Cain Campaign HAS to be a Joke, Right?

You can give Herman Cain a pass on his Libya gaffe, of not knowing China had nuclear weapons and even thinking Cuban was a language. He does have a lot of stuff “twirling” in his mind. He has to think of new women to harass, the correct ratio of cheese to pepperoni, while thinking, talking AND sometimes walking at the same time. However Cain’s latest statement has me seriously considering that his campaign is just a big, elaborate joke.

I cannot help but think that at any moment he is going to tell us we have all been punked and that he will be returning all the donations people have made to his campaign. This is the statement that has me nearly convinced, “If you look at the topography of Iran. Where are you going to strike? It’s very mountainous. That’s what makes it very difficult”.

First of all, has he never heard of planes?

Secondly, does he not realize that there have been mountains in every country where we have fought wars?  From the French and Indian War in 1754 before our country was founded to the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to Spanish American War to WWI and WWII to the Korean War and the Vietnam War to the wars fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mountains did not deter us.

Herman Cain just can’t be a real candidate, right?


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  1. He is getting security protection because of death threats.

    He is crying emotionally. (The idea of his wife holding the bible when he is sworn in for POTUS).

    How long before Cain bows out? Not long I hope. I think the pressure is beginning to show.

    Perry will be gone soon. The money he thought he would get (55 million and up) isn’t coming in.


  2. The saddest thing, IMO?
    I have a small but clear gut feeling that he was actually trying to leverage some info from his “cramming,” about the issues our military has faced in Afghanistan…with the “topography” and the isolated mountain regions and borders, etc.

    i read a very dense, informative article about this (perhaps a year or two ago) that was written by some uber-authority-joint-chief-something along with some very very experienced boots-on-the-ground contributors.

    I honestly think poor Herb has maxed out his mental capacity and just reached for a reference and got it all so wrong. again.

    And his low-info target audience will hardly notice. sigh…

    Peace & happy weekend ! V


  3. OMG! I am so glad I am not a republican. This panel trying to be the president of our country and the leader of the free world is without a doubt, ridiculous. Other countries must be making the US Republican Party the laughing stock of the entire world. Why, oh why aren’t these people vetted to qualify for this job before they are out there making fools of themselves?


  4. That’s why we never attacked Switzerland, the Alps.

    Of all the other considerations around attacking Iran, their Russian and Chinese weapons systems, huge army, and shutting off 40% of the oil flow to the rest of the world, he picks mountains.


  5. Wow I’ve so got deja’vu going on here – didn’t we say this about Sarah in 2008? Bush in 2000? When did the Republican party become a comedy club?

    (Malia – have you caught up with the reality that Cain’s ‘999’ plan came from how a video game – Sims Sin City – collects their virtual taxes? The game’s producers are jazzed that a politician took their plan seriously – rofl)


  6. I know we live in a free country and people can do what they want within the law. But there has to be a way to limit the participation of clowns, carnival barkers, snakeoil salesmen and the others who have hijacked the system.

    In the “old days” money was the great equalizer. You had to raise gobs of it in order to travel, buy commercial time, print campaign materials, pay staff etc. But now in the age of 24-hour news cycles that need to be filled, reporters paying attention to even the mosts absurd candidates, twitter, facebook and all the other new tools, any knucklehead with a catchy shtick can grab attention. At least for a while. It doesn’t cost that much and the rewards are great – book deals, ratings for your reality show, higher speaking fees, possible commerical endorsements, the list goes on.

    How else do you explain Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Herb Cain, Pat Buchanan back in the day, repulsive serial liar Newt Gingrich and all the other munchkins who dance across the stage every four years.

    These opportunists are degrading the process, dumbing down the electorate, scaring the hell out of people like me, and embarrassing our country. On the plus side, they elevate the stature of President Obama and draw attention to his intellect, grace under pressure, calm measured approach to our problems, dignity and character. Thank them for that. And then please make them go away.


  7. First he’s quoting the song for the Pokemon movie…then his tax plan comes from SimCity…Rachel Maddow is right. Herman Cain isn’t running for President…it’s Performance Art. Personally, I think he’s auditioning for his own reality show so Herman can just be Herman.


    1. There has been talk of a gig on…guess where? Maybe they will dump “political contributor in disguise” Sarah and give Herb a chance to make a bigger fool of himself. He can go on Hannity and whine about the liberals being so mean to him.


      1. Sally,
        The more they complain about the “liberals” making them look bad, the more the true stupidity of the GOP Candidates comes out, and people are beginning to realize that its not the liberals, or even the press, but the candidates themselves who are their own worst enemies.


  8. Then why are the birthers claiming President Obama should be impeached and kicked out of the White House, even though he was born in Hawaii.

    And he was elected. No question there. And he would be re-elected, no question.


  9. His faux CEO mentality assures him that the ‘underlings’ in his path will do as he says. Immediately, or face losing their job cause he’s the BOSS!! He is NOT to be questioned or challenged! He doesn’t have to know anything because he will hire people to do his thinking. He is just there to issue the orders, call the shots and decide who is worthy and who is not. Never quite telling or showing us why he is so special that he deserves to be in the top spot. It’s not because he’s charming or special. It’s not because he’s sensitive or thoughtful. It’s not because he has special abilities or an exceptional background in leadership. Heck, he doesn’t even have good hair like Perry or Romney. So what is it Hermie? That little thread of dictatorial panache that oozes from your words?

    What a pathetic, despicable empty shell is Herman Cain.


  10. I just watched a clip on Hardball showing Cain in New Hampshire. So obvious that they filled in the background with ALL caucasian faces. What are the chances of that happening without a little help from Cain’s people? Zero and none. I love how he is pandering to the “elite whites.”


    1. WakeUp America,
      It is amazing to me that they are suggesting by his presence in the race that someone so clueless and unworthy could run. It’s like Sarah Palin all over again. She was nominated because she was female, and Cain because he is Black, but it is a commentary on the GOP’s view of Blacks and women, to think that these two represent the best of women or Blacks.


    1. akgirls,
      It is hard to imagine that her original hearing was June 15th and, now, five months later, she still doesn’t have her property back, as ordered by the Judge.


  11. Cain’s candidacy is just as much of an unfunny joke as those of most of the GOP candidates. In addition to his ignorance, his unseemly deference to his morally bankrupt, empathy-challenged “brothers from a different mother,” and the sexual harassment charges, he is acting the way he probably did when he was head of NRA. He seems to think he can dictate the terms of the vetting process the way he supervised any employees he had authority over. Just like Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, and Willard, he is a “hot mess.”


    1. Anne,
      It seems to me that the GOP has shown itself to be all about inclusion of women and Blacks, but by selecting the ones they have they have done more damage to the struggle for diversity by choosing candidates based on their outward appearance only.


      1. They are also making a mockery of all the women’s and civil rights movements accomplished by selecting dimwits. But then again, the white, male candidates are also dim bulbs, which speaks volumes about just how the GOP has devolved into a group of religious fanatics, loons, bigots, and heartless creeps who care nothing about the well-being of fellow Americans.


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