Victory! Some Companies Have Pulled Their Ads on Rush Limbaugh’s Show

Yesterday people from all around the country became involved by speaking out against the foul mouthed, offensive, prescription drug addict, Rush Limbaugh. It’s hard to believe that this vile excuse for a human being is the voice of the highest rated talk show in the country   No wonder the country has so many challenges when the “voice” that is most often heard in America is a man who dropped out of college, abused prescription drugs, has been married four times, has no children, gets paid over $30,000,000 per year to spew his hatred, and has an estimated net worth over $400,000,000.00. People expressed their abhorrence of the comments of Mr. Rush Limbaugh regarding the testimony before Congress of Ms. Sandra Fluke, a 3rd year law student at Georgetown University.

Here is an account of the long list of quotes of Limbaugh regarding Ms. Fluke:

• “What does it say about the college coed Susan Fluke … who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.”

• “She’s having so much sex, it’s amazing she can still walk”

• “Ms. Fluke, have you ever heard of not having sex?”

• “So Ms. Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.”

• “I will happily buy Sandra Fluke all the aspirin she wants. … I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want.”

• In response to a caller’s claim that for $5 his girlfriend can get a month’s worth of birth control at Wal-Mart: “That makes PMS almost worth it.”

• “She wanted to go there [Georgetown law] to stir it up. She was an anti-Catholic plant from the get-go on this”

• “This is flat-out thievery. It’s outright ridiculous that tax payers should pay for the personal sexual desires and habits of everybody, including women at Georgetown Law.”

• In a baby voice, mocking a cry: “I’m going broke having sex, I need the government to provide me condoms and contraceptives. It’s not fair.”

• “Who bought your condoms in junior high? Who bought your condoms in the sixth grade? Or your contraception? Who bought your contraceptive pills in high school?”

• “[She is] a woman who is happily presenting herself as an immoral, baseless, no-purpose-to-her life woman. She wants all the sex in the world whenever she wants it, all the time, no consequences. No responsibility for her behavior.”

• “It’s just a new welfare program. And ‘welfare’ is a bad word, and they can’t use it. They can’t sell it. So now it’s disguised—welfare disguised as women’s health. Or women’s reproductive rights.”

• “Can you imagine if you’re her parents, how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi and testifies she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them.”

Limbaugh is not only misogynistic, he is a bigot. He is the epitome of a male-chauvinist-pig.  He is hateful in his remarks against homosexuals.  Consider this example of a song he played on his show calling Barney Frank the “Banking Queen.”

He defended the song “Barack the Magic Negro” which could not be more disrespectful to the President of the United States!

The list goes on and on. Yesterday, America said “No More.” Even John Boehner agreed that the remarks of Limbaugh were inappropriate.

We have all heard comments like this before. What make the comments of Limbaugh so offensive is that they were broadcast on national radio by a man being paid millions of dollars to spew this draconian tirade. The comments of Limbaugh were an attack on a person testifying before Congress. The attack mis-characterized the testimony of Ms. Fluke, as she never mentioned her own sexuality, her own need for birth control, or any financial challenges she might face.

The story she did share was of the critical medical need for some women to be able to get medical coverage for birth control pills for medical conditions that are treated by birth control pills, but have nothing to do with pregnancy (i.e. polycystic ovarian tumors).

Through our efforts, and those of thousands of others, both men and women, several advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh show have withdrawn their ads. As of this morning, it appears that the following advertisers have pulled their ads:

1. Quicken Loans

2. Sleep Number

3. Sleep Train

4. Legal Zoom 

However there is more work to do. While some companies have issued statements that Limbaugh’s remarks do not reflect their view, they have not pulled their ads. Please consider calling these companies to make your feelings known, and refrain from using their products as long as they continue to advertise on the Limbaugh show. Their financial support provided through advertising on Limbaugh’s show allows him to continue to publicize his hateful, un-American views. The companies that appear to still be advertising are:

1. Pro-flowers:

2. Carbonite: You may be interested in e-mailing a manager at their corporate office to share your views at :

3. Oreck: You can reach them at 1-800-289-5888.

4. Citrix Online: You can reach them at 805-690-6400.(Updated information as of 4:42 from Cindy:  Citrix has decided to pull any ads from the Rush Limbaugh show!  Thank you Cindy!)

5. American Forces Network: I contacted various numbers and got a message at each. The number that I would recommend you call is 301-222-6236 which is the number for T.V. and radio show contacts. You can also reach them by e-mail at American Forces

6. Mission Pharmacal Company: They don’t have a customer service department that is open on Fridays. When you go to their web site, it is so busy, that you can’t get the site to load on your computer. Mission Pharmacal Company is the maker of Citrical, a calcium supplement primarily used by women to prevent Osteoporosis. Of all companies to be effected by women outraged by these incendiary comments, Citrical should be paying attention. Bennett Kennedy is the Citracal Product Manager and you can reach him at 800-531-3333 by going to the company directory and putting in “ken”. (For further contact information for all of these companies go to yesterday’s post)

We live in a time when Americans can quickly rally the voice of the people when necessary. News becomes instantly known. Comments of Rush Limbaugh are quickly made known to those of us who couldn’t stomach listening to his show on a daily basis. Through Twitter, facebook, and blogs, people are speaking out for what is right, and objecting to something so wrong as the ranting of a public figure like Rush Limbaugh. We have the power through our voices to make people aware of our inability and unwillingness to tolerate this abuse any longer. Let us join in one resounding chorus and say “Never again!”

60 thoughts on “Victory! Some Companies Have Pulled Their Ads on Rush Limbaugh’s Show

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  1. I contacted the executives above Limbaugh via email yesterday and asked that his show be cancelled. Of course, no response!

    I have also called local companies that are national and advertise on Limbaugh’s radio show (i.e. Oreck). If enough of us do this, there will be more pressure and perhaps those sponsorships will be moved to someone with a ‘responsible’ voice.

    I cannot believe that ‘freedom of speech’ has been allowed to go this far!

    Rush Limbaugh has one black heart!!!


    1. Millie,
      This is not freedom of speech, this is slander! I think Ms. Fluke has a lawsuit against Rush and his broadcasting company, and I hope she pursues it!


      1. I have written to Clear Channel, the FCC and Senator Maria Cantwell, who sits on the Communications Committee. If the FCC could worry about Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, I think soliciting sex tapes using the public airwaves ought to get on the radar screen as well. The list of quotes above should be damning enough to yank a license.

        I don’t believe this ‘issue’ should go to waste. Time to keep the pressure on and have this guy go the way of Don Imus.


    2. You are silly! Why are you allowing people to direct your attention from the real issue our Country faces to this silliness.
      I agree the name calling on BOTH sides should stop – but the left is allowed to get away with it and the right is not! Shame, this is a silly issue!


  2. So glad to see Mt Rushbo is getting his “come-upness” and hope he will be silenced forever! We do not need his kind ever! Thanks for all you are doing to make this possible, Malia. Time to turn the media against this fowl-mouth purveyor of slime out of our lives.


    1. Mrs. Gunka,
      I am hopeful that there are enough people paying attention to this story, that he is finished…if not now, when the lawsuits are filed. And the even more dangerous thing for his broadcasting company is that once they are put on notice of the problem, if they choose to do nothing, they may set themselves up for punitive damages. I used to tell people that what they need to know about punitives is that 1)they are generally not covered by insurance, and 2) they are a lot!


  3. The man is a pig. He always was a pig. He always will be a pig.

    He has enough money..

    His following are no better than he is.


  4. eHarmony was on one list of sponsors, and I emailed them. They responded that they have never sponsored Limbaugh and their inclusion on the list was a mistake.


  5. Oreck also says that they do not advertise on any radio programs and that they support women’s issues. (Well, the lady on the phone gave Susan Koman as a reference, so I’m not sure how supportive that is, but anyway . . .)

    Our conversation : Oreck “I see that you have called the number from our website” Me “Well, I got the number from another site.” Oreck, “Is this in reference to Rush Limbaush?” She suggested I verfiy my sources. So I guess they’ve had a few calls!

    How can we be sure these are the actual sponsors? I do not want to call companies that aren’t sponsors – that’s just harrassment.


    1. snowlady,
      I gave the citations for the sources of the information I posted. Obviously I don’t have personal knowledge that any are sponsors, but I think it would be appropriate when you call anyone to first ask if they are a sponsor before you say any more.


      1. I didn’t even have a chance to ask the Oreck lady! She preempted me – obviously I wasn’t the first to call!

        Asking first sounds like a good idea. It’s important that we are respectful in making our statements/requests for pulling sponsorship of this buffoon. I like the “don’t feel that Rush’s statements represent your company’s values” approach.


    1. I was there earlier and the video played but I was unable to post a comment although I’m logged on to disques. Now the video won’t play. Anyone else having these issues?


  6. I’m going for the local advertisers in Yuma, AZ At least I’m going to try. I’ve contacted them for a list. We can’t let the weekend, weaken our mission. Too often it’s out of sight out of mind.


  7. Why don’t advertisers pull out of Bill Maher’s show too??? He has said far worse things about Sarah Palin & other conservative women. No one should be talking like this and I can’t stand the double standard that exists!


    1. Elizabeth,
      I too am surprised that Bill Maher hasn’t had more of a problem. The only thing I can see is that he is on late night, and doesn’t purport to be a Right-Wing Christian.


    2. Maher, like Limbaugh, makes statements to draw attention to himself and his program, aka. free advertising. There’s a huge difference between the two. Maher has invited the targets of his comments to come on his show and talk one on one or as part of the panel. Limbaugh hides and is basically a verbal sniper.


    3. Bill Maher doesn’t have an advertiser-supported show and he is only seen by those who pay for HBO. Also, Sarah Palin is a public figure; Sandra Fluke is a private eprson who was called on to testify — the laws regarding libel and slander are different for those two types of people. Aside from that, Maher is not a racist, sexist scum like Limbaugh and he is an actual stand-up comedian, not a fake ‘entertainer’ like Rush. BTW, can you cite a few examples of what Maher has said about Palin that is comparable to what Limbaugh has said about Sandra Fluke?


  8. I hope this is the beginning of the end for this vile degenerate. Sir Lardbelly is a hateful hunk of blubber with myriad issues about women. He sounds like a throwback to 1951, the year he was actually born. I saw a list of sponsors that have deserted him, and I hope that this is only a trickle in what should be a flood. What’s equally disgusting are the sycophants who can’t get beyond the idea that birth control promotes female immorality, as well as the ones who deliberately misread Ms. Fluke’s testimony, which is actually supporting the inclusion of birth control in insurance that women already pay for. One thing they’ve all said it that it’s taking their money and giving it to undeserving people, meaning “loose women.” They are every bit as despicable as Sir Lardbelly.


    1. Anne,
      When I actually listened to the testimony, I was shocked that it was so different from what Limbaugh talked about!


  9. Rush’s mouth is offensive-yet Sandra Fluke’s lifestyle isn’t? Is this how most women live? I hope not. She is free to do whatever she wants but not at my expense and not at an institution that has the FREEDOM to say we don’t support this. MS. FLUKE is an activist -look it up! She said she attended the university specifically to address this issue-wow-innocent? Not so much!


    1. You obviously read what you wanted to into what Ms. Fluke’s testimony was about. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be making such ignorant, erroneous comments. As I understand it, faculty members get the coverage. Yes, she IS an activist who is rightly advocating that birth control be included in health care coverage for women, and she has a resume of other issues she has addressed. It’s one thing for you not to believe in birth control for yourself, but another to revile a woman whose views about the issue work for women who want to use it. At the same time, if you personally don’t want to use it, no one is forcing you to. As for your remark “at my expense,”
      that’s typical of folks who deliberately misread the issue and choose to
      overlook just why Limbaugh’s remarks have gone too far.


    2. And ‘activist’ to you is evidence of what? I gather you choose not to vote as well.

      She’s a law student. They tend to be interested in studying the law to some purpose. Kind of goes with the territory. Most law schools take that into account when they admit a student. I’m guessing you’re not one.

      Your ‘expense’? That would be?


    3. Sandra Fluke did not testify about her ‘lifestyle,’ and the notion that she only attended Georgetown to address this issue sounds like something you ‘looked up’ at World Net Daily. The Daily Caller and a couple of other right-wing sites said she supports the cause of women’ rights (as most women do), and has taken to task the policies of Georgetown for the past three years, but not that she attended the school specifically to address this particular issue. Aside from that, any past activism on Fluke’s part does not entitle Limbaugh to defame and insult her on the air in this manner, or to lie about her testimony.

      As to the idea that Rush is just an ‘entertainer’ he apparently doesn’t think so — in 2009, Michael Steele, then head of the RNC, said, “Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Rush Limbaugh, his whole thing is entertainment…” and Limbaugh made him apologize for that statement later. (Source: )


  10. Rush’s problem is that his asshole is to close to his mouth. But this is not a republican problem many democrats have the same genetic disorder.


    1. Cliff,
      You are right …politicians seem to have a predisposition to this disorder. If we want to improve the genetic make up of our politicians, we can start now by making it clear that we won’t tolerate people like Limbaugh any more. Republicans should be as offended as Democrats.


  11. I cannot believe everyone agrees with Ms Fluke, 30 years old, our you in college for the sex or to learn. What a stand up gal. So proud of her accomplishments.


  12. Even “Independent” O’Reilly agreed with Rush. Fluke wants her contraception for free. So we should subsidize her sexual escapades. Bottom line, Fluke wants to get paid for sex! There is a name for that. Great call Rush!!!! Try abstinence its always been free!!!!

    Hey Janes: Stop drinking Maher’s kool-aid. Maher and other have villified Palin. Unlike President Osama, she had executive, foreign policy and Commander and Chief experience as Gov of Alaska. Not like your man!


    1. Hey, Jeannie, why don’t you provide some specific examples of what Maher has said about Palin that’s comparable to what Rush said about Sandra Fluke, keeping in mind that Palin has made herself a public political figure and earns a living from it, and Fluke has not. BTW, what foreign policy and ‘commander-in-chief’ experience did Palin have as the half-term governor of Alaska? (Do you think Alaska has its own army and navy?) Obama was a US Senator before becoming president, so he did have much more foreign policy experience than Palin has. Oh, yeah, and he’s smarter and more articulate.


      1. Well again matching wits with an unarmed opponent. Ref Gov. Palin Commander in Chief experience. Ever heard of the National Guard and Air National Guard, the Governor is the Commander-in-Chief! Who makes the decision to scramble ANG aircraft when “your friends” the soviets fl (spy) y in AK airspace? Also since Canada was her neighbor, she had to negotiate with them regarding pipline access, etc. Last time I looked, Canada was a (friendly) foreign country.

        As for Maher and the rest of the Lame stream media comments about Palin, the comments would crash the system. Just look on you tube. Where were the questions to Obama regarding his extreme inner circle” Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Van Jones… none existent. This time no free ride. Gloves are off!

        Well looks like Fluke is a “political activist”. The truth finally comes out. See when you control the media like the left does, you need a backhoe to dig. So wonder who supported her? DNC Debbie Blabber-mouth Schultz, Obama’s media arm- PMSNBC and I’m sure funded by Soros.

        Obama’s experience in the Senate, really? In his state, he voted present! Wow what a leader. While in the US Senate, he did nothing but run for the white house. No executive experience, no business experience either. Then surround yourself with intellectuals with the same…now you know why we are in the dismal state. Palin who is not running, was a Mayor and then Governor.Those are executive positions, where you “Lead” and meet a payroll! How many years was it before Obama submitted a budget to Congress. Look it up!


  13. Malia, you useful idiot, liberal twat! Yeah, I used nasty , foul language because it’s standard fare on Huff & Puff or Daily Kos and you’d never object to them. Never mind what this other useful idiot, law student is really being used for- entitlement warfare. What about the 1st Amendment? Don’t like it when someone says whatever you don’t like? Your Palin Nope poster is hilarious, she’s a non-entity and non-factor, you moron! The companies who’ve dropped Rush will pay dearly because we will boycott them. You libs are CHEAP and it’s the right who supports them. Bottom line, you commies can’t demand govt. stay out of your “vajeens” (Boratism) but turn around and demand we pay for how you whore them out. Typical Leftist hypocrisy exposed by the master of talk radio, El Rushbo. Yes, BTW, occupation works both ways and this is me occupying your commie blog.


    1. thanks 2 this hatefull websight 4 all the info. i need 2 support rush and call these companies 4 boycotting free speach! just one question? does anyone on this websight ever listen 2 rush? i mean listen with thier minds and not thier emotions or pre-concived notions of who he is? u need 2 ask yourself, why is rush a threat 2 u? just because u dont agree with what he says! so he is a regan conservative and ur liberal, he is not in a position of political power 2 affect anyone, just public opinion! is that what u hate soo much about him, the fact that he can say things u dont agree with? well! welcome 2 america and 2 some little piece of paper called the constution! u have a right 2 this websight, i have a right 2 comment on it, even though i dont agree with ur obsession with regan conservatives and how they think,feel,and what they say and ur obsession 2 destroy them because of thier beliefs!!….and there is a campaign out there 2 stop bullying in our schools!? this websight and many others like it are a bunch of grown up bullies who try 2 destroy people using every bullying tactic they could think of including shutting up anyone who they feel is a political threat 2 thier liberal utiopa!… well its been tried and it doesnt thing we do have in common…. we r all americans!!! and if this boat sinks we r all going down together!!!….. but if it doesnt sink u can all thank RUSH LIMBAUGH 4 HELPING KEEP IT AFLOAT! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! A THANK U GOD 4 THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED 4 OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT 2 FREE SPEACH!!!


      1. meekjif,
        I think you are confused. The concept of “free speech” does NOT include defamation! Limbaugh has attacked the majority of Americans…women, Jews, Blacks, Cineese, Japaneese, homosexuals. Women constitute the majority of voters in the country and women turn out to vote more often then men, so Limbaugh was foolish to rail against women. He helped Obama by giving women a reason to turn out in November.


      2. I listen to Rush everyday, contacted pro flowers yesterday and told them my business will be taken elsewhere. We can play the same game.


  14. You leftist are all the same – It’s ok for you to slander and call names but you don’t want that freedom to anyone else. Shame on you! No wonder our freedoms are in danger.


    1. Well since you get your information from the “Big Three”, the Clinton News Network, Horribly Leftist News and PMSNBC, you missed one of your own on Fox News. Kirsten Powers, Liberal commentator/writer for the Daily Beast said on Megyn Kellys program (also in her Op Ed piece), “Those critics of Rush should look in the mirror. Guys like Maher (yes your man) called Gov Palin a “Dumb C*^t” (rhymes with runt) and called Palin and Bachmann “Two Dumb Bimbos”. So the Bimbo comment is about the same as slut. Why, you ask, they loosely mean the same thing and more importantly can be used on radio and television. The “C” word as George Carlin proved to this day, can not!

      So as Rush, Sean and Michelle Malkin say, the way to silence a liberal, “use the truth, and their own words.

      Since I have a real job, I’m done! Check and Mate!!!!!


  15. From Cabot:

    Please be advised that Cabot Creamery Cooperative is NOT a sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh Show. We never have been nor will we ever be. While we place radio, print and television advertising in many different mediums nationwide, and on PBS radio in particular, we do not endorse, support or sponsor Mr. Limbaugh’s program or any other form of political programming.

    As farm family owners of our New England-based dairy cooperative, we do not as a policy, endorse or support ANY political agendas. What we do every day is work our farms, produce the finest dairy products possible, and market them to consumers who care about quality products and supporting local family farms. We also want to clarify that any Cabot advertising that may have run on stations during or around ANY political programming in the past does not constitute endorsement by Cabot, implied or otherwise.

    Additionally, we understand there may be one or more other companies that do business under the “Cabot” name that are NOT affiliated with Cabot Creamery Cooperative that have sponsored The Rush Limbaugh program in the past. Please do not confuse other Cabot brands with that of “Cabot Creamery Cooperative”.

    Moving forward, we will do our utmost to ensure none of our advertising is run in conjunction with the Rush Limbaugh show or any other politically charged programming.



    1. Bryan,
      Thanks for this information, and if there is any confusion, and you have any problem getting the word out, please let me know, and I’ll do a separate post. Malia


  16. Has anyone on the left side of this issue ever thought to see what God calls this kind of sexual deviant behavior…if you even read the Bible?


    1. Joyfully monogamous,
      When you mention “this kind of sexual deviant behavior” I have to assume you are making reference to the only patient Ms. Fluke specifically mentioned which was the woman who had polycystic ovarian tumors, and lost an ovary due to a tennis-ball sized tumor that developed because she couldn’t get the birth control pills that were prescribed for this medical condition, not for birth control. If you had listened to the testimoney, instead of Rush Limbaugh, you might realize that he totally missed the point.


  17. Well it seems my previous posts regarding Gov Palin and (your mouth piece) Maher, have left everyone( leftists) with no comments. See the problem with liberals mindset, just use the facts, truth and when needed their own words against them. Their solution: “Bob and weave” and divert attention form the issue at hand.

    You want an example, this contraception issue. It took a former Clinton mouthpiece to ask Romney. Later he revealed he had won a bet with Barbara Walters because he got Romney to respond. Im sure that is a page out of Saul Olinsky’s playbook.

    Like the wall street occupiers, right out of the Olinsky playbook (read it). To compare that bunch with the Tea Party is absolutely ABSURD. Tea Party rallies, never had the violence, crime or confrontation with law enforcement. Even when they were in DC, the city commented that they left the place as clean as it was before they came. Thats what you get from responsible citizens. Now the occupiers… we have all seen the events.

    As for the left reading the Bible. Are you kidding? Their hands would burn. Now Olinskys playbook or even Marx’s Communist Manifesto… now thats their type of reading. The people Obama surrounded himself with are confessed communists, socialists and anarchists…Van Jones and a W/F who said who two favorite people were Mother Teresa and Mao! Wow! Remember what their president said (hearing me Jaynes) “When times are bad, “they” cling to their guns and religion.” Main stream religion, not Rev Wright church. You bet we do and WE PRAY EVERYDAY that Obama’s reign comes to an end, so we can get our country back where it belongs #1. Subordinate (apologizing tour) to none!

    PS> Just FYI, I retired from the greatest military on the earth. This so “you people” can have the right to spew your vile hatered for this country. Remember that!!!!


  18. Well milialitman, seems the truth got to your fellow leftists. Reading over Jaynes comments, as a US Senator that gives you foreign policy experience. What?? Ratifying treaties…(reading and discussing among fellow senators.) Not dealing with the countries themselves, like a Gov from AK does. Executive experience!

    So I guess my work is done here. GOD BLESS AMERICA, I believe Obama’s Rev Wright substituted Bless with damn. A pastor, man of the cloth, using the Lord’s name in vain. I think that violates one of the Ten Commandments.

    See Ten Commandments, the Bill of Rights was also 10. See founded on Judeo-Christian values. No separation of church and state. The Gov’t shall not establish (ie promote) a religion. Ten Commandments posted at the US Supreme Court and Congress begins with a prayer. Took prayer out of schools but not in congress. As long as there are tests in school, there will be praying in school!


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