Sarah Palin Lies; Rick Perry Lies; Anita Perry Lies

It seems the rule in the Republican Party is that family is “off limits” only when they say it is. How many times did we hear a comment about Michelle Obama’s statement about when she became proud of our country?  Yet virtually every time we saw Sarah Palin or John McCain we saw their spouses standing quietly behind them.

Sarah Palin used her children when helpful to her, but if they did something, like being an unwed teenage mother, she and her child capitalized on it. So criticizing a spouse may be viewed by some as “off limits.” However when lying is involved, everyone is fair game; especially if the reason the member of the family is telling a lie is to promote the politician running for office. If Anita Perry gives an interview and disparages our President by lying, we care! Here is the story. As John King explained Anita Perry said it was the Obama administration that caused her son to lose his job. Her son actually explained he quit. The video CNN relied upon to prove that Anita Perry lied, was one of her son documenting the reason he quit his job.  However the more compelling video was a speech given by Mrs. Perry the day before when she told the story of how she and Rick told their children that Rick was going to run for President. In that presentation Anita Perry recounts her son telling her that he would gladly quit his job to help his dad! Thus Anita Perry has admitted that she knew her son would be quitting his job to help his dad. . This lie was not only an untruth, but it was an intentional lie. Mrs. Perry was so anxious to disparage President Obama that she was willing to tell a lie. Moreover, there was no attempt by Rick or Anita to retract the statement or clarify the record.

It seems that lying is a trait that Rick and Anita have in common.

1. Perry lied about education funding.

2. Perry lied when he declared that if elected Governor he would NOT run for the office of the Presidency.

3. Perry lied about meeting a woman dying of cervical cancer.

4. Perry has repeatedly lied about the number of jobs he has created.

5. Perry has lied about protecting the rights or property owners.

6. Perry lied about the EPA never complaining about the pollution in Texas.

7. Perry lied about supporting a banker bailout.

8. Perry lied about supporting in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

9. Perry lied about border violence in El Paso.

10. Perry lied when he said the federal stimulus didn’t create any jobs.

Thus it is clear that lying is a way of life for Rick and Anita Perry. It is particularly bothersome because Rick and Anita Perry promote themselves as religious people. Anita has complained that Rick has been “brutalized” by the media, and that he is working to “save this country’s soul”. When they can’t save their own souls, they surely can’t save ours’. If Rick or Anita saw a burning bush, it wasn’t a sign from God; it was an indication that Perry shouldn’t have cut the volunteer fire department budget in the year Texas was suffering from a record drought. 

17 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Lies; Rick Perry Lies; Anita Perry Lies

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  1. Given how many times Rick has lied to Anita about who he’s been boinking, she probably wouldn’t recognize the truth if she ran over it in her car.


  2. It’s the first time I’ve heard about this although I don’t doubt it for a minute. It’s always the ones who loudly proclaim their Christianity who are caught with their pants down, then they confess and are absolved by their fellow GOP members, many of whom are guilty of the very same. Perry comes across as one of the worst of the entire group especially with his buddy Sarah endorsing him. That should tell us all we need to know about him.


    1. akrnc,
      He IS one of the worst. The more I learn about him the more outraged I become. How he has gotten by with so much for so long is proof that you can buy just about anybody for a price.


  3. AKRNC, he’s a notorious philanderer who apparently swings both ways — I live in Central Texas and it’s such a well-known rumor that it is largely assumed to be factual. I just don’t know why no one is talking — I suspect because he only screws Republicans. Malia, what do you think?


    1. Sagecreek,
      I had heard these rumors long before I got involved in politics. I believe that with Hustler being willing to pay $1,000,000 that we will see pictures. The only question is when?


  4. Hey Malia,
    Is there any way to add an “email this” button in your share it feature? There have been quite a few of your posts I’ve cut and pasted into my email account, but it would be cool to just have a button to click. My sis-in-law lives in Texas & she’s a Christian but REALLY doesn’t like Perry. Thanks for this. 🙂


      1. Malia, I second mykidsmom’s request. Your posts are thoughtful, entertaining, and eye-opening. I’d love the email link. I’m a tad on the lazy side (not to mention the Luddite side: I cut and then forget to paste–maybe that’s the ADD side).

        Please continue to shine the light on Perry. He terrifies me and now we have his wife opining and whining. I never thought I’d use the words, “The good thing about Palin was” together in a sentence but the good thing about Palin was that her husband rarely opened his mouth in public so we only had her idiocy and whining to contend with.

        Thanks again for your posts, Malia. You and they are greatly appreciated.


      2. AK in PA,
        Torie is my assistant and much younger and much more computer savvy than me. She’s going to work on it in the am, and I’ll let you know when we have done it. Thanks for your support! Malia


  5. I’ll add my name to the chorus, too, Malia. Many’s the time I wanted to forward one of your posts to a friend – especially when you put up one of your famously hilarious ones. I’m spreading the word about Perry, too. Thanks!


    1. Heidi3,
      Thanks for your support! Torie will try to do it today, and I’ll post a notice when its done. I need to find more funny things about Perry, but its hard to laugh at him because he’s so vile. I’m working on my sense of humor about him too!


  6. As someone who is certified in mental illness, let me help you understand Mrs. Perry’s statement. Her son did lose his job because of the Obama administration. He had to quit his job so he could fight against Obama. If there was no Obama he would not have to quit his job to fight for a cause. That said, he apparently felt no need to quit his job and fight in Iraq or Afghanistan while Bush was in office.
    (Disclaimer: by certified I mean I have been diagnosed and am in treatment.)


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