Be patient! I know of things happening right now the Shay is doing to make her story further known and documented, but we can’t publish the story yet because if the Palins know the details they might interfere with our ability to gather the information, and I know they read this blog. Don’t give up yet. The wheels of justice are slow, but they may still be turning.


      4. Mailia,
        I had one son he was not special needs but I sent him to the boys and girls club when I had to work. I HAD no
        CAR and had to use public transportation which keep me away from home at least 3 extra hours a day. ie: 15 hrs a day!
        I think most people with special needs kids get some extra help via Social security and other programs.
        And in AK Shailey was also able to get PFD which would of been like over3K for her and her 2 kids. Most people don’t get those perks and have to pay state taxes.
        We all know who made the “Special needs children” a issue and not in a good way b/c Sarah Palin has done NOTHING to help parents of special needs kids! NOTHING!! I’m not going to feel guilty for having a “Regular” child but I had hard times as a single mother too.
        And I had no car.
        Many of us have gone out of OUR WAY to try to notifiy media inspite of a “media blackout” someone told me. “The palins are just not news anymore” they said. Yet any little screech is covered by the LSM?
        So yes we are shocked, and mistifyied and disappointed? And Shay told told one commenter to ESAD! Who will follow her story after that?
        She can say “special needs kids” and you don’t pay my bills and ESAD, but she just damned herself.
        Very unproffessional.


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