Limbaugh Thinks the Sandra Fluke Incident is “HILARIOUS. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!”

In an effort to begin my research on sponsors of Limbaugh’s show, I went to Limbaugh’s web site. To my amazement they featured a transcript of his show yesterday. He was responding to the shock and outrage of a variety of people who had taken offense at his attack on Sandra Fluke from the previous day, when he called her a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Limbaugh’s reaction to the “left” expressing outrage over his personal attack on this third-year law-student, was not to apologize, or even to suggest that he got a little carried away. Instead of trying to explain away his comments or to mitigate the insulting remarks, he laughed. He said “I think this is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.” We know the Limbaugh generates listeners by saying outrageous things. However, when he does get out of control, and has time to reflect on what he has said, there is no excuse for this wanton disregard of civility. After 24 hours he had the opportunity to apologize or to at least act like he was sorry. He laughed.  His lack of remorse, or at least creating the appearance of remorse indicates he deserves to feel the wrath of his sponsors, his station, and the public.

Here is the testimony of Ms. Fluke.

Having watched this articulate woman giving her testimony before Congress, I am even more outraged by Limbaugh’s remarks. Ms. Fluke, the past President of the LSRJ (Law Students for Reproductive Justice) was speaking on behalf of all female law students at Georgetown. She was not speaking about personal matters of sexual encounters or personal finances. She gave an example of a law student who had a need for birth control pills not for prevention of pregnancy, but as a treatment to prevent the growth of tumors on her ovaries. That student had polycystic ovarian syndrome. When she was unable to get her necessary birth control medicine, the student developed a tennis-ball sized ovarian tumor that required surgery and removal of her ovary. At age 32, this surgery was devastating, as it occurred during final exams, and she may be unable to have children.

This specific example of the hardship experienced by a Georgetown student was not a personal example, and not an example of a woman asking for health care coverage for birth control pills so she could have sex. She was in need of the coverage to prevent an ovarian tumor, to prevent surgery, and to prevent infertility. Ms. Fluke wasn’t testifying about her personal hardship, but that of many other women at Georgetown Law School. For Mr. Limbaugh to lodge such a personal attack at Ms. Fluke is unforgivable. In posts to come I will set forth ways we can all make our voices heard about the need to silence this pathetic example of a human being.

32 thoughts on “Limbaugh Thinks the Sandra Fluke Incident is “HILARIOUS. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!”

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  1. He is SLIME! When you think that Don Imus was fired for his ‘joke’ about the women’s basketball team, and that Olbermann was fired from MSNBC because of telling the truth about the Bush crimes, for Limbaugh to retain his job and laugh about his heinous remarks and lies, is despicable. I want the advertisers to hear from us, ASAP.


  2. Malia,

    I am sure I speak for most of your readers when I say, THANK YOU for all your excellent efforts at removing the VILE LIMPBALLS from the airwaves. He should have been removed 20 years ago but this time he may have actually outraged women to the point he will be removed.

    Thank you so much and let us know what we can do to help your efforts.


    1. Eykis,
      I have just posted a list of his sponsors, and if nobody will sponsor his show, he may be filing for unemployment soon. Then he might not have insurance to cover his viagra!


  3. Can you imagine being married to that thing?
    If I were his wife, I’d be out that door so fast. Nobody deserves to be called what Ms. Flukes was called. I hope she sues him.
    Another republican that twisted the words of a women to meet his own sick agenda.


  4. What I fear is that brave women like Ms. Fluke will not be willing to speak out on these issues because of the vile reactions of the likes of Rush Limbaugh. What he and his pals, and I include Sarah Palin among them, are doing is stifling legitimate political discourse in this country. I hope that Ms. Fluke sues Rush Limbaugh and the company that allows his words over the airwaves.


  5. Note the body language of him and his “wife”. She’s repulsed by him. Hope she’s being paid alot. He’s a sick man. He is exposing the misogyny on the right. What do his listeners think of their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters? Apparently, not much. They are most likely batterers.


    1. My dad is a big fan of Limbaugh, or at least he used to be. My mom tells me that because I’ve pointed out flaws in Limbaugh’s reasoning and various lies he has told, my dad has stopped listening to him much but just won’t admit that to me. 🙂

      I need birth control for medical reasons and have no insurance. But whenever we discuss contraception, my dad insists that I’m the exception to the rule and that my situation should be “off the table.” He seems to believe that I’m in a tiny minority of women who use birth control for reasons other than rampant promiscuity, no matter how many stats I cite to the contrary. He also naively thinks that no insurance company would deny me birth control, even though my sister and I both have had to fight providers to pay for our medically necessary contraception. (I actually had this conversation: “You can either cover my Depo-Provera shots or pay for a $20K surgery every year. You decide which is more cost-effective. If you think I’m exaggerating, talk to my OB-GYN.”)

      If I were in a different situation–using birth control for actual contraception–I would never, never in a million years admit that to my dad.


    2. Also wanted to note this: I was raised in an environment of extreme misogyny and so-called Christian dominionism. The men in charge of the school and church I attended were huge Limbaugh fans/supporters. These same men believed women should not be allowed to vote, women should not dress provocatively lest they incite men to lust (one measure of how provocative is too provocative was whether men did or said anything inappropriate–in which case it was always the woman’s fault), and we were not to question anything they said, because they were God’s representatives over us.

      To the best of my knowledge, these men weren’t actually committing sexual abuses. But in retrospect, I wonder if they were grooming us with that intention.


    1. A Reader,
      I thought he was smart enough to ACT like he was sorry. I was wrong. He thinks he can say ANYTHING he wants without suffering any consequences. He is wrong!


      1. Malia,

        Lost in the justifiable outrage over what this idiot said, is his admission that he views pornography. And he wants to judge others while outing himself as a porn watcher?


  6. PLEASE PLEASE START A PETITION TO SHUT THIS GUY DOWN! HE IS BEYOND DISGUSTING INCONSIDERATE..A REAL BARBARIC PIG! MARRIED 4 TIMES…and none of them THANK GOD produced an offspring WHY? Because he has his SLUTS AND PROSTITUTES ON THE PILL!! how about that you Limbastic sick sorry sob fool!


  7. This is incredible. He just started his show by discussing the “suspicious package” mailed to his home yesterday that resulted in the bomb squad being called in. And a study in Britain that says a large number of young women would trade their IQs for larger breasts.He is mentally ill and should be pulled off the air and institutionalized.


  8. Rush has never impregnated any of his wives that we know of…..sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    I would think it would be embarrassing to be Limbaugh’s wife. She must receive a lovely, large allowance. Did they meet using E Harmony and do they sleep on on of those sleep number beds that pay for his spew on the radio? I wonder if you can get a divorce or a pre-nup with Legal Zoom?

    He has more than enraged our inner “FEMINAZI!!!!” Imus was fired for much, much less…..


  9. This happened to me, with a little different twist. I have also experienced additional male medical prevention treatment for fibrocystic breast at the age of 33. The removal of all breast tissue……I had have years of coping with one ovary and the removal of breast tissue.


  10. Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” saying that she was having “so much sex” that she wanted the government to pay for her contraception. Then, he went further, saying, ” if we’re going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

    It would be incredible if they didn’t FIRE HIM..NOW!


  11. Several years ago I was in the market for a new-to-me used vehicle. A salesman started showing me vehicles. We got along fine until he decided to try to find something “in common” and told me he listened to and loved Rush Limbaugh. I asked if he really meant that and when he said yes, I told him I had no more interest in his vehicles and left the dealership, never to go back. Not real sure he got the message since he tried to call me later to “follow up”. Again I told him I wasn’t interested in his vehicles so I guess he got the message then.
    I refused even then to do business with someone who was a fan of Limpballs. And I haven’t changed since.


  12. Meant to add: Keep up the good work Malia. Thanks for all you do and for all the information you uncover and pass on to us. I read everyday, sometimes more than once but rarely post. So quadruple or more this thanks.


  13. If Rush Limbaugh wants video, I suggest that he watch my next laparoscopic surgery–the one I’m going to need if I can’t get access to birth control. He can enjoy the close-up views of the marshmallow-like endometrial tissue growing like mold throughout my abdominal cavity, and gape at the grotesque purple hemorrhagic cysts attached to my ovaries. I’ve seen the still photos, they’re things that were or are in my body, I have a strong stomach, and I still had to tuck my head between my knees. I bet after watching five minutes of my last two-hour surgery, Rush would be more than willing to pay me–or at least pay for my contraception–to put him out of his f***ing misery.


    1. Rachel,
      Many of us are at a loss to understand how this vile creature has survived this long, but the time has come to say NO MORE!


  14. You’re absolutely right, Malia! Let’s get this very irresponsible excuse for a radio host off the airwaves! I’m not American, and I’m not even a woman, but if you even consider yourself human you’ll really be insulted by his unbelievably crass and personal statements. And he’s got the gall to follow it all up with being amused!!


  15. I’m actually dropping Geico for dropping Rush, it’s that simple. Screw Geico, Bill Maher has done much worse and the two faced Libtards have done nothing!


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