Republican Kryptonite Discovered!

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  1. Thanks, Malia ! This was great!
    Sorry its a little OT, but I had to laugh when LOD almost said “Brain fart” at about the 3 minute mark. ha ha !! He says, “brain fareeze” and just barely catches himself 🙂


  2. I don’t think it’s the color of the tie but the tie itself. Here’s a member of the organization “Ban the Necktie!” speaking on the subject:

    There are medical reasons to avoid and outright ban the use of neckties in today’s society. First, consider how blood flows to the brain, through the carotid arteries from the heart and up through the neck to the head. A necktie is able to put sufficient pressure on these arteries to restrict and limit the flow of oxygen carrying blood to the brain. The heart has to increase its blood pressure to compensate for the restriction in blood flow that the necktie is causing. Without a sufficient amount of oxygenated blood feeding the brain, people tend to become lightheaded and do not have the ability to think straight, their logical reasoning skills are effectively shut off. Breathing is also affected by the constraints placed upon the neck, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen to the lungs and further limiting the amount of oxygen that the blood will carry. Take members of congress for example, how many of them spend the majority of their day wearing a necktie and what are the results that have been coming out of congress these days. This is also why women tend to be more level minded and clear thinkers; they do not restrict the blood flow of blood to their brains with piece of cloth tied around their necks.


  3. LOL! I hadn’t seen this clip before (no TV in our house. 😉 )
    I *LOVE* his answer at the end – supposedly he says 9-9-9, but if you speak German, you also know that in THAT language he says: NEIN,NEIN, NEIN – IOW: NO, NO, NO! 😀


  4. Huffington Post on the Libya video. 25,889 comments 736 pages.

    A eeg tech suggested Herman was having a TIA. He seriously recommends that Mr. Cain have a sleep deprived EEG and CT scan.

    Ya know, having been in the medical field most of my adult life, I think it is a possible explaination, besides the mans basic stupidity about foreign issures and an inability to formulate a cogent sentence when he is confused.

    Cain is an expert at glib double talk, and this was one hell of a brain freeze. He himself almost called it a brain fart, “brain far-eeze” is how he put it.


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