In my post this morning I provided a list of companies who reportedly advertised on Rush Limbaugh’s show. I have personally called them and this is my report of what I have learned.

1. Pro-flowers: Their sales line was so busy that I was automatically disconnected.

2. Sleep Train: No longer advertising

3. e-harmoney: No longer advertising

4. Carbonite: Carbonite has not discontinued their support of the show. The representative I spoke with simply said that they advertised with a wide variety of shows, and that the views expressed did not represent theirs. I explained that by advertising on his show they are making it possible for him to use a public radio show to give voice to his foul and distasteful comments. You may be interested in e-mailing a manager at their corporate office to share your views at :

5. Sleep Number Bed: I was only able to leave a message. They can be reached at

6. Oreck: They are still advertising on the Limbaugh show and more people need to let them know that we will not buy or support their products. You can reach them at 1-800-289-5888.

7. Midwest Life: I was advised that they have not advertised with Limbaugh for 6 years.

8. Auto Zone: I spoke with “Art” and he was not aware of the controversy. He indicated her would “look into it”, but he made need some encouragement to realize that this is important. You can reach Auto Zone at:

901-495-7185; Fax: 901-495-8374

UPDATE:  “Brenda” with Auto Zone called and indicated they do not advertise with the Rush Limbaugh show.

9. Legal Zoom: They indicated they are “looking into this matter.” You can reach them at 800-773-0888 to encourage to look a little faster.

10. Citrix Online: This company is well aware of the problem, and the gentleman I spoke with shared his personal feelings of support for all those complaining. He indicated the “marketing team” is working on a press release, and they have my blog information, so hopefully we will be hearing from them soon. Until that time you can reach them at 805-690-6400.

11. American Forces Network: I contacted various numbers and got a message at each. The number that I would recommend you call is 301-222-6236 which is the number for T.V. and radio show contacts. You can also reach them by e-mail at American Forces

12. Mission Pharmacal Company: They don’t have a customer service department that is open on Fridays. When you go to their web site, it is so busy, that you can’t get the site to load on your computer. Mission Pharmacal Company is the maker of Citrical, a calcium supplement primarily used by women to prevent Osteoporosis. I used to take Citrical supplements every day, but will no longer use their products until they stop advertising on Limbaugh’s show. Bennett Kennedy is the Citracal Product Manager and you can reach him at 800-531-3333 by going to the company directory and putting in “ken”.

13. Life Quotes: They previously advertised on Limbaugh’s show, but no longer do.

14. Lending Tree: I contacted their office at 877-768-3983. I was advised by Donna that as of 2012 Lending Tree is no longer advertising with the Rush Limbaugh show. Donna was not aware of the exact time they discontinued their advertisements, but as of today they are no longer advertising with him.

Thus the following companies need further encouragement to discontinue their advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show:

#4-Carbonite, #6-Oreck, #8 Auto Zone, #9 Legal Zoom, #10 Citrix Online, #12 Mission Pharmacal



According to ThinkProgress, Sleep Number has just pulled their ads.


Auto Zone just returned my call and indicated they do not advertise with Limbaugh.

Update as of Sunday March 4th 12:20 pm

Citrix, including its subsidiary companies Go To meeting and Go To My PC has pulled their ads.

Carbonite has pulled their ads.

Legal Zoom, the Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team and Quicken Loans, have ended their advertising with Limbaugh.

Oreck reports on their Facebook page that they do not advertise on Limbaugh’s show.

Update: 3-4-12 2:02p,m.

Pro flowers has pulled their ads


Mission Pharmacal has confirmed they no longer advertise on Limbaugh’s show.