People in Iowa Disrupt Newt Gingrich’s Speech

Put people first” was the chant that echoed in Iowa as Newt Gingrich attempted to give his speech today in Iowa.

7 thoughts on “People in Iowa Disrupt Newt Gingrich’s Speech

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  1. Fascist like Newt will never put the people first. Gingrich and the rest of the GOP will put the state and corporations first. Fascism is the merger of the state and corporations.


  2. Most importantly Gingrich failed to/decided not to address their mantra, “Put People First” when he decided to put them down after they left. That says plenty about how small he is and how little he can actually ‘recover’ on his feet to address criticism rightly coming his way..


    1. Why should he show courtesy to a bunch of ignorant people who are there to do nothing but disrupt??? Amazing! If you are a Romney backer…what do you think about where he puts about OUT OF WORK! By the THOUSANDS!!! Read up on your candidates!!


  3. It is all over for Gingrich. A second million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s. Which he closed. Oh, oh Calista and her eye for expensive bling.

    His staff is quitting because they probably figure they won’t get paid.

    Huntsman is trying for VP. So I guess it will be R. Paul and Huntsman.

    As Sarah didn’t want to give her endorsement out until she got something back, now she will have to run all on her own. I don’t think the Republicans want her kind of toxic bad mouthing and kiss of death.

    Does anyone want her as any part of their cabinet or ticket? They aren’t that crazy.

    After the idiotic Xmas card flap I think her base has dwindled down to her precious few Palinbots.

    Who can take that nitwit seriously?


    1. lilly lily,
      My fear is that given the constant change in leadership for the GOP, that there may be a place for a third party candidate???


  4. No, Romney and Huntsman. Or Romney and Jeb Bush and a shadow government. (That shadow government remark is scary from Bush)

    Sorry. The conservative establishment is leery of Ron Paul. His age for one thing.


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