Why Are the Palin e-mails Being Released Now?

With virtually no advanced notice, additional e-mails were released yesterday in response to Freedom of Information Act requests that are over three years old.. The original production of some of the e-mails requested occurred on June 13, 2011 and included 24,199 pages. In June we knew that 2,275 pages were withheld, and the list of documents “redacted” was 79 pages long. The list of documents totally withheld was 189 pages long. 

Having reviewed several articles regarding the release yesterday of 17,736 records, or 34,820 pages, I have found no information available about any additional documents that have been withheld or redacted.  Given the voluminous number of records withheld and redacted in the original production, it is strange that this production did not include a similar list of documents withheld. What is the difference? Could it be that there is a different Attorney General, Michael Geraghty. in charge of the production instead of John Burns?

Mr. Burns served as the Attorney General for one year, announcing his resignation last November.  Mr. Geraghty is the attorney who replaced Mr. Burns, and has served in that position approximately one month. In that short period of time the Attorney General’s Office has settled the case with Frank Bailey and produced thousands of pages of Sarah Palin e-mails requested so long ago. Is it possible that Mr. Geraghty is attempting to clean up the mess left behind in the office of the Attorney General? Consider what we know about Mr. Geraghty

Prior to his appointment as Alaska’s Attorney General, Michael C. Geraghty was a partner in the Anchorage law firm DeLisio Moran Geraghty & Zobel, PC. Geraghty began working at the firm in 1979 with a practice devoted exclusively to litigation and appeals before state and federal courts. He appeared as lead counsel in civil and criminal law matters, as well as proceedings before the OSHA Review Board, the Alaska State Commission on Human Rights, and the US Land Commission. He has tried cases to verdict before juries across Alaska including Fairbanks, Anchorage, Barrow, Kenai, and Dillingham.

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Geraghty’s private practice focused on areas and industries reflecting Alaska’s growth and history, including natural resources, oil and gas, and construction. He has been involved in numerous complex cases, including class actions and anti-trust. Geraghty has appeared before the Alaska Supreme Court in numerous cases involving sovereign immunity, administrative law, insurance and bad faith, attorney-client privilege, OSHA regulations, contract claims, shareholder disputes, products liability, and premises-landowner liability.

In 2005 he was appointed by the Governor to serve Alaska as a Uniform Law Commissioner to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. In 2007 he was honored by his peers when he received the Alaska Bar Association Board of Governors Professionalism Award “in recognition of exemplary conduct in his association with the public, his colleagues and the legal community.” Starting in 2007 Geraghty was recognized as one of The Best Lawyers in America in the specialties of Construction Law and Personal Injury Litigation. He was recognized as a Superlawyer by Washington Law & Politics magazine starting in 2008. In 2011 he was elected to the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation “in recognition of outstanding dedication to the welfare of the community, the traditions of the profession and the advancement of the objectives of the American Bar Association.”

Geraghty received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Hawaii. He graduated with a JD Cum Laude from the University of Santa Clara. Geraghty and his wife Mishel have lived in Anchorage for 30 years. They have five children: Colin (27), Mickey (22), Kiefer (20), Devin (18) and Jack (12).

He and his wife have been active in Special Olympics for many years. Geraghty was one of the founding directors on the board of Life Alaska Donor Services, Alaska’s only tissue and organ donor program.

Given his background, we should give Mr. Geraghty the benefit of the doubt and assume him to be an honest and forthright public servant. If he is there is an Ethics Complaint against Sarah Palin that is in serious need of attention. 

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  1. Thank you Malia for your time researching about Mr. Geraghty. Yes, we should give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m also curious what political party is he affiliated with?


  2. I’m not all that enamored of his credentials, mostly because of the general rot in AK politics. My guess is this could just as easily been generated by Palin knowing the benign nature of the heavily redacted emails she felt it would distract from Game Change and other fluff. First assessment yesterday was that the emails actually showed her as a hardworking governor, something she needs right now so if anything precipitated the release I can more easily believe it was Palin driven than “cleaning up the mess” driven. Like to be wrong and have some junk surface but I’m guessing the bodies have been buried and there’s no trace to be found of them. Too bad. She’s corrupt and won’t ever have to answer for any of her actions. Sometimes teflon is a bad thing


  3. Get the clock ticking on the Parnell administration for filing any ethics violations? Two years from the date of the last dump he’d be in the clear… before the next election cycle (affecting his position) in 2014…


  4. If this guy is to serious about his job and reputation then he would go back and personally review what was redacted to see for himself how much Parnell is tied into Palin’s criminal activities.

    Who says what gets redacted?

    Is it a Wasilla alumus hired by Palin?

    Somebody hired by Palin?

    A member of her own ethics board?

    Who reviewed Palin’s emails?


    1. Betty,
      I don’t think anybody really know WHO made the decision about whether and what to redact, but the ultimate decision was John Burns, so the AG is the one to decide now.


  5. My first thought is? Knowing the level of corruption…… Palin’s have dirt on him. Its a cover up or smooth over. All ethical people in Alaska must stand up and fight…..The palin’s and heaths are nobodies and must be exposed for the years of bullying for their personal agenda and life’s they damaged.


  6. Looking at the bigger picture, I’m wondering if the Republican Party leaned on him. They don’t want Palin meddling in this election. The best way to silence her is to pull all of her protection and let the nation see the truth. The movie is coming out, and the emails are out. I’m thinking Babygate will finally come back and finish her off.


  7. Senate Majority Leader Kevin Meyer, an Anchorage Republican, said he never picked up any tension between Burns and Parnell, and is taking Burns at his word that he just wants to spend more time with family in Fairbanks.

    “He seemed pretty hard-working, dedicated to the governor and the governor’s agenda. I didn’t see any concerns from either side.”

    Burns said a series of small, personal issues — “a bundle of sticks,” he called them — contributed to his decision to step down.

    Burns said he has a daughter who is a senior in high school and another who is living at home for a while after college. It was not practical to uproot and move from Fairbanks, he said, and commuting to Anchorage and Juneau was tough.

    “It’s hard when your daughter calls up to ask about applying to colleges, and no time to talk,” he said. “It’s a lot of things…. I’m also an avid outdoors person and didn’t have much of an opportunity to do that this year.”

    Though the decision to step down had been on his mind for some time, a recent cold snap in Fairbanks, with temperatures at 35 below zero or lower, helped him make up his mind, Burns said. During that time, his wife had to deal with a malfunctioning garage door and a dog that ran away, he said.



  8. I can’t help thinking the release of all of this material might be to distract from the release of Shailey Tripp’s new 280-page book, “Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal”. This has the whole sordid tale the Palins had doped would never see the light of day. It also goes into great detail about how the infotainment “media” were complicit in keeping the story buried.


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