Rush Limbaugh Showed His True Feelings by Using the Term “Feminazis”

“Slut” and “Prostitute” are the names Rush Limbaugh used to describe Sandra Fluke that most people remember. However the name “feminazi” is perhaps the most revealing word he used to describe her and women “like her”. Here is the exact quote from Thursday’s show, the show aired after he had a chance to reflect on his first comments, calling Ms. Fluke a slut and a prostitute. On Thursday he said:

“So, Ms. Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal: If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. And I’ll tell you what it is. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

Limbaugh is famous for popularizing the word “feminazi.” For decades, Limbaugh has been using the term, without apology, to smear the feminist movement. He wrote in his first book, “A Feminazi is a feminist to whom the most important thing in life is ensuring that as many abortions as possible occur.” The comparison of feminists fighting for gender equality to the most brutal and murderous regime in human history should shock everyone. But he delights in repeating the word over and over again.

The word “feminazi” has become so well know that there is even a Wikipedia site for the word.

It is so commonplace to hear Rush Limbaugh use the word, that most people have failed to even comment on his use of the word in light of the other names attributed to Ms. Fluke.

In an appearance on Phil Donahue in 1992, Mr. Limbaugh laughed as he listened to the advertisement used onThe Rush Limbaugh Show for Feminazi Trading Cards.

Twenty years later Rush is still promoting the image of a “feminazi”. If there were any doubt about the true feelings of Rush Limbaugh regarding women, remember this story he told:

“My cat comes to me when she wants to be fed. I have learned this. I accept it for what it is. Many people in my position would think my cat’s coming to me because she loves me. Well, she likes me, and she is attached, but she comes to me when she wants to be fed. And after I feed her — guess what — she’s off to wherever she wants to be in the house, until the next time she gets hungry. She’s smart enough to know she can’t feed herself. She’s actually a very smart cat. She gets loved. She gets adoration. She gets petted. She gets fed. And she doesn’t have to do anything for it, which is why I say this cat’s taught me more about women, than anything my whole life. But we put voices in their mouths.”


Limbaugh has a history of saying outrageous things and then apologizing for them. He tried to do so this time, but the use of the term “feminazi” is a reminder to all women that he is not apologetic. It is a reminder of decades of attacks on women. It must stop NOW.  Men and women must speak up and say “No More.” When Dr. Laura used the “N” word 11 times on her show, she announced her resignation within one week.That was an example for all of us that certain slurs will no longer be tolerated on national radio. The time has come for Rush to do the same. We will no longer tolerate anyone on national radio using the term “feminazi” “slut” or “prostitute” to disparage a woman with whom they disagree.  Join with me now to make our voices heard!

29 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Showed His True Feelings by Using the Term “Feminazis”

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  1. Rush hates women and he has given ammunition to countless other men to do the same.

    He is a stain on our country’s history.


  2. He does outrageous things to keep attention and his ratings.Basically, however, he seems to have a vacant place inside him. I doubt that he has ever had a loving relationship with a woman.

    Rachel Maddow pointed out how he has no understanding of the biology of contraception. He seems to think that women take pills or insert an IUD each time they have sex. He is projecting from Viagra and condoms. He probably never had to worry about contraception (we could list all sorts of reasons), and thus no woman included him in her plans for avoiding pregnancy.

    A choice of contraceptives is important primarily to a woman, but most married women in a good relationship would share these decisions with her husband.


    1. eclecticsandra,
      Since I am a one woman show, sometimes there is a delay between the submission of the comment, and the posting, as I have to personally approve all comments.


      1. Sorry I was impatient. You do a great job. The comment came up shortly after I sent the query. I was looking for an email address but couldn’t find one. Is there a way to contact you without going through the comments?


      2. eclecticsandra,
        If you simply type “Confidential” at the top of the comment, I’ll see it, but won’t post it. That’s the best way to reach me. I check the blog much more often than my e-mail. Thanks, Malia


  3. Thank you for your focus on this. One of my colleagues heard a student complain about her course in the fall, calling it a “Feminazi” course. It was a course about modern women writers. Unfortunately, this term has entered our culture as “acceptable,” and a way to put women down; even those of the younger generations feel it’s okay to use it. Gloria Steinem took Rush to task over this offensive term & tried to educate him about the Holocaust. Rush can’t learn, evidently.


    1. Sir Guestalot,
      I’m glad to know about Gloria Steinem telling Rush that this is unacceptable. Thanks for sharing! Malia


  4. Rush has lost the flower people. Was is Pro Flowers, who even had Rush Limbaugh specials for his listeners and old guy following?


  5. Just read his cat analogy to his understanding women. They get fed, they get petted, and then they don’t care and do their own thing? And imagine, the cat doesn’t have to do anything for it? Since when? What are they supposed to do for Rush?


    1. eclecticsandra,
      I’m sorry, I thought I had posted everything that came in today, but there has been so many, I could have missed one. I’ll look for it right now.


  6. The cat story is a great example of Rush’s ignorance. Does he know that there are male cats? Does he know that male cats do the same thing? (pause for male cat jokes about pissing all over and stinking the joint up)

    There’s a lot more to the Limbaugh cat analogy. Animals sense our emotions through the scents we give off. They don’t like being around angry, abusive people. So they avoid them until a basic need, like food or water hits them. That said, I’m like Rush’s cat, but I can feed myself. So I will never come looking for Rush….or listen to him. I’m not trapped in his house with no food or water.


    1. aj,
      That would be a nightmare …to be dependent on Rush for food and water. do you think cats know how to commit suicide?


  7. He is far from being alone, but he is the face of the kind of Neanderthal Male Jackassery that equates the use of birth control pills with promiscuity by women. The fact that he’s at last being held accountable for his inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric is lost on folks who insist on calling Ms. Fluke immoral and a “liberal shill.” He is also far from being alone in his ignorance about how contraceptives work for women. It’s mind-boggling that in 2012 , so many don’t understand that the number of BC pills women have to take, IUD’s, or hormonal shots have nothing to do with the amount of a woman’s sexual activity. But he could never have persisted so long in his loud-mouthed braying of misogyny without women who enabled him, either by listening to and agreeing with his ignorant tripe or not saying anything against it.


  8. Rush doesn’t hate women. He doesn’t hate anyone, but he hates liberalism. I’ve listened to his show for almost 21 years, and I agree with abut 95% of his opinions.


  9. Keep trying to deny that femnaiatizs are evil, keep making jokes and laughing like fools… It is always the fools and morons who laugh and make jokes about serious issues, haven’t you ever noticed? Smart people actually have something detailed to say, its the fools that cannot think of anything to do, but mock, and laugh. So chuckle your damn head off like the mad hatter, and be proud of your ignorance, like the rest of America. People who actually read history books know what feminism really is. People who actually read history books know feminism is useless. People who actually read history books know that women’s rights had been fought for and own long before feminism even existed. Read a book! Fool…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thomas Allen,
      You’re right, I’m laughing. In 2008 35,900,000 women elected Barack Obama. Watch and see the effect of women in the 2012 election Tuesday night. People who actually read history books realize that there are more women in the United States than men, and we vote at a higher percentage than men. In your face!


  10. P.S. Ever any of you morons herd of the term: generalizing? That is exactly what you are doing, is you are generalizing something a man said, and your not even attempting to examine both side, your views are completely one sided completely generalized, and not at all intelligent or serious int he least. You are blatant fools. If you wish to actually be taken seriously, then stop acting like such kindergarten idiots. I stopped laughing at jokes like this in elementary school, use you brain idiots. Seriously penis jokes? Do we live in the era of 4 year old adults? I Work at KinderCare, and I dont see a difference between this humor, and the humor from those kindergarteners.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. hahaha that name really gets under your National Socialist skin, doesn’t it? Hey — stop acting like “Little Hitlers”, forcing yourself into places you don’t belong, and pushing your scum-bag views on others, and we’ll stop calling you Feminazis. Until then, “if the shoe fits….”. You, like Hitler and his Gestapo, are enemies of America and human freedom. You desire speech and thought control. You are hard-core Leftist-Socialist pigs who seek to destroy America and all traditional values. You are the type who’d fit in very well in a totalitarian state like North Korea…. a slave-state that fits douche bags like you. Don’t mess with America and American values. We “ain’t” standing for it! RUSH RULES!!!! Feminazis suck. Feminazis are lower than whale shit.


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