Limbaugh Has Really Lost About 100 Advertisers


Just a few minutes ago the Washington Post has reported that Rush Limbaugh has really lost around 100 advertisers.  I wonder if he has noticed his missing french fries yet?


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  1. Shouldn’t we also be making the case that our tax dollars should be spent to spread hate and fear and lies ??? If he wants to exercise his free speech let him move to statilite radio.


  2. the “secret’ to hate talk radio and even the success of those that bring their act to tv, has always been racism.
    no right winger in this country can achieve anything resembling fame unless their audience believes they are on the “white guys side”.

    the examples of these people making racial statements and in todays world overt racial statements are easy enough to find.

    hell, ronald reagan began his presidential bid on the back of a blatant racial appeal .
    roger ailes over at fox created a network based on appealing to the white(racist) majority. (no white let alone black politician can ever dream of capturing a majority of the white vote nationally)
    his “genius’ was knowing that he could get away with it.

    limbaugh expanded his hate early on to include woman and he was defended for 20 years by the right wing media machine.
    it was only natural the airwaves would be saturated with imitators.

    i hope no one lets up on this guy and that we are finally seeing the tide being turned on these haters.
    i have no idea why it has taken so long.


  3. And he’ll blame everyone and everything but himself. He’s like Palin. Create drama and then claim you are the victim. But in his case, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving misogynistic, racist, impotent pig.


    1. mitch,
      The amazing this is that Todd has NEVER denied the allegations, Shailey has written a book documenting this, and nobody seems to care!


      1. Malia, I am not a lawyer, so I wonder what your professional take is on the possibility that Todd could be taken down on the basis of either tax evasion or the Federal crime of sex trafficking across state lines? Does Shailey have rock solid evidence of either his ‘extra’ income or things like airline tickets and hotel receipts to back up her claim of having been sent by Todd to service his friends in other states? Is that the type of evidence she would need in court? I am sure he has never denied anything because his lawyers have told him not to speak.


      2. dlb44
        I think you are exactly on target and although he may be liable for multiple crimes, tax evasion may be the easiest to prove. I can’t comment tonight on the evidence, but will as soon as I can without compromising anything! Some famous criminals were never convicted of the many crimes they committed, but their ultimate reason for going to jail was tax evasion.


      3. And don’t you just know that has to frost Sarah? Knowing her husband really did have sex and help run a prostitution ring with Shailey? Sitting there trying to make believe he didn’t because that would ruin her whole “wholesome family” schtick. Because of her greed for power and fame and money, she can’t acknowledge that Todd betrayed her. She has to just take it and take the fact her grandson has the same name as her husband’s hooker. And her husband had license plates with his hooker’s name on them. And that same prostitute had her hands all over Sarah when she gave Sarah a massage.

        For someone who can’t pass up any slight, real or imagined, all that has to sting. You just know it’s just eating at her………and she can’t do anything about it. She painted herself into a corner. The only way to go after Todd and make him pay for what he did is to admit her whole image is a fraud. And even if she did, Todd has so much on her he’d blow her out of the water. It sucks to be Sarah Palin.

        She has to be close to losing it.


      4. Rick,
        You made me smile tonight. The thought that it really “sucks to be Sarah” is so true, and I guess that in the end that would be the worst part of all of this, is that she has to live with herself.


      5. I think that with the primaries eating up airtime, and Santcimonius, Gingrich and Mitt trying to top each other daily as to who is the mos ‘conservative,’ and then the killings in Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere, the media just hasn’t yet noticed this. Should Sarah continue her quest to be noticed at the convention, I pray that THEN finally, the skeletons fall out of the closet.


  4. What I like about the way this whole story has developed so far is that there really still is something we used to know as People Power. A whole lot of women, and great men, got really fed up, really fast, and mobilized, and jumped on their phones and online and shared information and channeled our outrage and our positive passion and damned if some really good things have happened. So far.

    I think we were all were taken aback two years ago by the swift and crazy rise of the Tea Party and how it affected the 2010 elections (thank you Mrs.Palin). But that was also an example of People Power, albeit one driven by hate and anger and lack of intelligence and racism and those ugly little Medicare-provided scooters so many people rode on.

    I noticed that Rush was off today “playing golf and he’ll be back tomorrow” or so said his substitute host. I suspect his day involved sending a housekeeper to a vacant lot with a bag of money and an order for pills. A high level conference call with Clear Channel. An ice pack firmly resting on his massive ego. And, if there is any justice in this world, a day spent running around the lovely marble island in his kitchen while his fourth wife chased after him with a frying pan.

    Yes we can! And, yes we did. But we can’t stop.


      1. Thanks, Malia — I keep hoping we will reach some of those who haven’t signed and who too are tired of his relentless hate speech and ranting about women he doesn’t agree with as “Feminazi’s.” It’s gone on for 20 years, but with advertisers fleeing, and with enough people signing the petition as well as commenting, perhaps he won’t be able to pollute the airways with his hateful and vindictive nonsensical
        raging against not only women, but everybody he doesn’t agree with. If Limbaugh is an entertainer, who is he entertaining?


  5. I just signed the petition myself, and I am happy to be a part of a mass action against this spewer of hate, fear, and ignorance. The people who defend him with remarks from agreement with his reckless, irresponsible remarks against Ms. Fluke to agreement with Bill O’Reilly’s ludicrous theory about a liberal conspiracy against Limbaugh are on the wrong and losing side of this issue. They also love to run off at the mouths about “religious freedom” when the freedom they claim to love so much is about the freedom to deny women the ability to obtain birth control in the name of being pro-life.


  6. Is there a way we could organize a similar mivement against advertisers on Fox ? I am thinking of the shows where Palin does her hatefilled race baiting rants or where outright lies are told about our Predident. Seriously enough is enough! We have proven through this Limbaugh action (and Beck previously) that we can make a huge difference.

    We need to let companies know that if they advertise on Hannity or wherever this hate speech occurs, we will stop purchasing from these companies.

    Did you see her FB psycho rant today? She is delusional. There is a difference between free speech and hate speech and we need to stop this dangerous psychopath from inflicting more harm on our country.

    Malia, what do you think?? Im also on a mission to force an investigation of Todd Palin somehow.
    Enough is enough!!


    1. Lisabeth,
      I applaud your efforts! Todd SHOULD be investigated, and if enough of us raise our voices, surely something will happen!I’ll find the rant today.


  7. Malia, I’m with dlb44 on the tax evasion. IRS takes anonymous tips on tax cheats. When something looks odd and illogical, follow the money. We have this TV family that seems to have a lot of possessions and no one really working at a level that would bring that amount of wealth. Todd supposedly works in the oil fields and commercial fishing, but spent a lot of time in the mayor’s and governor’s offices. The past three years he’s been a baby sitter and male escort. He appears to have some type of deals going with the oil industry, prostitutes, the state troopers, and the Anchorage Police. IRS agents would find an interesting network if they went in and traced the wealth. Politics breeds payoffs. Alaska is a great place to hide Federal crimes due to distance and low population.

    For any Alaskans reading this, the IRS pays a percentage of the funds recovered to persons submitting tips on tax cheats.


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