Evening Comedy For A Much Needed Laugh!

Here is part II of the Mitch Hedberg who is the comedian we saw last night.  Hope you like this one.  It makes me laugh, and there are so many depressing things in the news today that we each need something to laugh about.

4 thoughts on “Evening Comedy For A Much Needed Laugh!

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  1. Malia. LOL this was funny. I have come across a blog site label Immoral Minority-Gryphen. This person claims they were part of a car pool with sarah several years ago. It talked about sarah and the birth issue. They claim that sarah had a tubaligation many years ago and used that as an excuse to cancel her day for car pooling the kids to the local school. It also suggested meth use which world explain the nasty palin world, etc etc. They also interviewed tripp and bailey somewhat.. Just wondering if you have visited this site?


    1. B in az,
      Yes I go to the site often, and know Jessie, the person who is responsible for the site. He is well connected in Alaska, and gets a lot of inside information.


    1. Albert,
      Glad you liked this! I have one of his cd’s and my favorite bit is the “tarter” one. Unfortunately Mitch died..I think it was drugs as you can imagine watching him, but he was great just to listen to him talk!


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