Sarah Palin Has the Power to Refudiate the Trig-Truthers

The Trig-truther controversy has risen its nasty head again as a result of Andrew Sullivan’s piece in Newsweek.  Instead of proving Andrew Sullivan wrong, Palin chose to agree to write a story for Newsweek about her life with Trig. Once again that story contradicted information that Palin has previously given about the birth of Trig.. Today Huffington Post features an article on the irony of Palin attacking Newsweek for using the Sullivan story, but then agreeing to write a story about her life with Trig. The reality is that we have all heard Palin tell that story many times before. What we really care about is proof that Trig is her biological son, rather than an adopted son. Sarah Palin could produce medical records or have genetic testing done to put an end to the controversy. She chooses not to do so. Either she enjoys the attention, or Trig is not in fact her biological son. Either she wants to promote the controversy to gain more publicity, or she is promoting a lie. Either she is laughing at us, that people believe such an incredibly unbelievable story, or she is laughing because after three years we are still talking about it.


16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Has the Power to Refudiate the Trig-Truthers

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  1. I am in continuous wonderment that this fraud has not been exposed long before now. Trig was Palin’s greatest political tool and she used him continuously when it benefited her. Where is he now? She didnt’ take him on her infamous bus tour. Why not? Trig seems to be hidden away. It is almost unbelievable that she could perpetrate this and get away with it. Why isn’t the mainstream media investigating this very obvious truth? The truth is that she was never pregnant with Trig. I wonder who the others were that helped her hatch this insane plot and get away with it. Have we no investigative reporters anymore that uncover and expose the truth for everyone to see?


  2. Sarah Palin is a phony.

    2-11-12 her birthdate. I think I’ll buy a lottery ticket with those numbers. I wonder if something significant will happen to her besides receiving her award of Clare Boothe Luce? at her keynote address in Washington. She is rehearsed and scripted. Like her interviews on Faux. She knows the questions, and they pre-record to correct her more obvious flubs. I noticed they have just the right photos immediatly to pair with her statements.

    So now she’ll be pushing Santorum. Great, the jinx continues. Though Obama is 51 % against 45 for Romney and even higher for her former pick Newt.

    Why has she brought up Trig? Because most of us are sick and tired of talking about her and Trig and her phoney wild ride.

    She deserves to be outed, and outed and outed on everything. Most of us have moved on, though we keep our eyes open, and our ears unstopped.

    Unlike poor Trig who isn’t. No glasses, no hearing?


  3. She is trying to distract from the movie coming out soon and is jealous that Santorum is getting attention for his special needs child. Remember, she is the only one so truly blessed by God.Funny she has so new stories for 3 years. What closet did you put him in Sarah? Since you forgot where you had him, you seem to misplace things don’t you? “Hey Toad, where did you put that little shit?”


  4. Sarah Palin is a monumental fraud and coward of the highest order.

    She does nothing to protect her family from further persecution and she does nothing to silence her critics FOREVER. She could end all the speculation right now in moments. Yet she lets it continue.

    Simply because she is deathly afraid of the truth. The truth is not on her side. The truth will ruin her.

    And she knows it.


  5. I have hundreds of pieces of proof that I carried my children and gave birth to them at the time and place that I did. Doctor’s bills and records, hospital bills and records, insurance claims, and photos of me holding my babies moments after they were born. That is on top of their birth certificates and the fact that I could access legitimate letters from my midwife and the attending nurses who witnessed me giving birth.

    If Sarah wanted to put an end to this, she could have done so years ago. Instead, she presented her pregnant teenage daughter as “proof.” And Sarah continues to let the rumors fly that Trig is actually Bristol’s. What “grizzly mama” lets that happen without nipping it in the bud swiftly and surely with a mountain of paperwork.

    Of course, she doesn’t have to present anything at all and one could easily make the argument that no mother has to “dignify the question with a response.a” But even if Sarah didn’t want to prove maternity to rescue her daughter from the rumors, you would think she would love the chance to throw the whole thing in our faces. She feigns outrage when it would be the easiest thing in the world to shut everyone up once and for all, which would actually make people more sympathetic to her.

    In fact, that would be MY first instinct. You’re questioning If I gave birth to my children? Screw you! Here’s a truckload of proof. I have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Sarah Palin LOVES playing the victim (even at the expense of her daughter). But she doesn’t have the proof. So what’s a vindictive, crazy woman to do? She continues to lash out and draw attention to herself.


  6. If Clare Booth Luce only knew who was receiving an award in her name!

    She was no saint, but she was smart, articulate, canny, persevering: one of a kind. She wrote plays, wrote books, was an Ambassador as well as a Member of Congress, and was married to one of the most influential men in the country. No hillbilly from Wasilla, you betcha.


  7. Clare Boothe Luce would have sliced Sarah Palin to ribbons with wit. Something the Palin woman doesn’t have.

    The Woman of the Year Award. What a joke.


  8. Sarah Palin won’t produce proof that she is Trig’s biological mother because she isn’t. At this point in the child’s life, Sarah Palin is barely a mother figure to him or to any of her other children.

    As for being named Woman of the Year, that’s quite a joke. What has Sarah Palin done to advance the cause of women? She’s done her best to take the cause of women back to the Dark Ages.


  9. Bottom Line and MOST TELLING aspect: Not only NO ‘mother and child’ hospital picture – the ‘birth’ was NOT listed in the hospital’s OWN announcements! As in ‘The GOVENOR’s Baby’ N-O-T in the announcements the following morning…or ever!…:-)


  10. I consider that it is a positive sign that the Huffington Post is now allowing comments through regarding the pregnancy. I suspect someone on the staff actually looked at the evidence and also came to the conclusion that it was obviously faked.

    The more it can be discussed, the more people might look at it. That is all that is needed.


  11. Malia – I just came across a story (OT) about Rick Santorum that is explosive. I don’t have the link but the report was from a source cited as “post” and it stated that in 2002 then Sen Rick Santorum nominated and gave Jerry Sandusky an “Angels in Adoptions” award at a dinner banquet in PA.

    I wanted to get this to you and on record ASAP. I cannot find your email address.

    As always, I honor you for your work against the hypocrites and frauds who are seducing the American people with lies and distortions and ugly divisiveness. As a gay, disabled veteran who served honorably I really cannot stand by and allow persons like Rick Santorum who pander and play upon religious and twisted social values to abuse and cause harm to millions of our fellow citizens. Santorum is, for the moment, a winner in the GOP Clown Car. He is a true joke, just like Sarah Palin.


  12. Can you imagine having ms palin as your mother? Abuse galore. Her mother was not a mother, she is not a mother. And now we have to watch bristol and willow carry on the generational dysfunction.


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