The Trig-truther controversy has risen its nasty head again as a result of Andrew Sullivan’s piece in Newsweek.  Instead of proving Andrew Sullivan wrong, Palin chose to agree to write a story for Newsweek about her life with Trig. Once again that story contradicted information that Palin has previously given about the birth of Trig.. Today Huffington Post features an article on the irony of Palin attacking Newsweek for using the Sullivan story, but then agreeing to write a story about her life with Trig. The reality is that we have all heard Palin tell that story many times before. What we really care about is proof that Trig is her biological son, rather than an adopted son. Sarah Palin could produce medical records or have genetic testing done to put an end to the controversy. She chooses not to do so. Either she enjoys the attention, or Trig is not in fact her biological son. Either she wants to promote the controversy to gain more publicity, or she is promoting a lie. Either she is laughing at us, that people believe such an incredibly unbelievable story, or she is laughing because after three years we are still talking about it.