This is the Ridicule Rush Limbaugh Has Inspired

This video is out today on the internet.  In case the actual comments made by Rush Limbaugh weren’t bad enough, Ms. Fluke is now having to deal with further abuse by others inspired by Limbaugh.  If there were any question about whether Limbaugh’s comments would inspire others to abuse women, watch this video, and wonder no longer.

11 thoughts on “This is the Ridicule Rush Limbaugh Has Inspired

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  1. I saw one comment, to cut out her sexual parts. It went beyond that, but I clicked it off and shuddered. Absolute insanity.

    The ultra right wing is insane. The Geller woman for example.

    Rush Limbaugh is on his way out, but the kind of people he and others of his ilk inspires will keep up the viciousness.


    1. lilly lily,
      I thought about not posting the link to this video, but I think people need to see that just because Rush isn’t talking about it anymore, he has encouraged others to do the same. Unforgivable!


  2. One of Pamela Gellers disgusting readers. Truly horrible. Some things like suggesting female castration should not be allowed on anyone’s blog.

    This woman is peculiar. I think the ultra right wing has gone totaly berserk.


  3. I don’t know Pamela Geller. I went into it after reading Gellers tirade about Fluke over at the Daily Dish.

    The comment is on Pamela Gellers site.


  4. Can Ms. Fluke go after Limbaugh legally w/charges? God, I hope so! I’m sure there are attorneys contacting her or she is having it researched. Limbaugh needs to be taken DOWN and OFF all airwaves.


  5. Maybe it’s my ADD (that’s not a joke, I do have it), but I saw Hitler as a representation of Limbaugh.

    Sandra Fluke should ride this out a little longer. Leave these idiots a little more line, let the public awareness and cross commentary grow. Then her legal case grows, showing the damage from the lies, the growing sexual harassment in comments and videos. Rush took a relatively unknown Georgetown law student, commenting to Congress on a medical problem, and slandered and sexually harassed her on what is now an international level. How much of Rush’s $300 million should the courts award Ms. Fluke for punitive damages if a hospital worker got $167 million?


  6. Rush and his fellow chauvinists have elevated this woman’s status far beyond anything she could have ever expected. They are showing themselves for the immature, hateful horses’ asses they truly are because they are indignant that their idol is catching the kind of heat he should have been subjected to a long time ago.


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