Jon Stewart and Will Ferrell as George Bush

In case you missed this one, you will still enjoy it now.


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  1. That was funny. Malia totally off topic but I just notice something sort of funny. There’s another new reality show being filmed in Alaska called “Hook Line and Sisters” brought to you by TLC. Isn’t that the same channel that was responsible for another reality show starring Sarah Palin? Now, in addition to that one you also have “Alaska State Troopers” and another reality show is being filmed at the Beauty Salon that Sarah Palin once frequented (before she started going bald and wearing all those crazy wigs and hair extensions). That’s a total of 4 different shows I can think off just off the top of my head. I’ll bet little Granny Grifter has benefited in more ways than one from the legislation she passed before she quit her job. It just seems odd that suddenly there’s a slew of reality shows being filmed in freaking Alaska, of all places. Hello financial kick back!

    So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when Bristol and Willow are introduced in season 2 of “Big Hair Alaska.” Since Hollywood kicked Bristol to the curb and she had to move back home she stated in some interview that she had an interest in going to beauty school. I can’t think of better place for her to start employment than with the Beehive Beauty Salon where TLC films one of their numerous reality shows not too far from the Palin family compound. Thanks to those tax cuts Sarah Palin signed into law I’m sure they owe her a favor or two. Now that seems a lot like crony capitalism at it’s finest. Benefiting from legislation after resigning early from the Governor’s office. Just saying this all seems very suspicious don’t cha know! You betcha!


    1. Pete,
      I have sent letters to every legislator in Alaska asking for the appointment of a bipartisan committee to consider Palin’s violation of the ethics law of Alaska regarding this. I will be posting a reminder this afternoon asking everyone reading to remind their legislators in Alaska to consider the committee. The Legislature will be in session on the 17th so the time is now.


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