Sarah Palin Was, and Is, a Loser

Politico featured an article yesterday focusing on Sarah Palin’s insightful comments on the death of Andrew Breitbart. Of course Palin couldn’t reminisce about Breitbart’s life since she knew nothing of that, and made no effort to learn. The only thing Palin knew was the speech he gave days before he died.

Here is Palin’s actual tribute to Andrew Breitbart.   As you read it you will see that the piece is yet another example of Sarah Palin using someone, or someone’s death, for her personal benefit. Reminiscent of her comments following the shooting of Gabby Giffords, Palin played the victim, and turned attention on herself. The comments about Breitbart were clearly intended to respond to the recent movie, Game Change. The message of that movie was that McCain, and his staff failed to “vet” Sarah Palin. Palin in this piece suggests that we need to “vet” Obama, now. Using “I” 6 times in this single page commentary, Palin creates the impression that the 2008 election was a contest between herself and Obama.

Once again Palin reveals her ignorance. The suggestion that we should “vet” a man who has served our country for four years as the President is nothing short of ludicrous.  The word “vet” means to “investigate someone thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty, or trustworthiness.”  To “vet” means to evaluate BEFORE the event occurs; before the election; before the surgery; before the contest.   “Vet” was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. To “vet” a horse after the race is laughable. Either the horse ran the race and survived, or the horse died. When voters go to the polls in November, their decision will be based on Obama’s performance in the “race” that he has already run over the last four years. They won’t be making their decisions on the comments of Rev. Wright , a man who was Obama’s Ex-Retired Pastor, even before the election of 2008. They won’t be making their decisions about comments that were made twenty years ago when he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Law Review.


Likewise if Sarah Palin were to run as the Republican Party’s only hope in the 2012 election, or if somebody should be foolish enough to choose her as their Vice Presidential running mate, she wouldn’t need to be vetted. We know she is ill equipped to serve.


Sarah Palin didn’t know who the enemy was in the Revolutionary War.

Barack Obama supervised the mission to kill the greatest enemy of America.



Sarah Palin thought the way to solve the Gulf Oil spill was to build dikes.

Barack Obama negotiated the creation of a $20 Billion dollar fund from British Petroleum to compensate those injured economically in the disaster.


Sarah Palin opposed the Lily Ledbetter Act, requiring fair pay for women because she thought it would be a “boon for trial lawyers.”

The first piece of legislation Obama signed into law was the Lily Ledbetter fair pay law.


Other than Roe v. Wade, Sarah Palin couldn’t name a single Supreme Court decision with which she disagreed.

Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor, and has appointed two women to the Court during his first term.


Obama saved the auto industry.

Palin built a Road to Nowhere, at a cost of $26 Million, which was a road leading to the edge of a cliff.

Barack Obama won the race in 2008. He has proved his worthiness by serving as the President of the United States, facing some of the most challenging times of any President in the last century. Sarah Palin lost the race in 2008, and quit half way through the race in Alaska, as she was too weak, or too lazy to finish.

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  1. Thanks for all you do, Malia. We must continue to make sure this harridan is removed from the national stage. She is the ringleader of promoting the h8ful rhetoric the right now embraces. I hope she understands there are enough of us who refuse to back down and will, in our daily lives, spread the word as to the part she has played in the degradation of the national dialogue.


    1. jcinco,
      It just hard for me to believe that people are still listening to her, and that the pundits could even consider her as a possible candidate if the GOP went to a brokered convention!


      1. It is hard to believe she is mentioned however she spent three years pretending she would run. Let us not pay attention that the Palins were shopping reality shows while toying with residing in the white house from their constitution billboard motor home.


  2. But I thought she was “Undefeated”?

    This woman is a loon and shame on Fox “news” for continuing to allow her to spew her hatred and ridiculousness to the uninformed, ignorant, undereducated masses. They believe her. It’s sad.


  3. Palin knew what a legendary and swell dude he was to those who love to imbibe. He made no secret of his early days of coke. He had a lifestyle. Not that there will be a revealing toxicology report, but how many 43 year old (looks like in mid 60) die of natural causes, walking back from a regular watering hole? A coronary can be the reslut of many things. In any event, his confidence, brillance and fearless reputation may have it’s roots in somethings not so natural. I think she does know. She may lack in intelligence but she knows the skinny on the dude, knows more than the gossip. Her choice to follow with blinders. She selects, and the opportunist in her can’t resist.

    What is sad is how she uses her daughter again. The depths of her desperation knows no bounds. What sane, decent person would want their off spring to admire a Breitbart for his style of genius, charisma or innovations? (Shirley Sherrod, ACORN et al to his last big reveal and pathetic vetting legacy) The Andrew Breitbart story is a cautionary tale. Those who must cling to a movement will also fall.


    1. anonymous,
      Who knows …she is reported to have done coke off a barrel with Todd, so maybe they both did it with Breitbart!


  4. Thank you for your continuing efforts to expose this fraud. I can’t believe the national media is still giving her attention. I get sick when I see her name on Yahoo or Huffington Post….there’s nothing newsworthy about her or her family.
    Unfortunately, there are still some morons who believe her and aren’t reading your blog.


  5. Thanks Malia! I am so proud of President O’Bama! And his sidekick, VP Joe O’Biden! Sarah is as flat and “tasteless” as tomorrow’s green beer!

    Mrs O’Gunka


  6. How do you vet a person who is already in his 4th year on the job, and has proven to be quite capable and extremely knowledgeable of all areas of his highly stressful and highly important position. I will use one of Sarah’s favorite words, or is it Bristol’s – AWESOME. Barack Obama is one awesome dude.

    Sarah needs to go to a “Vet” for her foot in mouth disease.


  7. Palin’s use of “vet” in regards to Obama has long amused me. Sometimes she uses it to otherwise say “how did we know he would do _____?” in relation to policy.

    We didn’t “vet” him, she has said, and look at how he passed ACA. He was “unvetted,” and see how he’s bailed out the banks. I find it hilarious on two counts –

    One – a politician’s personal past has no direct relation to the policies he’ll pass once elected. His political past MAY have a relation to it, and in America every politician’s political past is on record – thus it’s not so much “vetting” as it is going back and examining the record.

    Two – in the case of Obama, most of his policy actions that she’s criticizing are things that he plainly and openly said he would do.

    In Sarah’s world, “he wasn’t vetted” means – “all of our negative lies about him didn’t stick, so let’s make up some more lies.”


  8. Sarah palin is clearly deranged and delusional. Game Change was kind to her……..the woman is evil, erie and scary. Some think she was sexually abused by her dad as a child. She has led a life of nasty with zero morals, manners or respect. Somehow I cannot feel sorry for her because she does not feel remorse or care about right and wrong. She just seems to think its all normal. People like her need intensive mental healthcare court ordered.


  9. Merci Madame. Vous etes formidable. Thank you for all that you do, Malia. Sarah Palin is an ignorant mean girl whose mind is so tangled and twisted, like all egocentric and sociopathic personalities – so twisted that she knows nothing about the true meaning of words like “vet,” which she uses to pretend to be like the rest of us – or as good or as smart as everyone else. Sorry, Mrs. Palin, but there are some people who do not have the gift of a clean and clear and present and precise mind/thought process. You are one of those persons in a mental cloud and a fog, very much of your own making. Mrs. Palin. Stop. Be silent for a while and allow the universe to come into your mind and clear out the pain and confusion you live in each and every day of your sad life.


  10. It’s laughable that this middle-school mean girl in a middle-aged body is still screeching the nonsense that President Obama was not “vetted.” I mean, she was only on the presidential election process scene for 67 days before the election while then-candidate Obama was on it for 622 days. During that time, the media went up one side of him and down the other, and the Clintons conducted their own scrutiny of him. He has now been president for more than 3 years, going into his 4th, so he has a substantial and mostly good record to fall back on? What does she have except as a mayor who not only made rape victims pay for their rape test kits but also left a huge deficit, or as one of the worst VP candidates in US history? Add to that her permanent reputation as a quitter who couldn’t handle being governor, and as a grifter who ripped off gullible fans who thought she would run for president . She still imagines herself as the president’s equal as well as imagining herself as presidential material. She is lost in the fog of her own delusions.


  11. Sarah will keep spewing her nonsense until someone puts a stop to it. As no one seems to be willing to put a stop to it, she will continue. We need to ignore her hatefilled rhetoric and work long and hard to expose her and Toad. It’s downright embarassing to be an american right now when people like Palin are given any credibility.


    1. Comeonpeople. I hear ya and second that. It is downright embarassing of the classless society that we are living in. It seems like a divide between decent but not perfect Americans and those clearly sick, evil, deranged and just plain lacking in manners, morals or respect. When someone like the palins can be unleashed to infect our society with their dysfunction, corruption and profit from it……I feel like throwing up.


      1. Becky,
        I feel like I am continually being sucker punched in the stomach every time she blabs about the pregnancy and birth hoax. Unfrickinbelievable that she is so “in your face” with the blatant lies.


      2. Comeonpeople. I understand. The woman has lived her life as a liar, this is normal in her twisted mind. All we can do is demand the truth from her. HEY SARAH WHERE IS TRIGS BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Who was you Dr. Sarah? Tell the Truth Sarah for once in your miserable life.


  12. Dear Malia. Yesterday I received my book ordered from Amazon. “Boys will be Boys” by Shailey Tripp. I have finished it within 24hrs. My first comment is that, It will never be my favorite book. Next. I am with you that this lifestyle is very foreign to me. I cannot imagine putting myself, children or family through this living hell. But! I believe you said. “If Shailey was brave enough to write it, we should be brave enough to read it” so I forced myself to continue to the end. There is so much YUCK I will not even comment on. But my only vocal outrage now is the intentional cover up by so many. I am disgusted with media owners and their failure to report, investigate etc. I am concerned that some in power positions cannot be trusted to tell the truth even under oath. Yes I am sadden for Shailey, her family. I know that you have helped her and I personally Thank you. She needs help in so many ways. She certainly needs strong women to guide her. I find her sincere too. But I am still in shock that she would allow such awful, nasty choices to control her life. I have had many many professional massages and I have never ran across this kind of garbage. My only hope now is that those involved be held accountable, exposed for what they are and that Shailey Heal inside and out and use this to educate others.


    1. Becky,
      I am glad you read it, and now you better understand the difficulty with making this story public. Every day I turn on the computer, hoping that some news source has written about it, but I continue to be disappointed. I too hope the corruption is made known, but it’s going to take a lot of people speaking out.


      1. Gee Rod Blogorovich gov of Ill., got 14yrs for his crime. How can Sarah and Todd escape all that they have done for too much longer. Seems there are more involved and its wide spread. I do not know how their getting away with this, unless Todd and Sarah have a truck load of dirt on many many people, but even then? They cannot escape this for too much longer……Its just a matter of time and the heat to get turned up on them……..somebody will snap. Gotta keep the fire hot and burning. Get more working on it……..Nothing like a True Mystery with facts already existing. Whats Joe McGinnis think about all this? His book was great. Maybe Frank Bailey has more to spill?


  13. Palin is so ignorant and illiterate. To suggest vetting a sitting President who has been in office for almost 4 years, is one sign of her lack of education.


  14. What is scary is that she has considerable support,especially from the tea party. Those people actually believe Palin has family values, that she is not a quitter, and that she is not only still governor but also the most popular governor who maintained fiscal responsibilty.


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