The name “Obama” is never mentioned in the Superbowl Commercial made by Clint Eastwood.  There is no reference to any Republican.  There is nothing negative about this commercial, but only an attempt to remind Americans that we are resilient, and that together we CAN make a difference.  Of course the reference to “half time” would indicate that Obama is only “half” done with his time as President.  The focus of the commercial is the auto industry, and its recovery.  Clint never gives Obama credit, but talks about the resolve of the American people.

The message is: “This country can’t be knocked out in one punch,” Eastwood, said. “We get right back up again, and when we do, the world will hear the roar of our engines. It’s half time, America.”

 Here is the commercial.  No wonder Karl Rove and some other Republicans don’t like it.