Let Them Clean Toilets

Newt Gingrich is the current front runner in the GOP primary. He has been noted to have a “commanding” lead in the polls. Yet there are so many problems that Newt would face in the general election, that it seems unlikely that he could sustain this lead. . However in a recent interview, Gingrich has promoted perhaps the most offensive, deranged, bigoted suggestion for solving the tragedy of child poverty in this country. Calling child labor laws “tragic” and “stupid”, Gingrich explained that America’s child labor laws have “done more to create income inequality in the U.S. than any other single policy.” In an unprecedented moment of inspiration, Gingrich suggested we eliminate janitors in public schools, and allow children to take pride in their schools by cleaning their toilets.  Newt’s plan would result in encouraging kids to take pride in the sparkling of a toilet bowl, instead of the amorphous sense of accomplishment of winning a football game, becoming a national merit scholar, being inducted in the national honor society, or winning a spelling bee. Instead of striving to win a national debate tournament, our kids could set their sights on the high that comes from inhalation of bathroom cleaning products.

Childhood poverty is a huge problem in the United States. Fifteen million children, 21% of all children in the U.S., live below the federal poverty level. Poverty has been shown to impede a child’s ability to learn. Both mental and physical health problems are associated with childhood poverty. Poverty is the single greatest threat to a child’s well-being. More than 23% of the nation’s children have at least one foreign-born parent. Immigrant families are disproportionately likely to experience poverty. While immigrant families have high employment rates, they are more likely to receive low wages, and are less likely to benefit from government work supports. Thus Newt Gingrich believes that the solution is to teach the children of these immigrants to perform menial labor, such as janitorial work. In this way the country promotes a culture of ignorance and ensures that we will continue to have a work force of children constantly available.

Here in the United States, especially near the Mexican border, children of all ages work with their migrant parents in vegetable fields. Perhaps as many as 800,000 kids pick vegetables by hand in America.

Sixty-five percent drop out of school before their high school graduation. Thus immigrant children might be available to clean bathrooms in school since they aren’t in the classrooms getting an education. Newt’s vision of the American dream for immigrant children is: “Come to America and you will have the opportunity to clean up after white children defecate.” If you work really hard you can get out of the bathrooms and be promoted to lawn mowing.

What a great solution! We must all recognize the brilliance of Newt Gingrich’s proposals to solve the immigration problem in America. Just imagine the future of America with a leader like Newt Gingrich.

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  1. Malia – great job on this. I especially am disgusted by this man – this grifter/fraud/pseudo-intellectual blowhard. You know I worked my entire civilian career in children’s protective services (Foster Care, Child Protective Services, Early Childhood Intervention, Juvenile Justice). One very poignant memory returned to me last night. I worked several years for The Massachussets Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) headquartered in Boston. It is/was one of the oldest and most prestigious child protection agencies in the country. I haven’t followed their mission since I returned to Florida in the mid ’90’s to specialize in Child Sexual Abuse Investigations in the Tampa area. I retired in the late ’90’s.

    This is the memory: One late afternoon I went into the basement of the MSPCC site I managed in Salem, MA. It was a very old house next to the Hawthorne Hotel in the center of Salem (near Laurie Cabot’s store – the official witch of the city of Salem). It was a cold winter day. I was alone in the building. I opened an old file drawer hidden in a dark corner. I pulled out a couple of files. There were pictures (black and white – or the old sepia tone) of neglected and abused children who were found working in a factory of some sort. They were “orphans and others” who were housed in a dirt floored room with benches and they were all pictured sitting on those benches with empty eyes and wounded souls showing on their faces. MSPCC rescued those children when the agency was first founded in the early twentieth century. I returned those pictures to their file and closed the drawer. I quickly left the office to commute to my apartment in Boston. I will never forget those haunted and sad children’s faces.

    That is why I detest Mr. Gingrich. He is a repulsive.


    1. Malia – I made a mistake on MSPCC’s founding date. I should have known better. MSPCC was founded in 1878 and was part of a movement/push for morality and decency in society at that time in Boston and other areas of the Northeast, including New York City, recognizing the rights of children not to be abused and neglected. There is the famous “Mary Ellen” story about a young girl who was horribly abused by her caretaker in the late 1800’s. She was brought before a judge in New York using laws already in place regarding cruetly to animals toprosecute her caretaker and to rescue her from the abuse. Thereafter, laws were put in place to protect children from abuse and neglect.

      I apologize to my former employer for the erros.


    2. thomas,
      Thanks for sharing! We have so many reasons to despise Newt, but in my mind this is the worst. The words heartless and bastard come to mind.


  2. Newt’s ideas on child labor are typical of the kind of sloppy thinker he is. If he thinks it, it must be good. He doesn’t contemplate the practical issues of implementation or feasibilty or desirability in the large scheme of things. Recently Paul Krugman described Gingrich as “a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.” http://www.mediaite.com/tv/paul-krugman-newt-gingrich-is-a-stupid-mans-idea-of-what-a-smart-person-sounds-like/

    With luck Gingrich will crash and burn like his wingnut GOP/TP predecessors.


    1. Let us hope he implodes before the nomination! Of course, seeing him implode after nomination would be of great, hysterical value. I recently read an article that gave public speaking tips for Mittens and the others in regards to debating Fruit Newt. The woman wrote that the other GOP’ers should not call him Newt, but refer to him as Speaker Gingrich. She stated that given his ethics violations and resignation when he was Speaker will continue to drive that point home, as well as educate those who were too young 16 years ago to know that he was found guilty of ethics violations and fined $300,000. Rolling Stone has an excellent article written regarding the GOP, their stand on the issues, their beliefs, and just how Far Right they have become. Let us hope that they all crash and burn as the next few months continue.


  3. Father is the janitors at a High School.
    Fire him hire his children.
    To clean bathrooms in High School for less money.

    That will better for the family.

    Newt Gingrich you are a bad joke.


  4. Newt,three divorces,lobbyist of the worst kind and of course denying it,child labour,best friend with Donald Trump,thrown out of senate in disgrace.Who on earth want this man for President?


  5. Trying to imagine the future of this world with Newt as POTUS…makes me shiver. We’d bomb Iran, N. Korea, and probably China. He would institute a draft, as no one with a working brain cell would volunteer to serve him. His fundie friends, like VP Palin, would institute daily morning prayers to be broadcast to every schoolroom remaining in America, and the Palin children would do promo videos to show the poor kids promoted to janitorial assistants for .50/hour how to clean a toilet. Fries and pizza would be front and center in whatever school lunch program remains, and childhood obesity rates would skyrocket. No white milk for America’s kids; only chocolate. No fruit..serve cookies.
    I could go on, but I think I’m going to be sick.


  6. I believe donald trump mentioned planning something for teens called Apprenticeship or something like that.

    I don’t know, it sounds like another tv show for donald to make money off of kids.

    Sarah Palin will probably try to get her high school dropout daughter Willow on that show since there is no college in her future and there are no job offers for gang leaders or breaking and entering criminals.

    Who knows maybe Willow will join the Army and be Sarah’s first combat vet?


  7. Don’t knock his ideal, it could be a good thing for the Palin kids. It would give them skills since they are all high school drop outs.

    Track, Bristol and Wilow are currently unemployed and not going to school. Sad to say it is just a matter of time before Piper joins their ranks. Maybe Todd and Sarah Palin can join the program since they are not in school and are unemployed as well?

    It is amazing, the whole Sarah Palin family is unemployed and only one of them is kinda going to school.

    Can’t say Track’s hobby job of fishing is working since it is not fishing season for him.

    Good thing Track lives with his mommy, his new family does not pay for rent or food!


    1. There is only one person living under Sarah’s roof that is working and collecting a weekly pay check and I bet you will never guess?

      It is Trig’s 24/7 nanny who is payed and employed by SarahPac.

      Sarah thanks God every day for SarahPac and her donors for providing the comforts she has received since the day she quit on Alaska.


      1. Chuckie,
        Do you have some independent verification that Trig’s nanny is paid by SarahPac? If so I would love to see it! Malia


    2. No way would you want Todd in the program.

      While cleaning the toilets Pervert Todd would drill peep holes in the stalls and sneak peeks and maybe videotape the occupants.


  8. I am speechless at his hubris, hypocrisy and downright nastiness.
    First of all, is he suggesting more government intervention instead of less? Isn’t this a parent’s job to instill values in their children?
    Is he suggesting the government do the parents job? Didn’t palin and her friends scream when they thought Michelle Obama was telling parents how to feed their kids?
    And he is suggesting that poor children do not need an education, just job skills?
    And what about the people whose jobs they will take, does he have a suggestion for them?
    I have no problem with kids helping at school and being responsible, but children are in school to be educated, not to be used a s child labor.

    I wonder how long it will take for this guy to self destruct. He is a dangerous, destructive man and it is obvious that the traits that got him booted out of the House have not matured or improved.


    1. Diane,
      I told a friend that he said this, and she didn’t believe me. She knew I must have made it up! You can see why nobody would believe he really said this!


      1. I was talking with people I volunteer with and they could not believe it either. We talked about work ethic, but all agreed that education is the key to success!


      2. Diane,
        Suggesting that immigrant’s kids should clean toilets seems to be Newt’s way of wanting to repress an chance of an Hispanic person’s chance of elevating him/her self. Malia


  9. Well, Newt owes a lot of money and has not paid his bills to private aviation companies that flew his saggy butt around on private planes and other vendors. Are any of his children in elementary school anymore? Maybe he’d like them to scrub some toilets or sweep up. You know, ’cause it builds character and they need to make money as their dad seems to spend more than he makes and is behind on his bill paying.


  10. http://www.shaileytripp.yolasite.com/blog/masseuse-responds-to-sarah-palin-s-rant-on-hannity

    “I have instructed my attorney to submit all of my electronic property, including cell phones, to Colorado Springs P.I. Ed Opperman and his Nevada based digital forensic company, Accurate Information Recovery Inc.,” Tripp said, adding, “My expectation is that he will be able to recover substantial evidence of my relationship with Todd and corroborate what I have been saying about Todd’s prostitution activities.”


    1. I’ve been doing computer forensics and IT work for a long time, and my hope is that the Alaska PD doesn’t have anyone on staff that has the knowledge or time to wipe the data from Shailey’s PC, and cover it up effectively.

      We can only hope there is a smoking gun on that computer or phone proving that Todd Palin was implicated in either the adultery or the coverup
      and would amount to a fatal punch in the gut to her “prissy pure” image of being the devoted wife.


  11. Gingrich is an incredibly ignorant man for someone who’s widely believed to be “intelligent.” His idea of instillng a work ethic in poor kids is to have them replace unionized adult janitors, most of whom have to support families. His remarks to the effect that kids in poor neighborhoods have no role models that embody the work ethic are patronizing and ignorant. There are plenty of working poor, some of whom have to work more than one job just to make ends meet. I see many of them in my travels to and from work. It just goes to show that he is every bit the elitist that the GOP falsely claims the president is. This is on top of Gingrich’s numerous ethical isues, his well-earned reputation as a character assassination, and his being a serial adulterer.


  12. Newt Gingrich – “let them clean toilets”

    Sue Lowden, running for Nevada Senate in 2010:
    “let them barter with chickens for health care”

    $arah Palin on how to stop the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico
    “ask the Netherlands to help us build dykes”

    You know, if it was absolutely serious, tragic, and profoundly stupid, these fanatic neo-cons’ suggestions might actually be funny!


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