Newt, the Draft Dodger, Adulterer, Unethical Ex-Congressman is the GOP Frontrunner

In a poll just 24 hours old, Newt Gingrich has surged ahead in a national poll of likely Republican voters.

He is enjoying a 9% lead over Mitt Romney. The poll shows:

Gingrich 32%

Romney 23%

Cain 14%

Perry 5%

Michele Bachmann isn’t even mentioned. Surely the people who favor Gingrich just don’t know much about him. Surely as voters learn more about the Draft Dodger, Adulterer, Unethical Ex-Congressman, they will come to their senses.   Here is a brief outline of critical facts you might want to send to any family or friends who think Newt is the best choice as the next leader of the Free World:

1. In 1962 Newt was 19 years old. Before his 20th birthday he married Jackie Battley, his former high school geometry teacher who was 26 years old.

2. In the spring of 1980, 18 years and two daughters later, Newt divorced Battley. He had an affair with Marianne Ginther, who he later married. According to L.H. Carter, the campaign treasurer of Gingrich, Newt explained that “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides she has cancer.” 

3. While still married to Ginther Gingrich has an affair with House of Representatives staffer Callista Bisek who was 23 years younger. Gingrich continued this affair while he was the leader of the investigation of President Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal. In 2000 Gingrich married Bisek shortly after divorcing his second wife Ginther. Gingrich divorced his second wife eight months after finding out she had multiple sclerosis. Mr. Gingrich asked for the divorce on Mother’s Day 1999 after finding out about the diagnosis of MS. 

4. Gingrich dodged the draft during the Vietnam War.

5. Gingrich admitted guilt in an ethics probe against him while he served as Speaker of the House. He was required to pay a fine of $300,000, and resigned from office. He has not held political office since he resigned in 1999.

Thus the GOP has identified an adulterer, a draft dodger, a quitter, and an admittedly unethical ex-politician as its best and most qualified candidate for President. Maybe he will choose Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, since they have so much in common.

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  1. newt too shall fade. he has more baggage than the rest combined. Mitt will be the candidate but the wack-a-doodles are in denial. What could possibly be wrong with people that hold a preference for a serial adulterer, a serial woman harrasser, a looney gov of Texas that is as dumb as a box of rocks or a pray away the gay totally unhinged woman over a guy that it appears biggest negative is the fact that he is morman? Of course I’ll be voting for our current president but if the economy remains in the crapper, unemployment stays this high or higher and Mitt does happen to get elected I won’t be compelled to hand in my citizenship and leave the country of my birth the way I would if any of the rest of the “R” clowns were to win.


  2. Sadly, he probably WILL choose Sarah. But , there is a long time to the convention. The sour cream (Mittens$) will slowly rise to the top of this dung heap.


    1. Yeah, the GOP is scraping the complete bottom with Newt.

      But the choosing of Palin as VP for Newt is something I’d love to see. . . .
      Sarah is who they were talking about when they told the story of the
      frog (Newt) and the scorpion (Sarah). She’ll sting anyone she’s connected
      with ’cause she can’t help herself—even if she drowns in the bargain.


      1. dragonpuff,
        They seem to be so similar, that they would make a team that would either guarantee the re-election of Obama, or guarantee the end for our country.


      2. That’s an apt analogy, dragonpuff. She just can’t help herself.

        As for Newt, he is an unsavory mess. I can’t remember where I heard it, but some comic quipped that “he speaks the way a dumb person thinks a smart person would speak”.


    2. Sally,
      It is so clear that Romney is not a favored choice for the GOP, that I am hopeful that regardless of who gets the nomination, the Republicans have embarrassed themselves so badly that anyone they choose now will lose.


  3. Glad to see this post Malia. I’ve been pointing out Newt’s “inconsistencies” to my Republican friends for some time now.

    What has become of the Republican Party? They are like a caricature of themselves. Oh that’s right. They sold their souls to the lunatic Christian fringe.


  4. It shocks the hell out of me that some of my co-workers who are basically born-again Catholics would even consider this man.

    The funniest thing I heard today at work (from the wife of the owner) is that she hopes that a republican get’s in office. Why you ask? So that they can abolish the EPA (mind you we wouldn’t have jobs & they would not own 3 companies if there wasn’t an EPA because our livelihood depends upon the rules set forth by the EPA). Honestly, she really believes that if a republican gets in office they will get rid of the EPA.

    When I said that there is no way any of them would really do that she said that they would change the rules then and they wouldn’t be so strict. When I asked her about why they haven’t stopped abortion she didn’t say anything else.

    Seriously, I have to listen to stuff like this all the time. I have no idea how I got in an office with all republicans (who basically are tea bagger repubs). It is a daily struggle NOT to 1) get fired [because I sometimes have to bite my tongue almost completely off to stop from saying something they would not like] 2) walk out the door and never come back because I just can’t take it anymore.

    Guess what? They also LOVE LOVE LOVE Faux News and watch it from morning to bedtime. Love Rush, Beck, any religious right wing nutters and actually believed that the president wasn’t born in Hawaii.


  5. What I don’t get is …

    HOW is it possible that the ENTIRE slate of Republican candidates is so dreadful (as in: provably corrupt … demonstrably dishonest … mentally unhinged) that every last one of ’em vergest on being literally CARTOONISH-ly BAD ?!?

    (Perry & Romney have worked hard to perfect Dudley Dooright’s tooth twinkle … Bachmann is sometimes a menacingly Minnesotan version of Natasha, the spy partner of Boris Badenov on Rocky & Bullwinkle.)

    Are there really NO Republicans speaking out about how awful all their party’s nominees are ???

    2012 is shaping up as the nastiest election cycle in my adult memory, but no matter how low it gets …

    For the same reaon that I refuse to accept the reality of fairies and elves, I can’t accept as reality the notion that any of the GOP candidates is qualified to sell art nouveau letter openers on the Home Slopping Network, much less serve as our next President.


    1. Hot Air Vent,
      I am mystified as well! It seems that the Republican Party has become so far to the right, that the party simply attracts people who are uneducated and/or immoral. It’s funny that they proclaim their Morality as an important part of their party’s principles.


  6. News Flash – CNN is reporting that “Herb” Cain has been having an affair for 13 years with a friend of the family. Makes you wanna go “Hmmmm”


    1. reddog,
      I don’t understand either? This information is all over the internet, and while Gingrich may have refuted some of the details of the stories, the basic facts are not in dispute.


  7. Malia, I was just at the Obama Diary blog and had to tell you about a couple of comments: (first, let me preface that it was my hometown wherein a young black man’s sister whose apartment was broken into and someone attempted to molest her, but the brother stopped them, and started rapping when interviewed “hide yo wife, hide yo kids” or something to that effect and became famous!) back to the story – apparently Rick Perry told a Boston radio station tonight that he is in NH and is “looking for me some babies to kiss,” whereupon someone tweeted: “Hide yo wife, hide you kids New Hampshire.” lol – I just think that is the funniest thing I have read today!


  8. debinOH–Man, I hate those people that I’ve never met. I know them though. Ley me work there for a couple mof days. I don’t mind getting fired or walking.


    1. Tom, I agree with you. I’d either get fired or definitely walk – damn the consequences. Just can’t keep my mouth shut for any length of time and sarcasm is my weapon. Of course the GOPTP don’t recognize sarcasm, their little brains aren’t programmed that way so I’d get away with it for a long time. Remember how the RW loved Steven Colbert at first because they took him at his word & thought he was one of them? It took them a long time to figure it out & it had to be pointed out to them what he was actually doing. Much like when they named themselves tea baggers & went around with tea bags stapled to their hats. Not the brightest tools in the belt.

      Another good one Malia. Thanks!


  9. Malia Litman is angry because Newt Gingrich would NEVER consider going out with a BEAST as ugly as she is.

    Malia Litman is a die-hard democrat so it really doesn’t matter what her opinion is of Newt Gingrich or any republican for that matter.

    Instead of bashing the republican candidates for president, the democrats should figure out a way of supporting the disgrace that is currently occuping the White House.


    1. First of all, Newt Gingrich is not attractive either as a person or in the flesh. As far as most women are concerned, Calista can HAVE him. Second, men on the far right have a well-deserved reputation for getting personal about women’s looks when they don’t have any kind of rational argument about the subject at hand. Gingrich’s ethical issues are very well-known, and they should give pause to anyone even considering giving him the nomination, much less the White House. The truth is that there are Republicans who don’t like him any better than we Democrats do, for the same reasons. Even if he had movie-star good looks and was single, his moral bankruptcy, insensitivity toward less fortunate Americans, and his shoddy ethics would make him unappealing.


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