Limbaugh is Already Paying the Price

Huffington Post reports this am that “Sleep Train” one of the companies that advertises on Limbaugh’s show has pulled any commercials, and will no longer be advertising on the show.  Pro Flowers is receiving a deluge of Twitter comments, and is contemplating pulling their ads too.  I’m working on a list of all the companies who advertise, and will update this information.  Please join the conversation with Pro Flowers to get them to pull their ads.

10 thoughts on “Limbaugh is Already Paying the Price

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  1. I hope even more companies pull out, and that this will be the beginning of this hateful windbag’s end. He is toxic, and definitely one of the negative, useless human beings that bring nothing of value to the table. There are not enough words in the English language to convey the depth and longevity of my contempt for this Neanderthal jackass.


  2. Thanks for telling me this. I have been a frequent customer but just sent them an email saying that in my mind they will all be tainted by their association with him so to remove my name from their email list. I reminded them that there are many other companies selling flowers, why would I give money to someone who in turn uses that money to sponsor someone whom I consider the most vile person on the radio. I told them that he disgusts me, so by association, they do too.

    Is that honest enough? LOL.


    1. hockeynana,
      Thanks for your help! If even a few people are upset enough by this, I think companies will find another place to advertise!


  3. You know that it used to tick me off when Focus on the Family used to boycott everything. However, at the moment it seems like boycotting is working for us. The big difference though is that we are boycotting things that matter & that are true. It is about doing the right thing. Calling people sluts and telling blatantly false lies over & over & over is just ridiculous. Rush continually lies & is really nothing more than a fear monger, just stirring up people who don’t know any better (& for those that do they are just as sick as him). He is a national disgrace and has made a fortune doing it.

    Boycotting Sesame Street, Barney, etc., because they believe that there are gay characters was ridiculous. Boycotting the Smurfs & Harry Potter was just as ridiculous. Watching Bert & Ernie is never going to make one gay and watching Harry Potter is not going to make one a witch.

    I hope that more companies start to realize that those of us who really care about the state of our country & are sick and tired of Rush, Palin, Santorum, Coulter, etc., will not purchase their products. Thankfully in this day & age there are MANY alternatives. I don’t have to use Clorox (an example) & I have many places to order flowers from.

    Please keep us updated. I for one appreciate it immensely.


  4. Malia – I am standing with you and all right thinking Americans who are disgusted by this pathetic and ignorant man. Limbaugh has crossed over the line one too many times. This was vile and ugly. I wrote him directly. I am contacting sponsors. I am a gay, disabled Vietnam veteran who served honorably. I served to protect the constitution of the US and our country. It is sickening and deeply saddening to me that the level of political discourse in the US has gone so deeply into the mud, into filth and dirt.

    Limbaugh is disgraceful.


  5. all businesses need to remember that women do 90% of the buying of goods & services in our country & probably in the world.
    They REALLY NEED TO REMEMBER THAT when they decide who to sponsor.
    It would be wise for them to UNSPONSOR HIM RIGHT NOW!


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