Why Old Men Like Sarah Palin

John McCain was in his seventies when he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.  Roger Ailes was almost 70 when he hired Sarah Palin to speak on Fox News.  It seems this is a trend. Ailes current wife is 20 years younger than Ailes.

McCain’s current wife is 18 years younger. Both divorced older women in order to marry women young enough to be their daughters.

Ailes thinks Palin is stupid.McCain hasn’t declared publicly that she is stupid but Steve Schmidt, McCain’s campaign chief basically said that.. When McCain lost the election he knew Sarah Palin had cost him votes, but he didn’t seem to learn much. He continued to use her to raise money in his re-election campaign for Senate in Arizona. Ailes is now unhappy with Palin for her failure to announce her decision not to seek the Presidency on Fox. Palin is still under contract with Fox News, and the only question is how will Ailes use her for the next year of her contract. Perhaps Fox News will feature its female commentators in swim suits when they report the news?

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  1. they deserve each other. It’s so refreshing to see less and less of the palin trailer trash in our faces. Even her wigs are protesting when they get stuck on her silly head. I hope she stays in the “has-been” drawer under lock and key. What a long road it’s been.


      1. I’ve never heard anyone speak of Palin in terms where they were praising her for her intellect or ability to get things done on her own. Without her staff, she would have been revealed to the entire world for the joke she is far sooner than she was. There’s a sliver of a percentage of her fans who are still wishing she would run for President but I don’t think the less than 6k names on the petition and 2 Facebook sites are going to have an impact on anyone. The number of people her fans have gathered is equivalent to far less than 1% of the number of voters in the ’08 election.


  2. Wonkette has just posted on the Ailes disrespect of Palin. LOL. My oh my.

    Ticked off with Rove, and to punish them, she bites the hand that feeds her by giving the scoop to another of her fervant admireing P.S.’s, Levin.

    Too big for her panties.


  3. Rupert Murdoch is in that same Klan. His wife Wendy Deng who was born in 1968 – she’s 42. Murdoch was born in 1931 – he’s 80.

    It makes me gag at the thought in that she’s over a decade younger than me and he’s older than my mother. 38 years between them equals enough time that there could be two generations between.

    Gives true meaning to ‘Put a bag over it’s head and screw it for the country’!!


  4. Some men, (many) have no shame and wear their lust like a huge sign on their chest! I think younger men hide it better, but the older set are from another era when treating women like sex objects was just the norm.
    It’s still prevalent but older men show it more. I experienced this most of my life. While running a restaurant, the instances of this behavior were plentiful. One old fellow used to fly into the Boston and stop in for soup or tea or anything so he could sit and stare at me. Finally he invited me to his restaurant which was in his hotel, for lunch. I accepted on condition he included all the help from my place. He agreed. We all arrived to lunch and the old gentleman came into the beautiful dining room, dressed in a bathing suit and robe. He then went into the pool in front of all of us and began swimming laps! Yes, the hotel has a pool in the middle of the dining room.
    Sarah knows how to work it just like any other user would. That’s her claim to fame, poor thing, she’s an embarrassment to all women!


    1. Jeana,

      You speak ABSOLUTE TRUTH – the men who are attracted to me, are the SAME AGE as the men who were attracted to me when I was in my 20s and 30s – they are OVER 65 – it amazes me now that I’m 57. The exact ame type of men.


    2. jeanabella,
      It’s like they never learned how to respect women, and it is so easy for women to recognize men like McCain and Ailes.


  5. I hope ailes cans her scrawny ass & sends his goons up to dismantle her in-home studio. Fortunately bristle’s reality show has been shelved due to lack of interest and she’s going to beauty college. Maybe sarah can set-up a station in the corner of bristle’s beauty emporium for bikini waxes and pedicures.


      1. There is so much evidence in video and photographs of the Palin hair and style (I mean lack thereof!), that there is no way anyone in LaLaLand would let Brisket near them!! They and many places don’t do the beehive or bumpit hair!!

        Her only chance to use her education would be either at the Beehive or open her own in a ‘red’ town and even then it would be questionable as to it’s success.

        Because of Palin, it explains why ‘Bumpits’ were hung on the checkout merchandise displays for your last chance purchase while you stood in line. Old Man Walmart would have been ‘ga-ga’ over Palin too like the other old dirty men — and I don’t mean ‘dirty’ in the sense of needing a bath!!


      2. Very true. But what kind of example did she have? Actually if she does go to beauty college, graduates and finds gainful employment good for her. All her mother taught her was how to grift and use people. Bristle wasn’t blessed with the looks her mother HAD so it wouldn’t be as easy for her to use silly old men to further her career.


  6. Lisa Lampanelli has a great R rated commentary on Palin and really puts her “beauty” in perspective. In PC terms, Lisa says Palin can’t win against beauty pageant competitors, but she can if she lowers the level and enters a beauty contest against politicians.

    If Palin decides to run, make her do a press conference with Lisa, Wanda Sykes, and Jeanne Garafolo(sp).


  7. What’s that thingy pinned to Sarah’s swim suit? Is it like a ribbon from the Alaska State Fair? Grand Champion Prime Pork or something?


  8. Only certain old men like Palin, and they are the ones who are hung up on actual or relative youth without any regard for a woman’s intellectual gifts or lack thereof. They are also the kind of men who think it’s a feather in their caps when they snag a much younger woman, especially an attractive one. IMHO, all it does is make them look like the old fools that they are. In some cases, all these women want to do is use them for whatever wealth they have.


  9. Younger men also “love” Palin. The older ones just have the money to pay her. Look at all the young females on FOX all day long. No matter what, she gets paid her money until 2013 (more than you make). She just might have a big surprise for you by that time. When she is on FOX, the ratings go way up. She’ll always be in demand.


    1. gary,
      You are so right! She makes a lot of money off of saying stupid things, and I make no money off of this blog! There is a lesson there for those who are paying attention.


    2. She makes money only on FOX, although it may not be for long, and she makes it off of gullible fools who believe her nonsense. And only SOME men love Palin regardless of age. There are plenty of others who think she’s attractive, or just okay, until she opens her mouth and utters stupidity with the screechy voice that can make dogs howl and cats yowl. It’s been great not to have to hear her, but then again I don’t watch FOX Noise. Your comment that she makes more money than Malia could just as easily be applied to big time grifters like Bernie Madoff was. It’s a sad commentary that someone as bereft of talent or intelligence as Palin gets so much money, both on her and her followers.


      1. Anne,
        The really sad thing is that who makes the most money may be the real problem. As we have seen, Palin, Madoff, and those with the same motivations make a lot of money at the expense of so many! It is precisely because I am NOT being paid by anyone that people consider what I write.


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