Shailey Tripp Fights Back Against the APD for Obstruction of Justice

Yesterday Shailey Tripp sent an e-mail to Dave Parker, the Press Officer at the Anchorage Police Department. She sent me a copy and agreed to let me post it. She said:

“ Lt. Parker,

I’d like to believe you that you called me; however, after a thorough review of my cell phone log, I can find no evidence that you attempted to reach me. Perhaps you called the wrong number by mistake. *********** is the correct number.

Before discussing my property I need to correct a misstatement of yours: Anuradha Lawes (cell phone: **********, the person who picked up some of my property from APD is my mother, not my attorney. My attorney’s name is Kristen Foster (telephone: **********. If you doubt Ms. Lawes is my mother or that she is not my attorney, I encourage you to call her to verify these facts.

The APD’s failure to return my property is as baffling as it is troubling. After speaking with various attorneys, officers, and others about this matter there seems to be no precedent, at least in the recent history of the APD, for the withholding of personal property in a dismissed misdemeanor case. Perhaps you can recall one.

To put things is their proper perspective a short review summary is perhaps in order. At a hearing on June 15, after it was shown that I had complied with all of the terms of my probation, my case was dismissed by Judge Pamela Washington. The return of my property was then discussed at some length. The judge ordered all of my property returned with the full consent of Municipal Prosecutor (MP) David Wallace. The sole exception was $209.00 in US currency. This agreement and order are in the public record.

Given the judge’s order, and the prosecutor having given his blessing, I anticipated a swift return of my property. I was sadly mistaken. David Wallace himself assured me that the return of my property would be expedited and told me to expect my property back within seven to ten business days. There ensued a frustrating two-month period of phone calls attempting to obtain the return of my property. During this time individuals at the APD attempted to stall by claiming that they were waiting for paperwork or authorization from the MP’s office. I subsequently learned this was not the case.

Someone named Matt at the MP’s office assured me that they had sent to APD all of the necessary paperwork and authorization they needed to release my property. I was both angered and disappointed to learn that the APD has not acted in an honest and forthright manner in dealing with my property.

As part of my efforts to obtain the return of my property I contacted Judge Washington’s clerk for assistance. Through a series of phone calls I learned that Judge Washington’s clerk had contacted both the MP’s office and the APD and had told both to comply with the judge’s order. The APD ignored her.

At length I was contacted regarding the return of property and arranged a Power of Attorney for my mother to act in my behalf to obtain my property. Some property was returned but not all of it. I am not going to itemize these items for you now because we both know you have these records in your possession. The items I am concerned about having returned to me are a credit card machine, a cell phone, and a computer.

The bottom line and undisputed fact is that the APD is continuing to withhold personal property of mine in defiance of a judge’s order and my constitutional rights. Furthermore it is clear from our correspondence that you have no intention of complying with the judge’s order and my continued pleas. This is unacceptable. The logical and obvious explanation for this is that the APD is protecting one or more persons whose names are contained in the property being withheld, apparently out of a fear that someone will be embarrassed or exposed in some way. The further proof of this is the bizarre issuance of a press release by you, discussed below.

I continue to demand the immediate return of ALL of my property, in accordance with Judge Washington’s order, the Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor, APD policy, and the United States Constitution. I furthermore put the Anchorage Police Department on notice to NOT attempt to destroy any of my personal property.

Regarding the press release, the most significant aspect of it is the multiple specific references to Todd Palin. It is these references that would lead the average observer to conclude that it is political in nature and that its issuance had absolutely nothing to do with my case except to discredit me. It is replete with fabrications and misstatements. Here are the major points:

You stated in the press release, “There’s not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this.” However, you later admitted publicly that you had not examined all of the evidence that was confiscated from me; consequently, there is no way you could truthfully make this statement.

The press release cited “several errors” regarding the investigation and arrest as it was reported in the Enquirer article, stating that “None of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.” Given that, again, the physical evidence was not fully examined (if at all), this statement is at best misleading and at worst a deliberate lie designed to achieve a political purpose.

The press release goes on to say, “The investigation of the prostitution operation was initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.” This statement is also untrue. A review of the police reports in the case reveals that the investigation was initiated when William Fortier, who formerly owned the building where I operated my business, lodged a complaint. So either the police report is incorrect or you were misinformed.

Finally, the press release stated, “No rolodex was seized and taken into evidence.” While no ‘paper’ Rolodex was seized, officers never searched my computers, which contained electronic address books, and in several of the officers’ reports references were made to ‘client lists’ that were seized.

I will note also that you are on record as publicly admitting (in telephone conversations with blogger/attorney Malia Litman) that you issued the press release at the request of John Tiemessen, Sarah Palin’s attorney of record.

This highly unorthodox behavior cannot be explained or justified in the context of any normal APD practice or procedure. On the contrary, it leads one to the inescapable conclusion that this was done for purely political purposes to aid Sarah Palin, with whom you are known to be allied politically as well as through church affiliation. In short, you placed political and religious allegiance before your duty as a sworn peace officer.

It is also telling that this press release was issued after normal business hours and does not appear on the APD website, along with APD’s other press releases, as if you were instructed not to do so, embarrassed to place it there due to its content, and/or because it was not authorized by higher authority and you did not wish it to be known that you had issued it.

You can rest assured that I will not let this issue rest until I have received a full accounting of why the press release was issued and on whose authority it was released. I am sending a detailed letter to APD Internal Affairs outlining the unusual and unethical behavior of its officers, including the issuance of the press release as detailed above. In addition, I am sending a copy of this correspondence to the ombudsman for the Municipality of Anchorage Ombudsman requesting that she investigate this matter, forwarding copies to the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office and to Judge Washington.

It gives me no pleasure to take these actions but I am sick of being misled by the APD after I acted in good faith. There is clearly something amiss in the APD. I am happy to speak or correspond with you if it leads to the return of my property.

Shailey Tripp”


Shailey has confirmed in this e-mail that the lap top computer seized had electronic address-books. Thus there can no longer be any doubt about the reason that the lap top has never been returned to Shailey Tripp. This is particularly offensive because Officer McKinnon has confirmed that he put the property department on notice of the sensitive nature of the lap top right after it was confiscated. That “scintilla” of evidence may have been destroyed, but it was last in the possession of the Anchorage Police Department before it wasn’t.

Tampering with evidence is a class C felony in Alaska.  AS 11.56.610 provides:

“AS 11.56.610. Tampering With Physical Evidence.

(a) A person commits the crime of tampering with physical evidence if the person

(1) destroys, mutilates, alters, suppresses, conceals, or removes physical evidence with intent to impair its verity or availability in an official proceeding or a criminal investigation;

(3) prevents the production of physical evidence in an official proceeding or a criminal investigation by the use of force, threat, or deception against anyone; or

(4) does any act described by (1), (2), or (3) of this subsection with intent to prevent the institution of an official proceeding.

(b) Tampering with physical evidence is a class C felony.

It seems the only question left is how many police officers with the Anchorage Police Department were involved in tampering with evidence.  How many police officers may have been identified on that address list along with Todd Palin?

If this gives rise to any questions you would like to ask of the APD you are invited to ask .  I’m sending a copy of this post to Judge Pamela Washington.

71 thoughts on “Shailey Tripp Fights Back Against the APD for Obstruction of Justice

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  1. Malia:
    Maybe Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Madow or Keith Olberman would be interested. Hell, they’ve got nothing else to talk about!


  2. And where in the hell is Miss Tripps atty, in all this mess? I applaud your unwavering support of Shailey, but this story is making me laugh at this point.

    Aside from the beauty of Alaska it remains a f**ked up political mess.


    1. This makes you laugh? Why is that? It isn’t funny. It’s disgusting.

      Does your name ” Ballsy Brewer” refer to Jan? Speaking of a lack of integrity ….


  3. She needs to get a high powered pro bono attorney as soon as possible. I believe they destroyed her property for fear that someone could access her information. This letter should be sent to the Editors of Alaskan papers. The citizens of Alaska need to know what type of injustice goes on in Alaska.


  4. Brava Shailey & Malia! This cover up is beyond outrageous. I hope & pray the perpetrators will be brought to justice, but with all the corruption that continues to surface in AK, I’ve become cynical. I can’t thank both of you enough for continuing to stand up & fight for Shailey’s rights! You’re fighting for our rights too. You’re my heroes and I’m so proud of you.


  5. Good for her!!!! And thank you Malia! I despise bullies like Todd Palin. And nothing is worse than dirty cops and a corrupt police department. My concern is that internal affairs will be just as corrupt.

    Hey Anchorage PD: you give a very bad name to honest law enforcement officials everywhere. You have to know what you have done is not only morally wrong but illegal. I’m starting to wonder if there is a bigger reason for this cover up. How many at the top in the PD and government are involved in this prostitution ring? One has to wonder. I mean Ignoring a court order to return evidence????? It’s too suspicious.

    Perhaps this needs to go above the APF to the local FBI or I dont know who. But enough is enough.

    Go Shailey!
    And Malia thanks for your perseverance.


      1. Yes, grammy97, Malia and Shailey deserve to be praised and saluted for their courage. You, Lisabeth and many others are seeking justice and fair treatment under the constitution for Ms. Tripp. Something is terribly wrong in this entire case. I served honorably to protect and defend the constitution. I do not take things like police brutality (OWS) and corruption in law enforcement lightly. I am especially incensed when I hear about abuse of police powers. During my long civilian career in child abuse investigations and children’s protective services, I worked with law enforcement officers in both FL and MA. I investigated and presented cases to the courts alongside police officers from major cities (Boston & Tampa/St. Pete), as well as smaller jurisdictions in both FL and MA. The dedication and hard work of most LE I worked with were admirable and wonderful to see. They helped to protect the most vulnerable in our society. That is why it is especially egregious when LE violates their oath to serve.

        It is so important for everyone to look at the way LE responds to the public. Something seems very odd with the way this case has been handled by APD.

        Shailey and Malia – Good work.


  6. You’d think after all of the attention the Toadette brought to Alaska they’d at least make an attempt to straighten up a bit. They sure have hated having the spotlight on them.

    I, like so many others have watched this B.S. go on since the fall of 08. I can’t believe what they have gotten away with. Does no one have to answer for anything up there? I remember well the comment section of the ADN back then. Always telling “The Outside” to get out of their business, I can see why. It is indeed corrupt bastard heaven in Alaska.

    Keep at it Malia & Shailey, kick their miserable asses! They’ve had it coming for years. Good job ladies!


  7. Since the state system seems corrupt, could Shailey sue the APD in Federal Court for a violation of her US Constitutional rights? Alternatively, state court and get it before the same Judge at least? This is crazy. Maybe the Fairbanks or Juneau DA’s office and/or police would be willing to intervene?


    1. I think he is part of the problem. He goes to the same church. He has never responded before to things he has been sent around issues like that. I’m not sure what you do with a small state where everyone is connected. In most normal places the state AG office would be helpful but in Alaska? He might be another person to send it to. I do hope the judge is furious and does more about it.

      Thomas, you had a very interesting career. Thanks for all you did from one citizen. I can see why police corruption would bother you.

      Malia did you Sarahs speech last night. She is an incredibly deceitful woman. Telling people that the occupy wall street protesters want a handout is despicable.
      She is the QUEEN of her ” crony capitalism” she blabs about. What a hypocrite. I can’t see why her followers dont see she is full of crap. If she had an iota of integrity, she would make an attempt to actually read the agenda of the OWS movement before being so disparaging. She makes me sick.


      1. jcinco,
        I have copied him on some other correspondence and have not gotten a response. If an Alaskan citizen sends it he might pay more attention.


  8. What I can’t figure out is why is the Judge and the DA allowing this behavior to continue. It makes absolutely no sense.

    Malia, can Ms. Tripp file a complaint with the Bar, for the Judge and the DA not helping to resolve this incident? With them not getting a handle on this puts the very appearance of inappropriate conduct and cover-up on their part.. All the Judge would have to do is write an Order that her mother could take to the P.D. demanding them to release these items.

    I really hate it when people are rode over roughshod. It appears the Lt. is very good at being evasive because he knows he can. I truly wish I was up in Alaska I would go with Ms. Tripp’s mom to get that property, because that Lt. couldn’t blow me off. I am definitely not a timid female and I didn’t make Lt. (second in history of the department) for being laid back.

    Lt. Parker this is to you, because I know you read this. You are definitely not representing what the rest of us put a lot of pride in. I can walk down the street without a firearm because I know I treated people as they wanted to be treated, bet you can’t say that. If you think anybody in your department or higher up are going to protect you from any liability from this issue you are so sadly mistaken. I am sure you are probably a veteran officer and I can’t believe you are willing to bite the bullet on this by yourself.


  9. As with all things Palin, there might be more here than meets the eye. There may even be the possibility that Shailey was originally arrested for the express purpose of obtaining her property, specifically because it did possess incriminating evidence against Todd Palin and members of the Anchorage Police Department.

    It’s almost a guarantee that her computer and cell phone will have been scrubbed clean of anything relating back to Todd and the APD. They cannot now give these items back to Shailey because the very fact they have been cleaned out (which is all time stamped automatically onto the computer’s hard drive, for instance) provides prima facie proof of evidence tampering on their part.

    Alaska is being run like a lawless frontier state from back in the 1800’s.

    PS. Incidentally, standard forensic procedure is to copy a hard drive to study it’s contents, leaving the original intact for its evidentiary value.


    1. I agree that they really cannot release this back now as it would show they tampered with evidence.

      I’m sure the department will come up with some lame excuse that they “lost” these items. That will in turn, be proof enough for me that there was indeed evidence of Todd’s invovement.

      The world is watching the APD behave as corrupt as the Palin’s have.


      1. craigtamy,
        I’m already convinced that there was evidence on the items not returned. The only question is whether anyone will be able to confirm that


    2. They probably either dumped both cell phone & computer or replaced the hard drive (like they did with Mercede’s computer) & sim card. Either way – it exposes their illegal actions.


  10. I also forgot Ms. Tripp might want to talk to her attorney then file a complaint with Alaska Bureau of Investigation for the highly suspicious activities of Lt. Parker and any other known person that is deliberately refusing to return her property. This is the group that handles any allegations against law enforcement officers and they investigate.


  11. Why has National Enquirer taken down their Shailey Tripp story?

    In my opinion, it has not yet been established that a laptop and cell phone were taken.


      1. I wonder if they returned the used condoms. A smoking gun with DNA if they were Todds.

        Think of Monica Lewinsky and the blue dress.


    1. scarlet/oregon,
      Thanks for reading. Bravo to you and everyone keeping up with this story, as the more people who know, the more likely we will see justice served.


    1. Both departments under the control of the Palin/Parnell administration – hand picked flunkies. May be some very high in the administration on the list.


  12. Good job, Shailey and Malia!

    I suggest if Shailey doesn’t get her stuff or at least a WRITTEN timetable, she should resend the letter in 10 days(?) with CC: to the police chief, Off. Mckinnon, Judge Washington, MP Wallace, her attorney, Malia and a note of explanation why a second letter is necessary and a list of dates of previous phone calls and emails.

    On day 20(?), send it again with CC: to the above AND the mayor (or whoever the police chef’s boss is), the Anchorage Daily news, Alaska Dispatch, and Anchorage Press and note why a third is necessary and showing all the people above ignoring or putting her off.

    On day 30(?), resend with all of the above plus all the liberal Alaskan bloggers.

    Etc, etc. adding nationwide bloggers and news outlets.

    Unless Shailey doesn’t care about the other items not returned, she could up the ante by adding an itemized checklist attachment of what was returned and what wasn’t, using copies of APD own paperwork.

    I can’t see any cons in this. What do you all think?


    1. It’s not a bad plan, but I don’t see it helping, at least as far as the mayor goes. Dan Sullivan is as corrupt as they come, and I’m sure is cheering the APD on in their refusal to release the evidence. Anchorage politics is one sad mess.


  13. Can Ms Tripp produce her copy of the evidence inventory? The following may prove to be informative. It is from

    One of the loose threads in the McGinniss-Griffin e-mail is the fact that McGinniss was in contact with a prostitute who, he’d heard, might have slept with Todd Palin. McGinniss shared these e-mails between himself and the woman, Shailey Tripp.

    Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 10:16:20 -0500


    I’ve finished my Palin book, THE ROGUE: SEARCHING FOR THE REAL SARAH PALIN, to be published in September, but I still have time to add important info. I’ve been in touch with Jesse and I heard your interview with him.

    If you have material you think I should include, please advise soonest. But Random House lawyers will require documentation. I can believe you from the bottom of my heart, but so far there is only your unsupported word about a) your three-year connection with Todd and b) Sarah not seeming pregnant in early 2008 and her signing a form that said she was not pregnant.

    If you can provide documentation, I may still be able to use your information in my book.

    In any case, all best wishes,

    Joe McGinniss


    [from Shailey, March 26:]

    Actually no, I am not. I did interview with AP Anchorage and a few other news sources I can not disclose but that was weeks ago. I am selling emails and people are bidding on them. I don’t know if it will help your book.



    Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 14:37:11 -0400


    Is this anything that will lead to something I might be able to get into the book?

    I assume you are somehow involved.

    Hope you’re well,



    1. The correct slate link is:

      The AlaskaWTF story is not available anymore:

      The National Enquirer story is not available any more:

      Have AlaskaWTF and National Enquirer joined the coverup? OMG!


    1. Katie,
      Great minds…. I have already spoken with them, and for right now they are not inclined to help. It’s not that they aren’t sympathetic, but they are looking at different type of cases


  14. This stinks to high heaven.
    I agree with others that either her possessions will be “lost”, sorry, or destroyed/damaged (not sure how it sorry) or the hard-drive wiped entirely clean.
    It’s apparent the APD is covering up criminality…their OWN included! What a bunch of lying, hypocritical, law-breaking bastards. Isn’t Lt. Parker affiliated with the whacked-out Dominionist, cult weirdos that $arah “pals” around with?
    Hey Parker! What would Jesus do??


  15. How about contacting the congressmen/women asking them to help Shailey get this resolved? Any of them, all of them. Be a squeaky wheel. Turn up the heat.


  16. Just had a nice talk with the APD, a woman who answered the general questions line today. She couldn’t speak specifics, but could discuss policy and generalities. She said confiscated personal property should have been returned by now, and on Monday I could reach someone in the Property and Evidence room (to ask about policy, exceptions, etc) but not today because all of last month’s intake is being inventoried. She. wasn’t familiar with Shailey’s name or case but said as long as I wasn’t Shailey she wouldn’t have gotten specific with me, anyway. I’ll call again on Monday. They deserve some pressure, Shailey needs some relief.


  17. Guess my next call will be the the National Enquirer. I’m a subscriber and they are mistreating Shailey and they are failing me as a customer. I have an inquiring mind and I want to know what’s on that computer and why they dropped the story!


    The Palin Place Blogspot


  18. The blatant over protection of the Palins by the APD may bring much needed attention back to the crony corruption rampant in AK. Don’t we all know how much Mrs Palin ‘hates’ cronyism? She rails about it for $100k a pop so she must really want to see it end huh?

    I’m so happy you are helping Shailey as it’s apparent the APD thinks they can walk all over her with impunity. Enough publicity about it and they may have to rethink their stance. Obviously protect and serve is not part of their skill set unless one is an elected official.


    1. Don’t bother the Anchorage Dallying Nitwits – they are worthless. They’d rather do another article on Snowzilla or Palin than anything real. Try contacting the Alaska Dispatch and the Juneau Empire, and Fairbanks Daily News-miner to add pressure and eyes on board. Maybe the Peninsula Clarion (definitely conservative leaning), too.

      I have no opinion about Ms.Tripp or any allegations whatsoever – I do not have enough info nor a need to decide anyone’s culpability or fate. However I utterly condemn the APD for obstruction of a resident’s rights and a court order. My mother used to work closely with the APD – and this pisses me off to no end.


  19. Great job Malia and Karen! The more people you can get “it” in front of the better chance of someone pursuing it. As much as I love Rachel, Lawrence and Keith they just won’t touch this with a ten-foot-pole. When I think about really brave, investigative reporters the one who comes to mind first is Matt Taibbi


  20. The court order to the police dept. can be enforced by a writ of mandamus. Shailey needs an attorney licensed to practice in Alaska. She might qualify for a public defender in Anchorage. Or the bar association may have a referral service through which she could get an attorney.

    The police personnel can be held in contempt of court for refusing to comply with a court order. I don’t practice law in Alaska, so I’m not sure if both civil and criminal remedies are available in contempt cases.

    There are legal remedies to pursue; Shailey needs an attorney to pursue them. Anyone know an Anchorage area attorney who might be willing?


  21. Guys, have you considered at all that there may be things Shailey hasn’t told? That there may be reasons for these actions and behaviors on the part of the Enquirer, newspapers, journalists, etc?
    Do you really think this whole unconnected group would just let this go by?

    Just sayin’…


  22. Malia

    Giffords vows return in new book:

    The Gifford book also mentions Sarah Palin, who was criticized after the shootings for a map posted by her political action committee that showed a number of Democratic-held congressional districts marked with crosshairs. Giffords’ district was among those covered by the tiny symbols, which were supposed to indicate seats that would be targeted by the Republicans.

    Giffords found the map disturbing. After the shootings, Kelly vented his feelings about the map to President Barack Obama. He thought Palin might call to offer condolences because of the mounting criticism, but she never did.

    Representatives for Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

    Palin’s attorney, John Tiemessen, said he would relay to the former Alaska governor the AP’s request for comment.


  23. The APD, members of the state AG’s office, local prosecutors, and criminal justice employees from the top to the bottom do what they want in Alaska. As for the suggestion of contacting state legislators, well, that’s a joke. They keep passing unconstitutional laws restricting the right of citizens to protect themselves from injustice. What does the senate judiciary committee do anyway? Where are legislators when prosecutor misconduct comes to light? Nowhere doing nothing.

    If Alaskans cared enough before this, what’s happened to this individual wouldn’t be possible. Alaskans haven’t cared enough.


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