John McCain was in his seventies when he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.  Roger Ailes was almost 70 when he hired Sarah Palin to speak on Fox News.  It seems this is a trend. Ailes current wife is 20 years younger than Ailes.

McCain’s current wife is 18 years younger. Both divorced older women in order to marry women young enough to be their daughters.

Ailes thinks Palin is stupid.McCain hasn’t declared publicly that she is stupid but Steve Schmidt, McCain’s campaign chief basically said that.. When McCain lost the election he knew Sarah Palin had cost him votes, but he didn’t seem to learn much. He continued to use her to raise money in his re-election campaign for Senate in Arizona. Ailes is now unhappy with Palin for her failure to announce her decision not to seek the Presidency on Fox. Palin is still under contract with Fox News, and the only question is how will Ailes use her for the next year of her contract. Perhaps Fox News will feature its female commentators in swim suits when they report the news?