The Anchorage Daily News Admits They Used Palin

lily lily brought this post to our attention.  Thanks lily lily.  Joe McGinniss reveals comments from the editor of the Anchorage Daily News in which he admits that the publication used the fame of Sarah Palin to generate interest in, and hits on, the ADN.  Once again, people use Palin for publicity, in spite of the damage she may do to the country.  McCain used her to try to get votes, the ADN used her to attract viewers, the Republican party used her to raise money, and Palin used her followers and her family to gain money and a plush lifestyle;  but America paid the price.  It was a costly price to pay.

18 thoughts on “The Anchorage Daily News Admits They Used Palin

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  1. When you talk about the ADN, you should be talking about your own blog and books which use Palin to generate cash for yourself and further your left wing cause. Get a life. Palin has more horsesense in her little finger than in your entire head.


    1. Hmmm,
      I’ve got news for you! If my motivation was to make money I would go back to practicing law. I make NO money from this blog, as you might notice there is no advertisement on this blog. My first book was Rebuttal to the Rogue and all proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood. My second book, The Ignorance of Sarah Palin was written at a time when Palin indicated she might run for the President, and I sought to educate more people about who she really is. I knew from my previous experience that I would never make a profit off that book, but felt it important to take a stance and make people aware of the potential harm that Sarah Palin could do to our country. I’m unclear about what issue you have with the ADN article I posted as it was an introduction to Joe McGinnis’ article and I was simply reporting what I read.


    2. Yea….Horse sence……Horse aroma perhaps….From her week old socks and her weekly shower. Obvious substance abuse. Oh shoot…really didn’t mean to insult horses…they exibit some aspect of hygene…


  2. I am so glad you don’t have horsesense in your head..
    Sarah’s friend must have hers in her finger too like her Mentor.
    Thank you for keeping us informed regarding “As My Stomach Turns..The Palin Drama”
    You do not need to defend yourself to Idiots.
    Intelligent people appreciate your work..don’t ever stop and I wish you were making some money on it so you could hire someone to wash your panties.
    Malia you are The Best..Nannie.. nannie.. Sarah!!!


    1. clazyrady,
      I so appreciate your support! The fact that I am not making any money at blogging allows me to say what I think without being responsible to anyone but myself. That is a luxury most don’t have, and I appreciate. Thank you for your help and support! Malia


  3. Malia, I see your blog has attracted the attention of your own troll.

    Congratulations, and how surprising that Hmmm did not accuse you of being on the Obama/Soros payroll. Hahaha!


  4. Horsesense, hmmm?? Horses are notoriously stupid animals. But for SP, she must have awoken to a horse’s head in her bed. Why else would she quit? Again..


  5. Bill Maher, Touré and Rachel Maddow were all in agreement that Herman Cain was in over his head intellectually in his run for the Republican nomination. “I think people have been reluctant to call Herman Cain dumb and an idiot like Sarah Palin, because they’re afraid that people will say ‘it’s because you’re racist,’” Maher surmised. “I’m not racist, I think he’s dumb; I think he’s really dumb!”

    Bill Maher said that “Republicans have to stop calling the Occupy Wall Street protesters ‘hippies’.” “Yes, they’re peeing outdoors and having sex in sleeping bags– or as Bristol Palin calls it, dating,” LOL


  6. Malia, I’m so glad that you’re staying on Sarah Palin’s tail. Like you, I’m convinced that we haven’t heard the last of her yet, not by a long shot, and until this woman is exposed as a fraud (Babygate, etc.), she’ll continue to spread her brand of poison into the American body politic. It alarms me that so many other anti-Palin blogs are throwing in the towel, just because she’s not running in the Republican primary. Thanks for hanging in there.


    1. a uk rader,
      Thanks for the support! Some people probably think I’m just worried for no reason, but when you stop thinking logically and realize the Palin only wants the publicity, and she is clearly not getting it now, I believe she will seek a way to stay relevant, and running as a third party candidate would accomplish just that.


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