Beware Alaskans: The Palins May Be Costing You More in Tax Dollars

It is just out today.  We now have confirmation the Sarah and Todd are shopping another reality show in Alaska.  This time they are focusing on Todd and his snowmobile accomplishments.

So far nobody seems to be interested, but maybe if they ask Chuck to do a reality show about drilling the pus out of his toes, somebody would be interested.  It could be called “Chuck’s Toes”, or “101 Uses for Power Drills” or “Secrets of Success for Marathon Runners in Alaska”.  In any event you can be sure that the Palin family will try to get a government subsidy through the tax credit law Sarah Palin signed while Governor, … you remember the one the Attorney General said was not “legislation.”



59 thoughts on “Beware Alaskans: The Palins May Be Costing You More in Tax Dollars

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  1. On the flip side, the production company spends money in Alaska. Does the amount it spends exceed the state’s giveaway? What about intangibles? Tourism boost? Even if the state’s cost exceeds its return, the policy is good Socialism in practice. We must thank Sarah Palin for her foresight at times.


  2. The Palins should pitch a show to the networks on how to fake a child birth and how to scam the insurance companies and the state of Alaska health plans to pay for the whole thing.

    That might work.


  3. Hey Sarah, how about pitching a reality series about how your ****** daughter Willow got kicked out of the Alaska school system and is now roaming the lower 48 states with her unemployed uneducated high school drop out boyfriend?

    Maybe show Willow getting nasty with a mechanical bull… wait a minute… that was already done by a Palin girl,


  4. Sadly, the Palin “brand” never amounted to much, and now it’s down to bargain basement prices.
    What’s next? Willow home-schooling?
    Piper trying to learn her times tables as a ten-year-old?
    Sarah’s makeup lessons?

    This is so truly sad, in its way, when it isn’t outrageous and interplanetary.
    Why would anyone want Todd, who evidently can’t speak ten consecutive words and doesn’t own a razor, riding around on a foolish snowmobile?

    As someone from the hated “Outside, ” which still is required for viewers and advertisers, I think we’ve seen enough of the Palins to last a lifetime — there’s and ours.


  5. Hello Malia! When the hell are Federal authorities going to start taking a serious look at this dysfunctional band of grifters? The question that should be asked is – who is enabling them to continually fleece the citizens of AK? Enough is enough; start investigating their illegal activities!


    1. abbafan,
      I couldn’t agree more, and it seems outrageous to me that Palin gets by with soooo much! Check back on Friday to see that I haven’t given up on the ethics complaint.


  6. The Alaskan Legislature need to pass a law banning any further tax-payer funded dollars to Palin and Progeny in perpetuity for any and all projects they are associated with. There has never been nor will there ever be any social, financial, and/or educational value to the Alaskan public in any Palin project, period. The voters need to put an end to this possibly endless grift on their pockets by this idiot and her family.


  7. If this is true it means that our wasillabillies have scraped bottom and are desperate for a new cashflow. Scarah pimped out her daughter for the magazine spreads and that whole abstinence thing with Candies and then of course the DWTS trainwreck.

    And it must certainly mean Bristol’s reality show has been shelved …and her desire to become a cosmotologist probably drove $carah to the brink – ya can’t keep living that lifestyle on bristol’s career aspirations. And of course $carah’s 100,000 speaking engagements have pretty much gone the way of bristol’s reality show.

    Poor wasillabillies have that big ass arizona spread that has to be paid for. Of course she’d pimp todd out – trying to get that gig setup before Shailey Tripp drives the stake through the heart of the palin’s grifting heart. LOVE IT


  8. Your jealousy is showing again. Every citizen of this country has every right to live how they please. We all have the same opportunities. I have forever read that democrats want to live freely and not be controlled by stifling legislation. Then why are you meddling in people’s lives, people you don’t even know? Huh Malia? Do you have a life outside of sitting at a computer?

    There’s so much hypocrisy on the left. You criticize people who dont choose high education even thought there are millions of successful people here who didn’t attend college.

    You may call the right greedy, but because of the above, you yourself are snobby and live hypocritically. Oh and you’re pretty ignorant. Only the truly ignorant person judges someone based on things written on the internet.


    1. BJ,
      I can’t respond except to refer you to a good therapist, if you could tell me what city you live in. If you simply call me ignorant, and don’t respond with something you refer me to …an article, a book, or some authority to say that something I have written is wrong then there is no need for a response. Finally I would point out how foolish your comments are. First you say that I am ignorant, and then you say “only the truly ignorant person judges someone based on things written on the internet. As far as I can tell you are judging me based only on the “things written on the internet;” so who looks ignorant now?


    2. BJ – Against my better judgement, I’m responding to your post.

      Palin is a prime example of the importance for higher education. Her lack of knowledge is staggering for someone interested in the VP position. Or any political office.

      Malia is not ignorant, jealous or a snob. She is an educated women that didn’t choose to turn her head while the palins fleeced Alaska and the rest of the country.

      if we had to pay for Malia’s efforts to expose the palins and those who enable and cover for them – it would cost us a fortune. We’re quite lucky to have her here.

      Your stupidity just opens the door for us to address the dumbing down of America. It’s tragic. Your post reflects this sad truth.

      Higher education is critical for our survival in so many ways I won’t bother to list them – you wouldn’t understand anyway.

      But an education alone isn’t enough. America needs to shine a huge spotlight on the lack of ethics displayed by corrupt politicians and corporations.

      Malia has shown us that even one voice can make a difference.

      Thanks Malia.


      1. shughes2853,
        Thanks for your support! BJ’s comments don’t deserve a response, and I’m not threatened by BJ, but its nice to know that you are there supporting me.


    3. First they screamed that everyone who dissed the Palins in any way was jealous of Sarah Palins beauty.

      Now everyone is snobby or ignorant if they point out the Palin families dysfunction and lacks. Namely their disruption of any school they attend, and lack of the smarts to finish off a basic education.

      The cream of Wasilla.


  9. You did your best, Malia, in making them aware of Palin’s own efforts to boost her ability to earn $$ by signing the legislation that reimburses the producers for filming in Alaska. She was interested in a reality show early on in her half-term and someone had already floated the idea past her. It’s right there in Blind Allegiance. Sarah knew that this could be beneficial to her and that’s why she went for it. She didn’t care about doing anything as Governor unless it benefited her directly.


    1. akrnc,
      There is one last appeal I’m going to be making this week. Governor Parnell has indicated that it is still possible to form a legislative committee to consider this ethics violation, and I’ll be sending out my letters this week. Stay tuned, the letter will be a post, probably on Friday


  10. Interesting…late last spring my daughter and son in law went snowmachining up near Petersville, AK. Several black SUV’s pulled into an area, out popped cameramen and several people who were obviously not from AK. Todd was there with his snowmachine…no Sarah. The people who frequent that area were ticked off because Todd and his cameramen kept shooing them out of areas where they wanted to ride their machines. That did NOT sit well with the regulars. All thought it was “odd” that Sarah was not being filmed…….perhaps they were filming snippets for this new Toad pilot…what a JOKE! Todd has the personality of a rock…who would watch it?


      1. Late last Spring? Prior to the great American family bus tour? So the Palins indeed mislead the public slyly filming Todd to pitch a show! The Palins are scum. WTH was Chuckie doing running with grossly infected toes?


      1. O/T but I giggle to myself everytime I picture ole’ Chuckie running a full marathon with a teeny weeny backpack holding a drill, some gauze, and a bottle of water!


    1. Someone mentioned your comment on The Immoral Minority today. Have you sent this info to Gryphen? It is very interesting. I can not remember when she started her phony baloney bus tour – but do remember on one of the stops, supposedly Todd and possibly Willow were hauling a load of equipment up to Alaska (wonder if that was for the shoot) – that was why they were not with the family. And – all of this time she was still sending out the fundraising appeals. What a —–.sometimes the words escape me. When are her little robots going to “get” they have been screwed?


  11. Ah yes, the world is clamoring for a view of the famous AIP supportin’, senior citizen & teenager bullier, pimp for the AK elite, purse carrier, can duckin,’ super hero Todd. Watch him as he goes about setting fires, threatening any & all who disagree with Sarah, cheating during the Iron Dog, watering gas cans, working with the APD to imprison “foes” & getting crime committin’ relatives off with a slap & just being his normal “charming” self. I mean “Have you seen Todd?” My question is “Have you heard Todd’s squeeky effeminate voice? What else will we see if we follow Todd’s exploits? Should be just fascinating, fascinating I say. People are lining up.


  12. Makes you wonder — I guess there’s no one in the house that’s preggers.

    Since her speeches and event schedule has dried up, the contract for ‘purse carrier’ has I therefore expired. Therefore the need to pimp Toad out to earn his keep.

    Knowing there has to be snow and ice for snowmobiling, I wouldn’t mind watching an episode conditional it includes them riding together across the lake. OOOPS – didn’t see that crack/thin ice out in the middle — SPLASH!!! Too Bad! So Sad! NOT!!

    So bite me!! I have evil thoughts once in a while!! It brought a smile to my face!


  13. Or “How to save your feet if you do really stupid things in AK” by Chuck Heath, the science substitute teacher……

    or “How I got here and how I managed to save my feet from my stupid ego driven self” by Chuck Heath”

    Sally can write a book titled “How I let my fricking stupid ego driven husband drag me and very small children to remote AK and how I kept my sanity, or secretly lost my sanity, which thus drove me to the crazy evangelical Wasilla church, all of which thus influenced my mentally unstable daughter Sarah”


  14. The film tax credit is fantastic! It’s too bad that Sarah gets to take advantage of it and nobody else gets well-deserved media love. But it’s still wonderful.

    The snowsports industry has gone wild with it. Filming endless backcountry snow and ski adventures.
    Travis Rice, a history-making $2 million-dollar budget. Filmed in large part in Alaska, with Alaska minions, grips, crew, caterers, etc etc. YAY!!!

    The Art of Flight.


  15. Let’s make sure any potential buyers of this show being shopped around know that Todd was sponsored by Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan oil company CITGO through one of their subsidiaries, Mystik Oil. This was at the same time Sarah was badmouthing Chavez and Venezuela.

    Also make sure they know Todd was accused of cheating in the Iron Dog race. Evidently he was doing repairs when he was supposed to be taking a break.

    And then there is the incident which resulted in an ethics case being launched against Sarah Palin for appearing at the Iron Dog race in a team outfit while appearing on the State of Alaska dime. (Her trip was paid for by the State of Alaska but she was advertising for the company that sponsors her husband for big bucks) And that company, Arctic Cat, made no bones about what sponsoring the husband of the Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate meant as far as advertising went. Here’s a quote from Arctic Cat…….

    “Sure, it was meant to be a politically-motivated photo op, but Palin spent way more time praising our snowmobile brand than the Republican ticket. We’re proud to have provided the perfect backdrop where Palin could advocate for the outdoors and more importantly, Arctic Cat.”


    “Press coverage from Palin’s visit was seen all over, including a special segment on “Entertainment Tonight” and broadcast coverage in 30 states. Print coverage reached more than 700,000 people with highlights in Thief River Falls Times, Grand Forks Herald, St Paul Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Bemidji Pioneer, Duluth News Tribune and The Leader-Telegram.”

    So essentially the Governorship and vice presidential candidacy was for sale by the Palins, just like anything else they think they can profit from.

    But personally, if they are going to do a reality show about Alaska and the Shadow Governor, I think it should be called “Pimps of Alaska”. That one might actually get a little interest. And that’s all Todd seems to do is Pimp his wife, family, and of course a formerly little known masseuse in Alaska that he apparently had a long term physical relationship with.


    1. Rick,
      All those are important to remember, but the last one, is remarkable to me! How any “reality” show would consider him for any show other than to expose the prostitution problem in Alaska is amazing to me! If Todd gets somebody to do a show about him, then we need to get somebody to do a real reality show about Shailey Tripp!


    2. “Sure, it was meant to be a politically-motivated photo op, but Palin spent way more time praising our snowmobile brand than the Republican ticket. We’re proud to have provided the perfect backdrop where Palin could advocate for the outdoors and more importantly, Arctic Cat.”

      Sha-blam! There it is. That’s what the Alaska Public Offices Commission and Personnel Board needed to see when they were reviewing the conflict of interest complaint about Arctic Cat, and Sarah Palin’s compliance with mandatory disclosure of financial interests.

      Too bad. They got away with it.


  16. Holy cow, but Sarah Palin is transparent, and tactless!

    Can’t you just imagine, given the pattern of ratings for SPA – with huge audience for the first show, and immediate dramatic drop off – that someone told her she is “polarizing” or that she turned everyone off with her blood libel crap, or that she got boo’ed at DWTS so she might not be a great bet anymore??

    Consequently, in her very first interview with Greta VS after announcing she wont run (Oct) – she was making those very strange remarks about Tawd…”he’s been taking my calls,” and “you should talk to Tawd, he’s a really interesting guy”…and even, “hey, I mean, he’s right here behind the camera, maybe you want to say hello?” or whatever she said… Pitiful, and obvious…and still with the cat-that-ate-the-canary grin.

    She thought they’ll just pull the exact same scam that netted them a few million in just one season of SPA. Probably also told Tawd that he could get all of his competitions and gear paid for. Then there’s the tax cuts – given that they supposedly were seen already filming in Alaska (maybe for their pitch or pilot?).

    Ahhh…The hubris…not that its new…but this broad is nucking futs. (and, yeah, she’s a broad. not many women are.)


    1. SunnyVee,
      I didn’t remember those remarks about Todd then, but you are right. She’s obviously been planning this for some time.


  17. I find allot of women who embrace Republican ideals are doing this to gain male approval. The men in their lives think they are ‘cool’ for being so anti-compassionate (anti-female). Do you remember doing the same ever, maybe so your conservative Dad would like you? Or maybe it was flattering some young man’s ego, so he would think you were more attractive? I think these women are sex-traitors, but I remember being one myself as a kid. I out grew it. Now I have a daughter who is a sex-traitor. She sure wasn’t raised that way. Because of these things I can’t hate them, anymore. I sure don’t admire what they do though. I can’t help but wonder if Sarah cultivated ditsy-ness as another way of making her self more attractive to her men. Sort of self-caricaturization. It’s sad really, to be so needy.


    1. Anne Onni Mouse,
      I remember loving to watch beauty pageants, but I grew out of that too! It takes us all some time but there is hope. How old is your daughter?


  18. The reality show possibilities are endless for the amazing Palin klan …

    How about Todd and his buddies building a house?

    With Bristol’s dry humping on the floor skills, how about a Pole Dancing show?

    How about Big Juicy doing a show about running marathons?

    How about Willow doing a show on breaking and entering, with her aunt doing a guest performance about what you can do after you are inside?



  19. 5 stars for this post, Malia. Give each and every one of the comments above 5 stars. Want to add something I posted elsewhere–“The first swirl around the drain is the longest. How’s the ride, Sarah?”


  20. I think we’ll get rid of our Arctic cat snowmobiles (as we call them here in the midwest) and go with Polaris……….
    i just can’t stomach that any money we paid for them may have landed in a palin pocket
    FU todd


  21. Wonkette is underwhelmed by Todd and his new pitch for a show.

    They say Palins 15 minutes feel more like a decade.

    We have had ,count it ,3 years of this dysfunction tribe of Wasilla hillbillies.

    Time for them to go away. FAR FAR Away.

    Might be she will jump in the presidential race as the Republican family values Queen. GOD doesn’t seem too helpful to his “Sarah” recently.


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