George Zimmerman in Custody, Charged with 2nd degree Murder

George Zimmerman’s location has been determined.  He is in jail!  Angela Corey has filed an indictment for 2nd degree murder.  Finally we can be assured that George Zimmerman will face a jury and have an opportunity to plead self-defense, and present all the evidence he’d like.  It is unclear who will be his attorneys, or if a plea bargain might be a possibility.  While nothing will bring Trayvon back, at least now there is a liklihood that there will be Justice for Trayvon.


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    1. star,
      My understanding is that sometime tomorrow, the judge will decide if he will even set bail. It is possible that he would deny bail.


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  2. Malia, I wouldn’t say “assured” that he will get a trial. I heard on the radio about an hour ago that he will see a judge who can release him if he (the judge) decides that the “stand your ground” law applies. That would be the end of it. Not sure when this appearance in court takes place. Doesn’t make sense to be the bail hearing, perhaps at the arraingment?


    1. It has already been said by experts of the law, that the stand your ground law does NOT apply here. The child was pursued, stalked and chased down.
      STOP reachiing.


  3. In these situations, white people are supposed to take their beating (and just ride that to wherever that may go, hopefully they survive, but it’s not up to them) to “atone for their privilege”. Choosing to be be pro-active in your survival is wrong.


      1. He’s still defending the indefensible. This is not a case of an innocent white person being attacked by a black criminal, but the case of a vigilante who took it upon himself to be jury, judge, and executioner of a black kid who was minding his own business. George Zimmerman has only himself to blame for placing himself in the circumstances he finds himself in because his atrocious judgment caused him to disregard advice from a police dispatcher.


      2. Anne,
        It seems that way to me too! We don’t have all the evidence the prosecutor has, but you can bet she thinks she has the evidence to prove murder 2nd degree, or she wouldn’t have filed it!


  4. There are some articles in the news today about the SYG defense and its history. Most of the time, judges grant dismissal. Would be interesting to see some detailed analysis of the other cases and whether precedents make a difference to whether a judge is allowed to bow down low to political and media pressure and the threat of riots.


    1. If it hadn’t been for the media, the Sanford PD would have swept this under the rug, like they have done with so many cases. They have a justly earned negative image among the black Sanford residents, and the last police chief before Bill Lee was fired. Trayvon Martin’s parents were looking for answers as to why their son died, as any decent parents would, and they were getting nowhere with the department. That’s why they reached out to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Regardless of race, I would be sympathetic to and supportive of any parents whose son or daughter died so senselessly and because of someone else’s hangups. I have to question the humanity and integrity of anyone who is blind to something so painfully obvious.



    Prosecutor Angela Corey said “Let me emphasize that we do not prosecute by pressure or petition. We prosecute cases based on the relevant fact of each case and on the laws of the state of Florida.”

    (Sure, and Mitt Romney is a secret Muslim).

    Who killed Trayvon Martin:


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