In Search of a Palin Candidacy

Even Tim Phillips the President of the Americans for Prosperity admits that the GOP slate of candidates is unimpressive. He expresses his disappointment with the candidates by saying that there is no “Perfect Candidate.”


Citing the Facebook movement “Sarah Palin’s Earchquake”, just yesterday, conservatives4palin proposed the notion that there is still a chance for Palin to run.They cited Palin’s comment to Mark Levin that it would take an earthquake to change her mind. The clear suggestion is that she could change her mind, and that it would be God sending her a sign that would cause this to happen. With Sarah Palin as the final interpreter of God’s words and messages, there seems to be a real threat that she might get a sign from God that she should run.

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  1. I saw that someone on her facebook page noted that there have “been two earthquakes” in the world since her announcement,so “what more sign does she need?”
    Someone followed by saying “love it!”

    Love it? Love natural catastrophe? Because God killed thousands to show Palin it was time? Just ugh. Palin really just needs to use her Sarahpac money and build a mega-church. That’s where she belongs.


  2. If he thinks there is no perfect candidate now, wait until silly Sarah injects herself into the mix. I’m sure she’ll wait until the debates are over, the expensive primaries are done, and then she’ll think she can waltz in with her perfectly dysfunctional family in tow (which Trig, which Tripp???) and, to thunderous applause, be annointed Queen of the GOP…I bet they even have a tiara for Her Misery. Then watch the fireworks, as President Obama and the media tear her to shreds and finally, forever, expose her for the lying piece of crap that she is.


  3. Except, Trig. If the republicans are still bringing up Obama and his birth certificate, think of the fun when all the stops are pulled out about Trig.

    It isn’t going to go away or vanish. The questions are there, the final nail photos are there of a flat belly a few weeks before her supposed wild ride.


  4. There was an earthquake in Turkey. She’ll find someway to relate to that and throw her hat in the ring.
    She pardoned a turkey in a big fiasco, that’s all the reason she needs and the corrolation in enough for her.


  5. I still she think she will get into the race.
    She will lose too much support( = money) if she doesn’t at least make an attempt to run.
    If she gets into the race towards the end, she can bypass the debates and all those pesky questions.
    The only problem I can see if the race is close and she costs the R the election.

    She will lose the support of her bots and possibly her job at fox if she doesn’t boost her credentials.
    Unless of course, she runs for Congress from Arizona.


    1. I can definitely see her trying to sneak in at the end, with no hope of winning (and a perfect excuse…she got in so late!) but big hopes of expanding her ego and bank account.

      She would never survive a full presidential race, let alone a primary as well. She barely survived running for VP. One more week, and she would have imploded or somebody on McCain’s team would have exploded or had a nervous breakdown or something.


  6. And when she does, she will find the full force of the federal government sifting through the detritus of her life for the National Archives. Birth certificates, college transcripts, lawsuits, and anything else that can be found.

    I think that’s why she didn’t officially toss her “hat” in the ring to start with.


  7. She was not specific as to where that earthquake should occur. Just had one in Turkey. Do you think that was God talking to her in a foreign language?


  8. This is off topic but I hope you think that is is important to view and pass along.

    “I am NOT Disappointed in President Obama”

    This 6-minute video is a MUST-SEE! This gentleman quietly, decisively, and succinctly sums up why President Barack Obama is the epitome of “Promises Made and Promises Kept” and why some progressives and liberals are misguided in their expectations and criticisms of the POTUS.


  9. Reminds me of the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd asks the girl, “what are the odds of us hooking up, like one in ten?” she says “more like one in a million” … Lloyd says “so yer sayin there’s a chance!”

    the ‘nistas remind me of that movie, a lot.


  10. They’re gettin’ closer with their “Earthquake” movement. So far they have an earthquake in the South Pacific and one in Turkey. They need to refine their geographic coordinates to align further West, and North. But at least they are trying 😉


  11. What’s Palin waiting for?

    Just in the United States alone since she quit campaigning, there’ve been multiple earthquakes in Arkansas (from fracking??),, a 4.5 in the Pribilof Islands in ALASKA, a 4.6 in the Aleutians, 3.4 in “southern Alaska”, 2.9 and 3.4 in Washington state, to list just a few.


  12. OT but I found it interesting. In NC, the Crisis Pregnancy Centers are mostly not medically certified, and exist to talk women out of abortion. They also prayed with one investigator so she could become a born again virgin…must be what Bristol is, huh? Just like tubes-tied Sarah became a born-again mother with Trig! I tell you, these prayer warriors are something else! Wonder if they can pray her into extinction (or can we??)


  13. I’m with ‘jk’ and the send money concept. Once the Empress burns through her current “earnings” she’ll come out of a crack in the earth with fire in her belly.

    One more comment, there’s a touch of irony in that earthquake comment. There are HAARP “research sites” near Fairbanks and Gakona Alaska that have earthquake generating and weather modification technology.


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