The Stupidest Thing Sarah Palin Has Ever Said

It would be a virtually impossible task to identify the single stupidest thing Sarah Palin has ever said.   The list of stupid things Palin has said is long, colorful, and memorable. Highlights include:

1. Paul Revere was warning the British.

2. We should build dikes to solve the Gulf Oil spill.

3. We gotta stand with our North Korean allies.

4. She was completely vindicated,and committed no unlawful or unethical conduct, and did not abuse her power, with regard to firing of Walt Monegan in the Troopergate matter.

5. Herman Cain was “Herb Cain.”

6. Boys Will Be Boys.

7. That SHE was a victim of blood-libel when Gabby Giffords was shot.

Friday, March 9th, Sarah Palin gave another interview on Fox. Predictably, the focus of her interview was an attack on Barack Obama. However the amazing thing was that she explained that Barack Obama wanted to take us back to a time prior to the civil war when people were treated differently based on the color of their skin. Here is the actual interview. She said:

“…Granted Barack Obama has never been, I think, seen in the conventional, traditional way of we who would describe a man of valor, so it shouldn’t surprise us that Barack Obama would accept that dirty money and try to get reelected with it. But I think it does not bode well for our president’s character to not speak out against that dirty money. …

“People must be aware of his radical past, his radical associations. Even today, look at who he has chosen to be his czars. He has chosen the most radical of the radicals in certain areas of expertise, Sean. … He has chosen these people because what went into his thinking through those college years, through years probably before his college years and his profession as a community organizer, what went into his thinking was this philosophy of radicalism, based on the people whom he chose to be around. …

“He is bringing us back, Sean, to days — you can hearken back to days before the Civil War, when unfortunately too many Americans mistakenly believed that not all men were created equal.” 

The Obama campaign responded to this interview with this commercial with actual segments from Palin’s interview.

Now Palin, in her latest Facebook post attacks the President . She says that the President is afraid to discuss the economy and that the President needs to be vetted This rises to the level of being one of the stupidest things she has ever said. When a President serves for three and one-half years in office, and runs for re-election, there is no need for “vetting.” He runs on his record, not things that occurred before he became the President. In this case it is particularly telling that the movie Game Change made its movie debut the next day, and the single most important point of that movie was that the McCain campaign failed to properly vet Sarah Palin.

To say that the President is afraid to discuss the economy was equally foolish. The economy is improving. Ten signs of improvement are:

1: Economists Say It’s Improving

2: The Weak Dollar ( one of the beneficial things about a weak dollar is that it helps American manufacturers. When their products become less expensive for the rest of the world, they can export more goods, boosting sales and their overall bottom line. The influx of foreign money can help fuel economic recovery.)

3: Jobs are Gaining …Slowly

4: Unemployment May Be Declining

5: The Recovery of Retail Sales

6: Record Corporate Profits

7: Factory Production is Increasing

8: Advertising Sales Are Growing

9: Housing Prices No Longer in Freefall

10: Rise in Expensive Equipment Sales

However the most amazingly stupid thing she said was that the first Black President of the United States was hoping for a return to pre-civil war times when people didn’t understand that all people should be treated equally. Sarah Palin suggested that President Obama was an advocate for a return to a time when, people like him, were beaten, whipped,killed, and hung.

I guess Sarah Palin was worrying about the speech she wanted to give on November 4, 2008, instead of noticing that something historic had happened that day.

We won’t forget what happened on Nov. 4, 2008, and just how close we came to a national disaster.

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  1. Yesterday I stumbled on a site that takes screen shots of Sarah Palin and her mouth and face reactions as she babbles and screaches on Hannity and other Faux sites. It is hysterical. The woman is bat shit crazy and looks ithe part.

    And she thinks President Obama who bother with her, or debate with a looney tunes character?

    I always thought her upper lip was surgically enhanced with fat. She didn’t have such lips before the tatoo, and then tatoo removal of her lips. Recently her upper lip is not so plump.

    the site has to be seen… It is all Sarah and her crazed face. Her face, her lips, her eyes. NUTZ, the woman is nuts.

    A must see.


  2. Hello Malia! That was her idea,- to build wooden dikes to stop a gusher?? Well, you’ve heard the old ditty,- wooden head, wooden listen, wooden know nothing anyways!!


  3. Palin wants to be the shoo in popular choice at a brokered convention. She is trying to engage President Obama to show she is an important political figure, not a mere whacko celebrity.

    There is no way he would debate this woman, and it certainly is not that he is frightened by her intellectual prowress. She is incredably foolish, stupid and vindictive.

    Unfortunatly the rest of the Republicans are barely more intelligent, as she urges them on to shred each other to bits.


  4. It occured to me when I heard she made the statement about the Civil War that she actually meant the Civil Rights Act. (I’ve since read that interpretation elsewhere.) Her pattern seems to be, someone tries to instruct her about making a particular point and she gets it all garbled. Hence the backwards history (Revere warning the British) and nonsensical pronouncements. She knows and understands practically nothing, and doesn’t understand her handlers’ instructions. She thinks if she just keeps talking folks will put together what she’s trying to say. She’s like a boxer who thinks she’s winning if she just manages to stay on her feet.


    1. Mara,
      That would make sense. My favorite part is watching the Fox News Anchors trying to act like they understood what she was talking about and not laugh.


    2. @Mara — You are right on the money. She seems to have certain recently planted words and phrases which then get strangely reframed with her own projections. Which is how she always shows her hand.

      I don’t get how anyone ever thought of her as wily. I think she’s so transparent as to be laughable. She just relied on her various hit squads in Alaska and after the election in ’08, the hit squad went into national franchise.

      Also too, no one should miss Sarah Reese Jones at PoliticusUSA.
      It’s the single best essay I’ve read about her effect on politics and women in this country. Get a kleenex. It will take you back.


  5. Does she consider Todd a “man of valor”? He visits prostitutes, sends his friends to them, comes in 5th at snowmachine races, then claims to have “won”. He has a family that is completely out of control, a crazy wife, sex addict kids having illegitimate babies each year. Even writing books about getting pregnant while drunk in a tent. This insane woman would do well to shut her surgically enhanced lips, Botoxed face and get back to trying to salvage what might be left of her dysfunctional family. Is being Bi Polar an inherited disease?


    1. My take when I heard the valor remark was that she was trying to snidely remind people that President Obama never served in the military, without having the guts to actually come right out and say it.


    1. She really has no idea what she’s talking about, ever. Someone gives her a list of topics and buzzwords and Obama insults and she’s off and running, with no comprehension about any of it. And when she finishes her speechifying, she’s as proud and satisfied as the cat that ate the canary–“I did it! I got through it! I showed them!” One can only imagine her college professors (any of ’em, all of ’em) giving her a passing grade just to get rid of her and not have to hear any more ranting and raving and rocking and moaning.


      1. And if she forgets her talking points and sound even more idiotic, then she complains that it was “gotcha’ question and the mainstream media set her up.

        p.s. I know her sophomoric phrase for mainstream media, but I refuse to stoop to her level and repeat such nonsense 🙂


    2. Oh, me, too! That is one jumbo bowl of word salad and Jack Cafferty is so honest in his disgust. Wolf Blitzer, on the other hand, is pathetic.


  6. The defense I’ve heard most often in support of Palin and her 3 week pregnancy is, “No governor of a State would be so stupid as to pull a stunt such as the one you’re suggesting.”

    Thank you, Malia, for reminding us that, yes, she really is that stupid.


  7. Sarah Palin’s IQ is only 83. That was from 2006 Opposition Research for the AK Governor’s race, and it’s not a joke. In 2008, I think people disbelieved it because it was so low. But now, we all realize that it is an accurate assessment.


  8. Turn her loose in one of those Tranny pick up parks in Paris or Spain and she would have them lined up for blocks with that crazy lip action shown in

    I must admit it fascinated me watching that strange series of facial tics.

    Why do we have her to kick around? Because she quit her governorship early? What prompted that besides easy dollars from Murdoch and Co. I think there may have been a bit more than the easy money. I think there were investigations into some of her doings, and she left to forestall that.

    She should have been surgically removed from Fox long ago. She is not an asset, and ceased to be one early into her contract.

    Rebekah Brooks and her husband have been arrested in their home, early in the a.m.. Murdoch and his empire is unraveling in England, and may unravel here in the states.

    Will Todd and his big mouthed wife face investigation?


  9. lol. blogspot, not blogspit. I really found that site fascinating. She is a throwback to the overacting on stage back in the 19th century.

    A political Sarah Bernhardt.

    Sarah Palin actress.


  10. Wonderful collection, Malia. Personally, I believe her Paul Revere’s bells idiocy did more to end Sarah’s career than the blood libel speech, simply because it’s something any school kid knows, and because her drivel was so ridiculous, even without that hysterically rising voice and that bugeyed, “Oh, shit I’m winging this” look on her face. How anyone can take her seriously after that is beyond me, but then, one could say the same about that nonsense she spewed in the Katie Couric interview, too.


    1. If Paul Revere were alive today he would warn Alaskan women that Todd Palin is a pimp.

      Seriously, if anyone is taking this country back to pre-Civil War/Civil Rights it is Todd Palin and his associates who are trafficking in the for hire sex trade.


  11. Malia

    The ‘retard’ will never quit.

    Palin said Monday on her Facebook page, “I’m not running for any office”

    Why is she then still collecting $ from her idiot fans???


  12. Sarah saves her biggest lies for herself. How else can she convince herself that she is actually relevant in ANY political conversation.

    And how else can she ignore that Todd screwed and ran a prostitution ring with Shailey Tripp?

    Evidently, Sarah is easier to fool then the rest of us.


  13. And John McCain still defends his choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate. Just amazing. From a man who is not at all chivalrous with regard to women! Maybe he’s as stupid as she is!

    On another point, obviously Sarah Palin has never read nor listened to any of President Obama’s speeches about the economy. And neither she nor Rick Santorum have ever watched any footage of the president meeting factory workers in their plants. No teleprompter needed! He’s just relaxed, articulate and happy to be out there meeting real people.


  14. Malia, I think EVERYTHING that comes out of this woman’s mouth is idiotic. I can’t even imagine what goes on in her brain – frightening!

    To think though that the president of the US gives a flying fig about anything she has to say is just unfreaking believable.

    The funniest thing about the whole thing is that not one of the GOP hopefuls has even offered any plans on how to do anything. All they do is talk about everything they THINK the president is doing or are too busy knocking each other. Then again who is trying to take us back over 100 years – Santorum NOT President Obama.

    She is a legend in her own mind;)


  15. She is definitely “BAT SHIT” crazy!!! and You can’t fix stupid!!! Her and the whole Palin Clan better thank the good Lord that stupid is not againest the law!! They would all be doing life plus sentences!!


  16. Well Palin is losing her looks, which is what kept her in the limelight. Now it is her sheer stupidity, and train wreck quality.

    McCain is backing Joe the Plumber, another of the lame brains.

    McCain the coward who wouldn’t rein Palin in because he was afraid she would turn on him? WTF? He was the top of the ticket, and he should have kicked her out as soon as they realized she was a mental case.

    Murdoch is in deep deep trouble

    . Faux news is backing Romney, so Santorum says, and is not a fair and balanced network.


    These right winger zealots are failing. Breitbart is dead. Limbaugh might as well be. Hannity and Beck are losing out on their Radio shows because the advertisers are afraid of the backlash. Shock jock radio is in trouble.

    And Game Change is getting more and more viewers on HBO, while the anti Palin books are having a resurgence.

    Now if Boys will be boys gets more press, perhaps the flood gates in Alaska or Wasilla will open up.


  17. @ Star–I want her to keep talking night and day, spout that nonsense and spew that drivel and ring them bells and keep reminding folks of McCain’s dangerous choice. If she behaved with good sense and restraint (hah) then his contention that his VP selection was wise would have merit… it is, I hope she talks her fool head off. Not like she’s ever going to say anything wise or witty and prove us wrong.


    1. I hope she ends up in a federal mental hospital in custody along with her husband and those involved in the cover up. Even if she shut her mouth it would not ever justify not vetting this woman and placing her on the ticket. McCain should resign for his failure and lack of respect for the highest office of this country This is beyond criminal. This was EVIL.


  18. Today I worked at this scary sary payme thing at the local level. I commented in local newspapers and ask readers to read the new book, boys will be boys. We all must spread this and flood the airwaves, newspapers, media of all kinds and contact the Attorney General of the USA on the issues of Alaska law enforcement, FBI and officials. This is beyond criminal. We can petition the White House to act by going to WH website and create a petition in proper language and then getting the necessary signatures in a timely manner. It can be done. We know that.


  19. McCain could have used Sarah Palin very sparingly, like certain spices that used with discretion can zip up a dish, but used without care destroys and causes food to be ruined, and inedable.

    Sarah Palin fouled the Republican party nest with her rants and hate and seems to have opened the RNC to the enept and crazy ultra right wing.

    All the loons came out to play.

    Sex and politics have always gone together, but if her husband did send Shailey to other men and transported her as she writes, across state lines ? Shailey has her proofs and has passed lie detector tests. Could Todd pass tests?

    Or is the Mann act passe? A little nookie passed from one man to another for what purpose? Political favors?

    Palin defensively brought up” prostitution rings and Todd” before anything was out there.

    That is between Shailey Tripp and Todd. The public will see how it pans out with time. The Palin have their lawyers on retainer, and are quick to have their lawyer threaten people.

    So Palin excuses Cain and her husbands antics. “Boys will be boys.” Shrugs about Limbaugh calling a woman a slut and more. But screams bloody murder at any implication that she and her daughter and family are gamey and overipe.

    Their antics do not pass the smell test. And the religious right acts as if she and her daughter and husband are pure as the driven snow.


  20. Evidently ms payme does not think the world is connected to the internet, That we read, watch, and know about her criminal behavior in Alaska. Somehow she does not know that we have ALL discounted her to nothing other than an idiot, SOCIOPATH AND OPPORTUNIST NOBODY.


  21. Palin’s below-average IQ score isn’t surprising.
    No backroom committee or GOP presidential nominee will pick Palin as VP running mate. no chance in 2012, 2016, or ever.
    Her only admirable quality is persistence in her celebrity career.


  22. It seems you need to do less writing until you’ve done much more thinking. When she speaks of Obama returning America to pre civil war attitudes, it is the continual identification of people by racial class practiced by liberals. In today’s society, the liberals insist on bringing victim status to all except the white male. They proclaim such absurdities as ID to vote will disenfranchise on racial lines, in effect saying those racial minorities are not capable to do a simple thing like get an iD. Malia, try to think a few steps beyond the words someone says and consider the consequences to all people by the underlying meaning behind the message.


    1. Ben could you please pass this excellent advice to Ms. Palin and the Republican/Tea party? As it could be very helpful for sarah the twisted LIAR. And benny could you please ask your republican pals to use that ID on your primarys and cooked polls. And Ben could you please tell your Cpacs THAT AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE. Thank you ben, The American People against HOGWASH from SARAH PALIN AND HER TEABAGS.


    2. Ben, perhaps you could read up a bit on pre- Civil War America–it was not the mean ole’ liberals who bought and sold human beings. And slaves weren’t just fake “victims,” so labeled because those misguided liberals said they were. Your understanding of the subject is about as profound as Sarah Palin’s..


    3. Ben….I mean miss french……you babble like SARAH PALIN, perhaps you went beyond your ability, JUST LIKE SARAH PALIN. beyond her ability to speak, comprehend, govern, walk, talk, act, memorize, keep her husband from chasing prostitutes, tell the truth…….ben? you went beyond your ability to comment. Bye ben bye sarah.


  23. “Ben Gardner” proves my point, that Sarah Palin doesn’t make sense in her garbled pronouncements, and doesn’t understand what she herself is saying. We’re all supposed to “think a few steps beyond the words someone says”–it’s our job to construct meaning and invent coherence, not the speaker’s job to make any sense . Gardner contends that we all should listen not to her actual words, but to some invented meaning that we supply.. SP can spout drivel all day long, and then it’s up to the audience to decipher and decode and reassemble the garbage into comprehensive sentences. If only we, her listeners, were smarter, we could figure out the “underlying meaning” behind her goofball messages. Let’s all just try a little harder, shall we?


  24. Wow. Everything you list here as something “stupid” said by Sarah Palin is either correct or similar to a gaffe made by Obama.

    Another liberal drone brainlessly repeating the mantra that Palin is crazy until they actually believe it themselves.


  25. I am trying to find a connection to the Republican party, but if even a fraction of the HBO movie “Game Change” is accurate, the possibility that Sarah Palin might have become vice president – and in a position to be president! – is about as disturbing as any event in the history of American politics.


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