The loss of a child is the worst nightmare of any parent. For almost any parent, the loss of a child that had become a part of your life would surely be worse than the loss of a pregnancy with a child that never became part of your family. However the loss of a baby is traumatic for everyone who was hoping for the birth of the child. Certainly the further along in a pregnancy, the more difficult it would be for everyone if the baby died before birth. The good news is that Rick Santorum seems to know just how to deal with this most difficult of situations. Rick seems to feel that he is better equipped to make decisions for other people than the people themselves who are struggling with a wide variety of tragedies in their lives, or difficult decisions about their private sexual relationships. I know I am so glad to know that I can rely on Rick Santorum to determine what type of sexual relationship my husband and I should have in the privacy of our bedroom. Since nobody is there to know what we do in our bedroom, who can we turn to except Rick to tell us what God thinks?! .

Much controversy has surrounded the publicized book of Rick Santorum’s wife, “Letters to Gabriele.”

Ms. Santorum describes her book by saying that “What began as a normal pregnancy for Karen ended with serious difficulties just as her husband Rick Santorum (Republican – Pennsylvania) was leading the charge against partial birth abortion in the U.S. Senate.”

First there was the commentary by Alan Colmes, a Fox News Commentator, who was critical of the fact that the Santorums took the body of the dead baby home to show their children, to see and play with their brother.  Then commentators were critical of Colmes, and he issued an apology. 

The manner in which the Santorums dealt with this most private of matters should be private. Obviously they did the best they could at the time.  However reducing this event to a book, the Santorums made their approach public.

The background on this incident was that Mrs. Santorum was in her 19th week of pregnancy when a radiologist told her that the fetus had a fatal defect that could only be fixed through a surgical procedure which was described as a  “long-shot” and carried a high risk of infection.  Two days later when Karen developed a 105 degree fever and was diagnosed with an intrauterine infection. The fetus was the source of the infection, and Karen was told that she would likely die unless the fetus was removed. Rick Santorum said. “Obviously, if it was a choice of whether both Karen and the child are going to die or just the child is going to die, I mean it’s a pretty easy call.” Karen also agreed that for the sake of her living children she would have terminated the pregnancy if her life was in danger. .

The incredible thing is that when discussing his position on abortion, Rick Santorum has made the bold proclamation that medical considerations are “phoney”!!!!

Thus medical considerations for his wife are real, and justified termination of the pregnancy. Medical considerations for anyone else are “phoney”. Santorum also feels it is appropriate for HIM to decided that in cases of rape and incest that the decision to terminate a pregnancy should be his choice, and he always chooses “NO” for any woman or child in that situation.  Rick Santorum also seems to feel that HE is the best person to decide issues about another person’s choices about who to have sex with, and what specific forms of sex are appropriate. Rick Santorum cried when asked in an interview about this tragic, and most personal of events in his life. However when talking about the tragic events and most personal of decisions of other people’s lives, Rick isn’t so sensitive or tearful. The tears Santorum shed are tears he should be shedding for every person who has faced a difficult situation in their lives, and politicians tried to limit or control their decisions. It makes me cry to think that politicians of any party feel it is their place to control decisions that have been made by people facing the most difficult of decisions, whether to abort a pregnancy,or what type of sex they want to have in the privacy of their bedrooms, and with whom.