Sarah Palin was described as a “train wreck” in the campaign of 2008.  That image is once again applicable, but this time it describes Palin’s affect on the Republican primary in 2012.


In the recent interview of Mike Huckabee on Fox, Huckabee was quite clear that if the GOP nomination process results in a brokered convention, that would be a “train wreck.” The amazing thing is that a brokered convention is a real possibility. Looking at the math, it seems that it is not only likely, but predictable, so long as the candidates continue to create division within the Party.


Geoffrey Dunn has identified Sarah Palin as the single most influential candidate who is encouraging discourse within the party, and the person who might benefit most from a brokered convention. Being considered in a brokered convention would prevent Sarah Palin from being exposed during the Republican Debates, insulating her from the scrutiny that has taken such a toll on the other candidates. By not being a candidate until the convention, Palin has been allowed to remain as a commentator on Fox News, with no expectation or requirement that Fox give equal time to the other candidates. Palin is also allowed to continue to draw her salary from Fox as long as possible.


Consider what Palin has done to increase the likelihood of discord in the Republican Party. Recently she attacked Mitt Romney, the most likely candidate to earn the required number of votes.  The truth is that Palin has been attacking Romney since at least June of 2011. 


When Palin sort of endorsed Newt, David Frum made the observation that it was “… almost as if Palin doesn’t want anyone to win a prize she cannot have. “ Palin has done her best to increase the number of delegates awarded to the person most likely to take delegates away from Mitt Romney. On March 6th, when Palin voted in the Alaskan primary she disclosed that she had voted for Gingrich. After disclosing her support for Gingrich, Palin disparaged Romney and demonstrated a lack of confidence in his candidacy, saying:

“ To be brutally honest…he’s (Romney) not garnering a lot of that enthusiasm right now” because Republicans are worried he is only winning because he has more money than his rivals. “ Palin then went on to encourage the continuation of the primary battle, saying that she wanted:

“to see the process continue,” and that

“I do believe that competition makes all of our candidates better,”


Additionally, Sarah Palin, has continued to praise and lend support to Rick Santorum.

She continues to suggest that the competition makes the candidates stronger. She even went so far as to say that a brokered convention would be “very good for the party.” Palin has even explained in an interview how it is possible that there might not be a candidate who would win enough delegates. Sarah Palin explained that Romeny might win the purple states, Gingrich might win the southern states, and Santorum might win the Midwest states.


Sarah Palin has been identified by conservapedia as the second most likely to win the nomination at a brokered convention.  With 350 Million views, conservapedia is a site that must be taken seriously.

The threat of a Palin campaign is still a possibility. The threat of having Todd Palin as the “First-Dude” is dangerously real. In case Sarah hasn’t proved herself to you as potentially devastating to America, surely Todd’s experience as a Pimp would be enough to prevent a Palin run.