Speaking of Callista’s Eyes…

There were so many comments tonight about Callista’s eyes, I thought you might enjoy this:


Maybe the reason people give her the lowest approval rating of all the potential first ladies is her eyes.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Callista’s Eyes…

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  1. To my mind, Callista Gingrich is one of the most lifeless-looking women on the planet. Her face is so reminiscent of a tightly-wound mask that I often find myself wondering when it is going to crack, split, and fall off to reveal the visage of some darker, more unearthly being. There seems to be absolutely nothing effusive about her, only a cold, sterile perfectionism. She has the stare of a shark and exudes the countenance of a queen. Indeed, one gets the distinct feeling that if she were to become First Lady, Callista would take all Americans as her loyal subjects…much like another wayward “monarch” we know.


    1. xenon,
      You gotta wonder what’s really going on in her mind when she is the third wife of a man that is notoriously unfaithful and who is a proponent of “open marriage.”


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