Press Release from Joe the Janitor of the APD Re Officer Rollins

Although it has not been confirmed, there is wide speculation that a Janitor of the Anchorage Police Department, only identified as “Joe,”the second cousin once removed of Joe the Plumber,  has issued a press release to the National Enquirer. Like the press release issued by Dave Parker to the National Enquirer in the Shailey Tripp matter,

this press release is contrary to the police’s own records.  Like the press release issued by Dave Parker to the National Enquirer, it was NOT Mr. Van Flein, but Mr. Tiemessen who asked for this press release to be issued. Fortunately Mr. Tiemessen is the attorney representing the City of Anchorage and its Police Department in the Rollins case, so he has knowledge about all the matters discussed in the press release.

Like the Shailey Tripp matter involving Todd Palin

the women who were raped by Officer Rollins, became the victim of a predator, but the difference is that these women were not paid to perform sexual acts.

In spite of the conviction of Officer Rollins for the rape of multiple women while on the job,  Joe the Janitor has issued the following Press Release to the National Enquirer:

To: The National Enquirer

From: Joe the Janitor of the Anchorage Police Department

Re: Not one “Scintilla”

Dear National Enquirer,

Most people don’t know me, but I am a well respected, experienced Janitor with the Anchorage Police Department, who knows Sarah Palin. You may be considering publishing a story about Officer Rollins formerly of the Anchorage Police Department. The main-stream-media has reported that Officer Rollins was convicted of multiple counts of rape, while on the job. The corrupt bastards of the media have reported that Officer Rollins was seen having sex on a desk in the police department.  First of all the rumor was that the woman in question was not ON the desk, but below the desk where she hid her identity. Secondly Officer Rollins wouldn’t hurt a goldfish.

This is typical of the child molesters in the media who distort the facts. Moreover, there is not one “scintilla” of evidence that I have reviewed that would indicate that Officer Rollins engaged in any acts that were not appropriate.  It was just guilt by innuendo.   Officer Rollins isn’t running the country so everyone should understand that “Boys will be boys.” Just as Sarah Palin was vindicated in the Trooper Gate matter , the jury in the criminal case against Officer Rollins vindicated him. The conviction against Officer Rollins of 18 different sexual assaults, of five women, was lies. Sarah Palin said “All you gotta do is ask Anthony, Hey Tony, you been raping any women on the job lately? He’d tell the truth.”  Besides the Anchorage Police Department has a Code of Sexual Conduct, and there is no evidence that I have reviewed to indicate that any officer, or friend of an officer, or attorney of an officer, breached that code.

Joe the Janitor

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  1. Great post!

    There was a hidden gem in the “corrupt bastards” link. The Huffington story contains a campaign era picture of Palin with a sidebar shot of her taken this month. Based on the contrast between the two photos and the scale of the work done, I’m thinking the work was done by one of Gutzon Borglum’s descendants When you’re working with an ego like Palin’s a mere plastic surgeon will not do. You need a sculptor who specializes in political monuments.


  2. Shailey Tripp is closing her blog after today, and deleting it next week. So go if your curious.

    She says she is getting a third chance in life and moveing on. Whatever. That is her choice.


      1. It probably didn’t help that ST characterized Tiemmesen this way: “Tiemessen has a distinct record for lying and misusing his Alaska attorney lic.” This is on her blog, BTW.

        If she has evidence of this, she needs to show it; if not, she’s opened herself up to a slander charge against an officer of the court.


      2. Older_Wiser,
        I don’t know if she has evidence, but I doubt Tiemessen will ever sue her as he’d never be able to collect a penny from Shailey, and truth is a defense to slander, so somebody might get to depose him about any lies he has promoted on behalf of the Palins.


  3. I never commented on her blog, but some of her following is being ridiculous.

    She can do whatever she chooses, and possibly, considering the abuse coming in, she will shut it down sooner.

    Her blog, her choice.

    I wouldn’t stick around to be abused myself.

    She pretty much has had her say about her Todd involvement.. And her book is still being sold.


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