The GOP candidates have distinguished themselves as bigots. From Rick Perry’s Niggerhead ranch  to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Dr. Laura using the word “nigger,”  it seems bigotry is a common characteristic of GOP candidates. The casual observer might think that Herman Cain might be more sensitive to racial issues because he is black. The casual observer would be wrong! Herman Cain is also a bigot.

Given the fact that he seems to prefer white women, it appears that race is a factor in his mind. However his bigotry against Muslims has been something of which he seems to be proud. He has stated that he would not have a Muslim in his cabinet. In telling the story of his surgery for colon cancer, the doctor who saved his life was Dr. Abdallah who “sounded too foreign”. When Mr. Cain was advised that Dr. Abdallah was Christian his response was “Hallelujah! Thank God!” This comes on the heels of Cain’s recently expressed belief that the majority of American Muslims are extremists, based on the knowledge of a “very prominent voice in the Muslim community” whom he refused to name.

In the words of Omar Baddar, a writer for Huffington Post,

“This man (Herman Cain) makes Sarah Palin look like an intellectual, and Newt Gingrich like a compassionate ‘Kumbaya’ chorus leader.