The internet is full of controversy about Paul Babeu, the Arizona Sheriff accused of threatening an ex-male-lover with deportation. Mr. Babeu has denied the allegations of threatening to deport the ex-lover, but admits he is gay. Mr Babeu is of particular interest because he had been the co-chair of the campaign of Mitt Romney in Arizona. He has resigned from that position. 

Mr. Babeu has been a high-profile figure for several years. He was chosen as the “Sheriff of the Year” which was a national honor bestowed in 2011 for his outstanding service.

He gave an interview in which he publically admitted being abused by a priest as a young boy.

He previously served as the headmaster for the DeSisto School which was a controversial school, to say the least. Among other things the school was sued 23 times for fraud and breach of contract, and was accused of abuse.


Mr. Babeu’s ex-lover has spoken out through his lawyer and indicated that he feels intimidated.The story is of particular interest because Sheriff Babeu has repeatedly spoken out against illegal immigrants, but apparently enjoyed the company of illegal immigrants.


When giving a public statement he admitted that he was gay, but Sheriff Babeu defiantly declared that :

“What I do in my private, personal life is my business.”

Most people would agree that Sheriff Babeu’s private life should remain private. However he himself has made his private life public, by placing ads in publications for anyone to see. These “ads” describe his “private, personal life” by declaring what sexual positions he is willing to participate in,  and a description of his most private of organs by length and characteristics. 


The amazing thing about this story is that Sheriff Babeu seems to feel that his sex life should remain private, but Rick Santorum, a fellow Republican, feels it is appropriate for him to dictate to men and women what they can and should do in the privacy of their bedrooms, including with whom they should have sex, for what purpose, and whether they should use contraception. Since Newt Gingrich told a homosexual man that he should vote for Obama,  it seems clear why Sheriff Babeu would support Mitt. However given Mitt’s flip-flopping on gay rights  there is still a substantial question about why Sheriff Babeu would work for Mitt Romney’s campaign. Perhaps the answer lies in his declaration that he was running for Congress in Arizona, a predominately Republican state.  Maybe Jan Brewer told him that if he wanted to run for office he better keep this homosexual part of his life, private?