Pain Inflicted by Palin Continues

Back from South Korea, Sarah and Todd Palin appeared in Tupelo, Mississippi this weekend. Tupelo is a town of roughly 35,000 people and became famous as the birth place of Elvis.  It wasn’t cute enough for Sarah to wear blue suede shoes to the event.  She explained they  were Bristol’s shoes, implying that she was “hip” enough that she could dress like her 20-year-old daughter.However the comment regarding the shoes was not the offensive part of Palin’s appearance.

  1. She and Todd appeared, leaving those precious children at home, once again, in Alaska.  Nobody in Tupelo asked Ms. Palin who was meeting the special needs of Trig?
  2. Palin played the victim once again, saying:

“Everyone has challenges. Nobody’s road is easy. Everyone in your relationships, in your workplace, in your churches, in your neighborhoods, maybe within your own family, a health battle, maybe a battle trying to keep your home. Maybe somebody in your family [is] trying to keep a job,” “Everybody is going through battles; mine just happen to get exaggerated or just downright made up, and their splashed across a tabloid or [television show].”

It is not clear which tabloid she was talking about, but it is clear that she was the victim.

3.  The conference was the “Extraordinary Women Association”.  Sarah Palin is not an extraordinary woman.  She is “Palin by Comparison.”

The article reporting on the story included a question and answer suggesting Palin was still considering running for President.  The article reported:

“  Philadelphia, Mississippi resident Laura Renfrow was asked if she’d vote for Palin if the former Alaska governor ran for president.

“Yes, I would,” Renfrow said. “I hope she’ll run. I do.”

Will the pain never end?

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  1. The woman who commented that she’d still vote for SP is from Philadelphia, MS, NOT Philadelphia, PA., my hometown. Wouldn’t want the two to be confused.


  2. Palin is addicted to the limelight, that’s pretty clear.
    Unfortunately; it is all too rare for addicts to truly escape the chains of their addiction(s).


    1. Dorian M,
      It makes me wonder why Todd is always with her? Does he urn for the limelight too? Is Sarah making him go so that he doesn’t get a massage while she is gone?


      1. Todd’s in it for the money now, I think. Obviously; quite a lot has come her way since she quit as Governor. As her husband; Todd must be entitled to half (if not more).


  3. How much does the Grifter Granny get for her appearances now? Does she still command a private jet, SUV with tinted windows, bendy straws, and security guards? I imagine she could borrow those blue suede shoes from Bristles after all she was probably having a “campout” for her 21st. birthday. Those shoes would not wear well in a tent in the wilderness.


    1. Scarsdale,
      I don’t know what she gets for a speech these days, and yes…those blue sued shoes wouldn’t be quite right for the caribou hunt.


  4. I just read the full article. The audience was spellbound by her charisma and she received a key to the city. She got her ego fed. She reminds me of Glen Beck. She will continue to be a poster child for the ultra-conservatives; they need each other. One day, the Palins may be exposed like the Bakers.


    1. PallyinAK,
      I read it too and just couldn’t bring myself to report that anyone was “spellbound” by her, because I would have to comment on the intelligence of anyone “spellbound” by Palin, and I didn’t want to disparage to people of Miss.


  5. To be fair, Palin is an extraordinary woman — just not in a good way.

    It boggles the mind that someone so intellectually and psychologically challenged could be viewed by anyone as an authority on anything. Much less paid well to spew simplistic memes intermingled with incomprehensible word salad.

    I have a pretty clear idea about what’s wrong with Palin. The stumper for me is what’s wrong with those who think she has anything to say that’s worth hearing?


  6. This sensationalist piece is sort of like pissing on Saadam in the cooler.

    Or like putting blinders on when Solydra brings Obama’s ratings to the lowest ever and second lowest since records have been kept. Well why deal with reality, when fantasy engages those in denial of an utterly failed Presidency.

    It must be her turns of phrase that bothers the definitive biographer of Sarah barracuda.

    The allegations are not worth the electrons or paper on which they are written


    1. “The allegations are not worth the electrons or paper on which they are written”

      Yet they do appear to be worth Hmmm’s time to push back against them. Just sayin’.


    2. You’re obviously distraught. You know what would make you feel better? Take out your check book and write me a huge donation. And don’t scrimp on the zeros, you betcha.

      Best wishes (for me and my band account),
      Sarah Palin


      1. It appears no one wants to talk about O Brother’s ratings which seem to be way lower than Sarah’s who by the way seems to have over three million followers on her face book. And you have how many –two dozen?

        Texas liberals. Now there is an oxy-moron.


  7. Hmmmm…nothing about your post makes sense. Who “pissed on Saadam in the cooler”? What a nice way you have with words…not! And what would that have to do with this discussion anyway?

    Once again, Todd, I think you have had too many straight vodkas.

    And just where did you get your facts about the ratings being the lowest ever…I remember G W having much lower ratings…and I am fairly sure that Nixon did too.

    Someone in this group is “in denial” and “putting blinders on” but I think their name begins with H and ends in mmmmmm.

    Funny how those “allegations” keep coming up as Sarah fades further and further away and people are starting to talk more openly about her.

    One question I have. She is so busy flying all over, being introduced as a wonderful example of a parent. Yet, who is home parenting them? I thought Todd used to fill that gap, but it appears she no longer trusts him to stay home alone. Or maybe he no longer trusts her to function without him there to prop her up and give her the necessary meds/drugs/alcohol. Either way..neither of them are there with Piper.


    1. I’m sure Piper is fine with Grandpa Chuck and whomever else it taking care of her. Afterall, those are the same people who took care of the three eldest Palin children and look how well behaved and monitored they were/are.


  8. Love the troll. Why is it that they never make sense (or know how to form a sentence and for that matter even learn to spell)?

    I thought you were kidding about the blue suede shoes. What a truly bizarre woman she is.

    I love that people were spellbound by her word salad. I always thought they looked spellbound because they were trying so hard to figure out what she was talking about. If you zone out for less than a tenth of a second you are completely lost. Oh, I admit it, I can’t ever figure out what she is saying. That is if I can even listen for a second to the screech. She is one person that I have to read the transcript or I want to stuff my ears with toilet paper.

    I guess the real reason that christians like her sums it up by what that one woman said in the article about her not backing down about being a christian. I have no idea why but when I was in that crazy arena people had such a huge thing about telling everyone that they were a christian. It was a badge of honor.

    I guess they had to because based on their actions you certainly wouldn’t have ever figured it out;)


  9. Lucky for us, a lot of Christians don’t like her. Its too bad she hijacks the adjective–I’ve known some very nice Christians who don’t advertise with rhinestone crosses on belt buckles.


  10. Why don’t you rename this blog the demonization of Sarah Palin and anyone who challenges the savior in the White House?

    Cause from where I sit outside of the LongHorny state, you guys are the INQUISITION.


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