Game Change Attracts Record Number of Viewers

Game Change was cable channel’s “most-watched-original-film in almost eight years! The original premier drew 2.1 million viewers. The movie appeared four times over the weekend, and drew 3.6 million viewers. While Palin supporters declare that the movie “unfairly portrays” the Half-Term Ex-Governor, they have failed to identify any particular scene that is “inaccurate.”

Contrast the popularity of the Undefeated with Game Change. The Undefeated attracted approximately 65,000 viewers.  That would be roughly 2% of the viewers of Game Change.

Bloggers  and critics alike have praised the film.  Game Change has been so well received that it appears to be a serious contender for more than one Emmy award.  The funny thing is that Game Change is based on the non-fiction account of the 2008 election, and the Undefeated is supposed to be a “documentary.”



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  1. The number of people is actually higher though, as I watched it at my parents as they have HBO and I don’t. If they are counting their two person household, there were more than two people watching it. I think this is the case for many people. I read some folks rented hotel rooms with HBO and had whole crews of peope watching.


    1. comeonpeople,
      You know that is right! I think those numbers are based on number of televisions around the country that tuned in. The number of actual viewers could actually have been much more.


      1. Based on people I have talked to I’d venture to guess the number is actually double of what is being reported; at least in my immediate area.


  2. I am traveling and disappointed to have missed Game Change, but expect to get it “on demand” later. In the meantime, let’s hope the MSM pick up on the story regarding high viewership. Interesting to note that while Palin & Co. have been railing against a “false narrative”, there’s no threat of a lawsuit emanating from her camp. Silence says it all.


    1. BW,
      The Palins have been silent about many allegations, and they are so willing to go to court if they feel they have truely been wronged.


  3. Not sure if you’re aware of this, Malia. Nicolle Wallace was told in Aug. 2008 – and told an interviewer last year – that Bristol was seven and a half months pregnant in Aug. 2008.

    The question to be asked is why did they announce B’s pregnancy was just barely long enough to NOT be Trig’s mother, at five months along, when 7 1/2 mos. would have left no wiggle room at all?
    Sorry I don’t have the link, but it’s over at Gryphen’s. The main point is that Nicolle Wallace is quoted and documented saying this.
    Maybe the jig will finally be up on Babygate once this gets out.


    1. The Gamel S Changing,
      I know that she said this, but Bristol didn’t have Tripp till the end of Dec. so she would have been closer to 6 months at the end of Aug.


      1. I did read that Tank Jones said Tripp was actually born first before Trig, about a year older. I know this is strange, but he saw a much older child when he took Levi to visit him, over a year old when he was supposed to be an infant. I know it sounds strange, but with the Palins, everything is mixed up and strange.


  4. Don’t have T.V… Will wait until it is a DVD, though I did watch the trailers on the net.

    Heck I don’t need Julianne Moore channeling Palin. We bloggers have known what Palin was from the very beginning.

    Only thing was the scairdy cat McCain people weren’t honest about her incapacity, so didn’t put her in a psych ward and didn’t get rid of the bitch.

    Very remiss of them. They knew what they had on their hands. A pathological liar, a cheat, a mental midget and a nut. All in a pretty little flirty-flirt package of fundimentalist crap.

    And the whole Republican party can just as well flush themselves down too, with Sanctimonious Santorum, waffling Romney and Gingrich fueled by his Vegas casino boss funding.


  5. What a lame cover. Are you sure that is not parody? They were lucky to get as high as 2% of GC numbers showing that image of her. It screams irrelevant and poor taste. Almost makes me feel pity for her.


  6. Malia, sorry to go off-topic but I figured this would be the best place to alert You and your fellow twitter Followers about a tweet I sent.
    You can also search by “Oprah” on twitter and find related other names/linked to her that will show up in the search. Ones I couldn’t fit in this specific tweet.!/who_to_follow/interests/search/Oprah!/HnstyNgov/status/180014148980187136


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