Dear Herman, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

With the announcement that he is suspending his campaign, I am starting to realize how much I will miss Herman Cain. Not many people, particularly those over the age of 5, can quote Pokemon. Even fewer people in this country, and even the world, can make Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann look like Rhodes Scholars, but Cain could and did. Goodbye my Black Walnut, you will be missed.

8 thoughts on “Dear Herman, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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  1. You, all the comedians and the late night talk hosts. He was one big walking joke and I too will miss the old codger. I guess he sold enough books for now.


  2. this guy did not have a clue. if he was standing at the corner of get a & clue street in front a get a clue store, with $10,000 in his pocket, he could not have bought a clue. a total moron. you know, kinda like palin.


  3. Thanks for the laughs this morning Malia. I love your blog! For me, the most disturbing but hysterically funny moment with this pompous bag of wind was when he was asked about Egypt. OMG! That was one of his most desperate and jaw dropping moments in my opinion.

    I can’t imagine anyone with his baggage putting themselves out there knowing that they will be exposed for past transgressions. Unless the lure of the spotlight was just too hard to pass up with an ego that size. That tells me he has no respect for his wife and family, his party and this country. His presence only made the repubs look worse – if that’s possible.


  4. Malia – Keep up the good workl. Herman Cain is a grifter and a fraud, just like Palin and Bachman and Gingrich. They are all disgusting to me

    OT, but please check out Huffingtonpost’s story today on Rick Perry. He blasted Hillary Clinton for the new US stance that gay rights = human rights. He stated that this change is an affront to all “Americans of faith.” He is such a hypocrite, as you know. I really would hope more could be done to expose this man, specifically with regard to his own escapades in a certain community. I really wish that would happen. As a gay USAF veteran that would bring me great pleasure to see another closet case exposed. By the way, the USAF has implemented the total integration of gays and lesbians and the repeal of DADT admirably. Of couse I have been telling everyone for years that I was partially out in the USAF in the ’60’s and ’70’s, long before DADT.

    Brava, Ma Belle Amie


  5. Watching the Cainwreck was fascinating, and Cain in all his ignorance brought back memories of Amos & Andy. Although there are still plenty of GOP clowns, I’m glad this one is off the clown train. He was as out of his depth as a fish out of water, and was as clumsy and inept as a bull let loose in a china choset. He was actually stupid enough to think many black folks would vote for him, after he insulted us.


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