Newt Gingrich is the current front runner in the GOP primary. He has been noted to have a “commanding” lead in the polls. Yet there are so many problems that Newt would face in the general election, that it seems unlikely that he could sustain this lead. . However in a recent interview, Gingrich has promoted perhaps the most offensive, deranged, bigoted suggestion for solving the tragedy of child poverty in this country. Calling child labor laws “tragic” and “stupid”, Gingrich explained that America’s child labor laws have “done more to create income inequality in the U.S. than any other single policy.” In an unprecedented moment of inspiration, Gingrich suggested we eliminate janitors in public schools, and allow children to take pride in their schools by cleaning their toilets.  Newt’s plan would result in encouraging kids to take pride in the sparkling of a toilet bowl, instead of the amorphous sense of accomplishment of winning a football game, becoming a national merit scholar, being inducted in the national honor society, or winning a spelling bee. Instead of striving to win a national debate tournament, our kids could set their sights on the high that comes from inhalation of bathroom cleaning products.

Childhood poverty is a huge problem in the United States. Fifteen million children, 21% of all children in the U.S., live below the federal poverty level. Poverty has been shown to impede a child’s ability to learn. Both mental and physical health problems are associated with childhood poverty. Poverty is the single greatest threat to a child’s well-being. More than 23% of the nation’s children have at least one foreign-born parent. Immigrant families are disproportionately likely to experience poverty. While immigrant families have high employment rates, they are more likely to receive low wages, and are less likely to benefit from government work supports. Thus Newt Gingrich believes that the solution is to teach the children of these immigrants to perform menial labor, such as janitorial work. In this way the country promotes a culture of ignorance and ensures that we will continue to have a work force of children constantly available.

Here in the United States, especially near the Mexican border, children of all ages work with their migrant parents in vegetable fields. Perhaps as many as 800,000 kids pick vegetables by hand in America.

Sixty-five percent drop out of school before their high school graduation. Thus immigrant children might be available to clean bathrooms in school since they aren’t in the classrooms getting an education. Newt’s vision of the American dream for immigrant children is: “Come to America and you will have the opportunity to clean up after white children defecate.” If you work really hard you can get out of the bathrooms and be promoted to lawn mowing.

What a great solution! We must all recognize the brilliance of Newt Gingrich’s proposals to solve the immigration problem in America. Just imagine the future of America with a leader like Newt Gingrich.