Sarah Palin is the Cause of the GOP “Train Wreck”


Sarah Palin was described as a “train wreck” in the campaign of 2008.  That image is once again applicable, but this time it describes Palin’s affect on the Republican primary in 2012.


In the recent interview of Mike Huckabee on Fox, Huckabee was quite clear that if the GOP nomination process results in a brokered convention, that would be a “train wreck.” The amazing thing is that a brokered convention is a real possibility. Looking at the math, it seems that it is not only likely, but predictable, so long as the candidates continue to create division within the Party.


Geoffrey Dunn has identified Sarah Palin as the single most influential candidate who is encouraging discourse within the party, and the person who might benefit most from a brokered convention. Being considered in a brokered convention would prevent Sarah Palin from being exposed during the Republican Debates, insulating her from the scrutiny that has taken such a toll on the other candidates. By not being a candidate until the convention, Palin has been allowed to remain as a commentator on Fox News, with no expectation or requirement that Fox give equal time to the other candidates. Palin is also allowed to continue to draw her salary from Fox as long as possible.


Consider what Palin has done to increase the likelihood of discord in the Republican Party. Recently she attacked Mitt Romney, the most likely candidate to earn the required number of votes.  The truth is that Palin has been attacking Romney since at least June of 2011. 


When Palin sort of endorsed Newt, David Frum made the observation that it was “… almost as if Palin doesn’t want anyone to win a prize she cannot have. “ Palin has done her best to increase the number of delegates awarded to the person most likely to take delegates away from Mitt Romney. On March 6th, when Palin voted in the Alaskan primary she disclosed that she had voted for Gingrich. After disclosing her support for Gingrich, Palin disparaged Romney and demonstrated a lack of confidence in his candidacy, saying:

“ To be brutally honest…he’s (Romney) not garnering a lot of that enthusiasm right now” because Republicans are worried he is only winning because he has more money than his rivals. “ Palin then went on to encourage the continuation of the primary battle, saying that she wanted:

“to see the process continue,” and that

“I do believe that competition makes all of our candidates better,”


Additionally, Sarah Palin, has continued to praise and lend support to Rick Santorum.

She continues to suggest that the competition makes the candidates stronger. She even went so far as to say that a brokered convention would be “very good for the party.” Palin has even explained in an interview how it is possible that there might not be a candidate who would win enough delegates. Sarah Palin explained that Romeny might win the purple states, Gingrich might win the southern states, and Santorum might win the Midwest states.


Sarah Palin has been identified by conservapedia as the second most likely to win the nomination at a brokered convention.  With 350 Million views, conservapedia is a site that must be taken seriously.

The threat of a Palin campaign is still a possibility. The threat of having Todd Palin as the “First-Dude” is dangerously real. In case Sarah hasn’t proved herself to you as potentially devastating to America, surely Todd’s experience as a Pimp would be enough to prevent a Palin run.


36 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is the Cause of the GOP “Train Wreck”

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    1. Duchess,
      If I were a member of the Republican party, I’d be doing everything I could to disassociate my party with Sarah Palin.


  1. I wonder how Toad would feel if a filthy predator like himself, took Bristol, Willow and Piper as his endentured prostitutes? He would go balistic. But since he only worries about his sexual needs, it is just hunky dory to use women anyway he sees fit.

    Disgusting beyond words….he belong in jail along with his so called wife.


  2. I say as a democrat let her rip.She has a pretty good chance to totally destroy the republicans as we know them.She thinks if there is a brokered convention she’ll just be able to waltz in there and the dirty old men will be so happy to see her that they’ll just hand her the nomination.Totally delusional of course but it will tear that party so far apart it will never come together again.which will be good for our country.Then we can all say thank you sarah palin.


  3. Momma aint running for president.

    All she wants to do Is put her train wreck back on the track so her Money Train can be prosperous again.

    Mama has too much dysfunctional baggage which caused her train wreck.


  4. Narcissistic people require enablers. At her level, a lot of yes men and toadies.

    Todd is one, and has been all their time together, He picks up the peices.

    Her paid Alaskan team are also enablers to a narcissistic personality3

    . Everyone rushes around to make sure she is in a good mood, and to do whatever her highness requires. Namely cover her ass and bury her stupidity.

    While she was in the campaign, that didn’t quite go as she expected..

    She had to answer questions which put her in a snit. Gotcha questions like what did she read.

    They wouldn’t lie for her ALL the time which got her riled up.

    They expected her to know things To be an adult with at least a high school ed.. The QUEEN does not have to know things. That is for her minions and bots. Rush around and do the scut work. Google it up quick so she can write it on her palm..

    And then they dared to tell the truth about her behavior and meltdowns.

    THAT does not happen to Sarah Palin in Alaska. OFF with their heads.

    It seems that the world doesn’t revolve around Sarah Palin. Tough T.


  5. You Know? As sick and scary as it seems, I would almost like to watch this witch fry on that presidential stage with Obama and a possible 3rd candidate., Although I would not like one speck of a chance that she could win. She must be embarassed, exposed and removed NOW. She should be in jail along with her husband today.


    1. Becky,
      As bad as we know it would be, I would hate for there to be even a chance. Just imagine the further damage she could do to the image of women if she was interviewed again!


    2. Yes, if it all went as it should, it would be an epic meltdown and then healing could begin in our country. However, as this has gone on too long and there are too many people with too much to hide, it could all go horribly wrong. Fixed diebold machines, voter problems, etc etc. I dont believe that “we” would stand passively by if voter tampering was done again, but it could cause a huge mess in this country.
      Let’s just keep working to expose them as much as possible. We have “discovered” so much already that I feel like many of us with little legal background could do a pretty decent job in the courtroom lol! So, imagine what real lawyers could do if given the chance!


  6. Of course it is very easy for the Republicans to blame Sarah Palin for the shambles the party is in today. If it even is in shambles – the Republican candidate will start out with at least 45% of the vote in the general election, if only because he is “not Obama”.

    But blaming Sarah Palin doesn’t work because they were the enablers of Palin, who selected her as McCain’s running mate to begin with. It was the party stalwarts who met Palin in spring 2008 and plotted her rise up to prominence. They were the ones who wouldn’t tell her to “rein it in” when she began bashing the Dems and they have not told her to “shut up” since then. They are as afraid of Sarah Palin as they are of Rush Limbaugh.

    By blaming Palin, they don’t see the need to fix the party internally. Now, that’s okay with me, because as a life-long Dem and proud American, I’ll be glad to see the Republicans lose in November. (If they do; nothing is certain til the vote-totals are in). But by not taking the blame for creating Sarah Palin and the problems that have ensued by her position, they’ll be ripe for another Sarah Palin.


    1. ””the Republican candidate will start out with at least 45% of the vote in the general election, if only because he is “not Obama”.””

      Of course you are wrong, because President Obama is ahead in all polls to win against ANY Repub. But I see why you think like that, you are in Arizona after all. The state with the lowlife, low-class, thug governor.


  7. Sarah Palin did change the dialogue. Republicans are thinking that she is lifting them up? I never thought of Republicans in mass as uneducated but now that those with skills are going dark, only the dumbing down shrill is left. I felt sorry for Barbara Bush the last time I heard her try to speak. She and the rest of them seriously do need to disassociate from all things Republican. It is Palin Party now. REPUBLICANISPALIN.


  8. You know, it occurs to me that the lunacy of the GOP will only worsen if (when) Obama gets elected. That is to say, the right wing has pretty much gone for broke in this round, digging itself into an ideological hole so deep as to render its voice audible only to those who have followed it into the chasm of its own demise. To this end, it will continue to resort to all manner of ignorance if only to hear itself talk while the rest of the enlightened world stands on the surface listening to reason, and pausing occasionally to say, “Did you hear that? I thought I heard something.”

    And Palin? Well, she has the shovel.


  9. Come on people, you know good and well that Palin would never win a national election, let alone the presidency.…be serious folks.


    1. Who would have ever thought that Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker who resigned in disgrace, would not only run for president but garner enough support to win any states? With the woman who helped end his career in Congress at his side? That not only would they support him but the woman he was screwing around with to be the First Lady? Who would have ever thought it could happen? But it is the reality right now, even if he is far from winning the nomination. Who would have thought the Republicans would have these candidates running?


  10. If there is anything left of what has been the recent “leadership” of this major political party I’m not sure who it is (anybody seen John Boehner lately?) But truly,there are a few people behind the scenes (Rove, the
    Bush 41 people, some of the more enlightened “pundints” – Kathleen Parker, David Frum, George Will, etc who know that Mrs.Todd Palin is no more likely to be the person a brokered convention turns to than the first guy who science found was the carrier of the Ebola virus.

    Sarah is in some kind of death throes, flailing away at any target she can reach. Yeah, we need to be vigilant. No doubt about it. I’m just wondering what the discussions at the 2012 Republican Convention Committee are like when they try to figure out how to slot her speech into the three day event.

    Prime time? Oh boy I don’t think so (but as the last Vice President candidate how do you deny it?) Some daytime, feel good 10 minutes (RAM keep up the good work) after Nikki Haley, or one of the Oops Candidates that the Tea Party foisted on us.

    Mrs. Palin isn’t going to be a star that they try and accomodate. She’s going to be a scar that they try gloss over.

    But look for Team Palin to make this a really ugly fight. Because that’s her MO.


  11. I have always said Palin wouldn’t give up that easily. She is delusional but she does have her supporters that will surely be at the convention. I don’t really want Romney to be the nominee, but any others that are running or people like Palin waiting in the wings are even worse. I have no doubt that some Republicans would support even her if she were indeed to get the nomination. I don’t trust them to think more about the country- which would mean not supporting her or anyone like her. I’m am afraid they would put politics ahead of country, which would mean only Independents to prevent mayhem. I would think that some people who came to know her during the 2008 campaign would speak out against her- like those who were portrayed in Game Change as realizing she was not just incompetent but probably mentally ill. But even then, I don’t have a great deal of confidence that in a highly charged environment like the Republican convention that Palin would be unable to garner support of those who hate President Obama so much that they would not succumb to her rhetoric. She is a master of bringing hate and fears to the surface and creating an atmosphere where she could possibly win the nomination. I think we are kind of in a bad spot here- whether to hope for a clear Romney win before convention or hope for one of the others that I am more optimistic of losing to President Obama would get the win. In any case, a brokered convention could well be a disaster to this country.


  12. Great article, Malia. Can I ask that you clarify one point that you made about Conservapaedia, please? I read that they said she’d be the second most likely to win IF Romney, Santorum or Gingrich did not get enough votes at the convention. That puts her in 5th place then in my calculations as they are far more apt to be nominated along with Jeb Bush. I also have to consider a site that says something like “Michelle Bachmann knocked it out of the park in her speech after President Obama’s State of the Union speech.” isn’t the most reliable judge of all conservatives. Palin’s favorables are worse than Romney’s and it won’t matter how many of her supporters are at the convention if the delegates aren’t supportive of her. She doesn’t stand a chance.

    How’s that hypocrisy thing working for ya, Sarah? What happened to the idea of your family coming first before your ambitions? Maybe it was the debates that really got to you, knowing you’d never make it through them or be able to get through the vetting process of a long primary season. She says she was vetted but those of us who have actually vetted her are well aware of how much the media doesn’t talk about. Last, but certainly not least, is Todd’s prostitution ring. That won’t be left alone if she decides to attempt a last minute run. She’s nuts if she thinks the MSM would ignore it when Shailey has as much proof as she does. Santorum thinks we should be going after pornography and prostitution more, let’s start with Todd Palin.


  13. before saying something about great politicians we should consider what they have done for the country. in my opinion we should keeep the personal life apart from professional life. sometimes the personal life will be mixed up with so many things. but doing some work and being in a responsible position with authority is a great thing


  14. The fact that Palin is still here really frustrates me. SOOOOOO many people know that she faked the pregnacy and just don’t care because ,as they tell me repeatedly “Palin isn’t going anywhere.” Damn nearly 4 years later she is still in our faces, making things up, being hateful. Being devisive. Come on all you doctors and nurses who have been quiet about the hoax: start writing the letters and op/eds . Some of you DID do this early on, then stopped…but she IS STILL HERE. Apparently she is not going away unless/until more of us speak out.


  15. I’m banking on Nicolle Wallace keeping her word to the American people & letting the other shoe drop if palin makes a play for the nomination. I also have total confidence in Karl Rove’s ability to brutally take her off the national stage if he or his “owners” deems it necessary. The deep thinkers, there actually are some, of the party aren’t going to allow this inarticulate upstart rube destroy the party any further.


    1. Could you point me to an article/interview with Nicole Wallace where she speaks about the other shoe? I hadn’t heard this news. I’m reading Wallace’s novels now and greatly enjoying them.

      Any guesses on what she’s holding in reserve?


  16. If the Republicans don’t squash her now, and do her in totally, they will rue the day she ever set foot on the stage at the RNC. Our lady of eternal victimhood will be yapping at your heels as well as Presidents Obamas forever and as long as she lives.

    She is all about hate.

    She won’t be missed if she is wiped out as a political hater.

    Palin should g

    She has her T.V. studio in her own home, so why not go back to Wasilla and become a crazed televangalist, That is more her speed.


  17. Palin has set the template in the the GOP party for the celebration of willful ignorance, stupidity, and hateful divisiveness. The candidates for the GOP nomination, as well as the Tea Party fools, exemplify these negative traits in varying degrees. However, it’s a case of the GOP’s reaping what it has sown, and it’s chilling to contemplate what would be in store for this country if any of them won the presidency. It looks like a big part of Palin’s legacy will be helping the party to implode from within.


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