Newt Gingrich: A Man Void of Conscience

“He’s (Newt Gingrich) probably one of the most dangerous people for the future of this country that you can possibly imagine. He’s Richard Nixon glib. It doesn’t matter how much good I do the rest of my life, I can’t ever outweigh the evil that I cause by helping him be elected to Congress” – L.H. Carter, former advisor to Newt Gingrich

The above quote is from a 1984 article in Mother Jones. The 27 years that have passed since the article’s publication have not lessened the threat Newt Gingrich poses to America. If anything, Gingrich poses an even greater threat as he has surged ahead in the polls, coming precipitously close to becoming the Republican nominee.

What makes Gingrich so dangerous, is that he is completely void of any conscience. He is completely and utterly morally bankrupt. A man lacking a sense of right and wrong, without a set of guiding principles, will do anything imaginable to advance himself and his agenda, which Gingrich has done his entire life.

As many know, Gingrich’s first wife was his former high school geometry teacher, who was 7 years his senior. Jackie worked while raising the couples two children, and supported Newt putting him through undergraduate, graduate and post graduate school. Bob Gingrich, Newt’s stepfather said of Jackie, “She busted her butt for him when he needed her”. She later campaigned across Georgia for Newt as he ran for Congress.  Mary Kahn, a reporter who covered Gingrich at the time stated, “Everyone saw Jackie and Newt as a unit. He was always talking about the family being a team, about family values. It was a constant, and a big part of his campaign”.

“Family values” was clearly just a sound bite Newt used to appeal to a conservative base. In 1974, his campaign advisors discovered Newt was having an affair. He and Jackie saw a marriage counselor, but Newt continued cheating on his wife. One former aide had to direct Newt’s two children away from a car where Newt was receiving oral sex from a woman. Another aide revealed that after a friend’s husband died, he used the man’s death to his advantage. He visited the woman pretending to offer her sympathy, only to try to seduce her.

In 1980, Newt revealed to Jackie he was having an affair, with the woman who would become wife #2, and sought a divorce. While in the hospital recovering from having a uterine tumor removed, Newt visited his soon to be ex-wife, bringing her a divorce papers to sign. He further had a temerity to give her so little in spousal and child support, that Jackie had to rely on her church to help her pay bills. After this was revealed Newt’s popularity in his hometown fell 15 percentage points.

Lee Howell, a friend of Newt’s stated, “Newt Gingrich has a tendency to chew people up and spit them out. He uses you for all it’s worth, and when he doesn’t need you anymore he throws you away. Very candidly, I don’t think that Newt Gingrich has many principles, expect for what’s best for him, guiding him”.

Gingrich would continue to “chew people up and spit them out”, as he carried on a 13 year affair with his current wife, while still married to his second wife. One has to wonder how many others he will use and then throw out should he win the presidency.


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  1. He IS one of the few repubs. who really is a “job creator” Remember, “A man who marries his mistress creates a job opening” His present wife had better examine all the Tiffany’s bills. He has a habit of proposing to the next wife while still married to the present one. #4 is probably waiting in the wings, wearing a huge diamond!! Looking at Callista, she does not look like a happy person, maybe she realized that the “prize” she thought she was getting has turned into a booby prize. His boobies are larger than hers, by the way. Personallt, I never saw his appeal, I have always thought he is a repulsive, ego driven, mis-shapen blob.


  2. He really is the male conterpart to Sarah Palin, isn’t he? Unscrupulous, charismatic, etc. But, he is even more dangerous than Sarah because he is smarter and has some actual and relevant experience which he can use to sell himself based on his background. The more I read about him the more frightened I become.

    I just don’t get it — if a Democrat had that personal history the Repugs would be all over it and make his/her life impossible. But, they are just all over Newt and just ignoring what his past tells us about the man he is. Why are they so besmitten with this horrid man?


    1. I know Newt’s history because I live in GA. People who support him don’t particularly care that he’s an emperor of deceit with low moral character. They care only about winning. Newt is seen by them as being strong and smart because he is a bully who can string a list of words together with a sense of clarity. They don’t care whether he’s good at governing. As long as he says all of the things they want to hear said about President Obama and democrats, he’s their man. They did the same thing in the gubernatorial election here last year, Elizabeth. Once it was revealed that Nathan Deal was not whom he had been telling the world that he was, it didn’t matter. They voted for him anyway with the main reason being that “GA is a conservative state,” whatever the hell this means.


  3. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be a dedicated GOP/TP supporter these days. Embarrassed comes to mind. How does one defend the words and actions of so many at the top of their party? Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, Scott, Walker, Boehner, McConnell and their spokesmodels Trump and Norquist. Then on to their bench and we find the likes of Cain, Palin, Brewer, Rubio and far too many others to name.

    Think I’d have to stand on the steps of my local voter registrar’s office and burn my voter I.D. card, primary ballot or anything else that identified me as being a low information voter, one who would gladly sacrifice the future of this Nation to such a bigoted, narrow thinking bunch.


  4. I was working for the federal government when Newt was Speaker. Believe me, he caused no end of trouble for us. He really is a piece of work and I have to agree with HudsonElizabeth about his being a male Scarah.


  5. And to think I was worried about Perry. Newt is much more dangerous because his cleverness is on a different plane. I have never seen anything like it (well, to be honest, Palin ‘second in line’ still ranks at the top of my spooky candidate list).


  6. Mr. Gingrich reminds me very much of the US president in the novel “The Karma Affair” by Arsen Darnay. This wight gets elected by shouting “No More Mr Nice Guy” and, of course, unleashes Nuclear War.


  7. The Grand Ole Party of the southern states will try anything to get Obama our of the White House, right or wrong. By the way I just read that Trump may cancel his debate on Politico.


    1. Sarah Palin has a serpent’s heart,
      It sounds to me like anyone who knows him wouldn’t vote for him. I think that’s why John King at CNN was interviewing Jon Huntsman yesterday, as CNN recognizes that it is unlikely Newt will remain in the front.


      1. @Chuck:

        What planet do you reside on? That question was settled a long time ago, since he has produced his birth certificate and the complaints about this keep getting thrown out. So, since he is the president, do you think the other 43 were living on the dole as well?


      2. What planet do you live on Anne; Planet Al Sharpton & MSNBC?

        First, while he has never really produced his birth certificate – at least not allow a single person to analyze it – I never even mentioned his birth certificate in my entire post.

        I’m speaking of his Kenyan relatives here in the U.S.. Have you forgotten about the one who was drunk and hit a police car several months back? Or the one in Boston who been living in public housing for a couple of decades?

        Hello, earth to Anne.


  8. You know something, Chuck? We have already seen his birth certificate, contrary to your assertions. The fact that one of the main birthers, goofy Orly Taitz, lost her bid to become California’s Secretary of State is a tribute to the fact that even California Republicans thought she was nuts. She is Russian-born herself, which makes her efforts to prove Obama is not an American look even sillier. Donald Trump tried the same routine with his hateful vitriol, and he got his hat handed to him when the certificate was actually produced. At a press dinner, the president poked fun at Trump, and needless to say, Trump didn’t appreciate it when the joke was on him.

    It might interest you to know that none other than Karl Rove has advised fellow Republicans not to touch the birther issue with a 10-foot pole, since it is a losing argument. As for Obama’s Kenyan relatives, none of us control what our relatives do. The folks you mention are adults who are solely responsible for their own behavior. If memory serves me correctly, the aunt got asylum while Bush was still president. The only ones hanging onto the birther issue are sore losers who never got over 2008.


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