President Obama place a phone call to Sandra Fluke today to convey his appreciation to Ms. Fluke for her courage in offering her testimony before Congress.  He made a point of mentioning to Ms. Fluke that her parents would be very proud of her.  This was especially important to her, since Limbaugh mentioned in a second show how embarrassed her parents should be.  The amazing thing is that Limbaugh heard about the President’s call, and again repeated his feelings that Ms. Fluke’s parents should be embarrassed.  Rush Limbaugh is not sorry for his remarks.  He is not embarrassed by his lack of understanding of how birth control pills work.  He is not apologizing for calling Ms. Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”  He is only repeating his remarks, and making them more hurtful.  I hope Ms. Fluke does sue him for slander!