Game Change was cable channel’s “most-watched-original-film in almost eight years! The original premier drew 2.1 million viewers. The movie appeared four times over the weekend, and drew 3.6 million viewers. While Palin supporters declare that the movie “unfairly portrays” the Half-Term Ex-Governor, they have failed to identify any particular scene that is “inaccurate.”

Contrast the popularity of the Undefeated with Game Change. The Undefeated attracted approximately 65,000 viewers.  That would be roughly 2% of the viewers of Game Change.

Bloggers  and critics alike have praised the film.  Game Change has been so well received that it appears to be a serious contender for more than one Emmy award.  The funny thing is that Game Change is based on the non-fiction account of the 2008 election, and the Undefeated is supposed to be a “documentary.”