What Do Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry Have in Common?

Your first guess to this age-old question might be … corny dogs?

Your second guess might be photo-shopped pictures.

Perry as Palin

Perry as Jesus

Perry with Bachmann’s Hair

Michele Bachman and husband Marcus

Palin and Bachmann

Dumb and Dumber

Your Third Guess should be that they each failed American History in 8th grade. Even though all three seem to be clueless about American history , but are each stupid enough to make public statements, proving  that they are clueless about American history. Who could forget Michelle Bachmann’s claim that the Shot heard around the world was fired in New Hampshire, rather than in Massachusetts?


Then there was the video of Sarah Palin sharing her version of Paul Revere’s ride gallantly attempting to warn the British that the Americans were coming.

Rick Perry has now demonstrated he has a lot in common with both Bachmann and Palin. He thought the American Revolutionary war was fought in the 16th century. I wonder if he thinks Paul Revere was riding a T-Rex through New Hampshire, ringing bells, warning the British that the Americans were coming, and shooting his gun which was loud enough to be heard around the world?

23 thoughts on “What Do Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry Have in Common?

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  1. If you can’t say something nice it is better to say nothing (ha, ha). Of course this came from my mother and I didn’t listen to everything she taught me;)

    For the love of god, please, please, please get rid of that picture of Mr. Bachmann. He gives me the creeps. I am not even kidding. I look at him and just shudder.


  2. What Do Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry Have in Common? – well my first guess would be DNA

    The merging of Marcus and Michelle is going to give me nightmares – rofl


  3. Scary and scarier. You should have saved these for Halloween…lol! Although, maybe two weeks from now Perry will be under investigation, Bachmann will have been thrown under the GOP bus, and Sarah will have had her passport taken and her mouth taped up.


  4. Q: “What Do Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry Have in Common?”

    A: The most concise similarity I can think of is that they are all clueless and represent the uneducated underbelly of America. Not one is a fit candidate for president of the U.S. and world leader.

    Note to the GOP/TP Clown Car:
    This is not a popularity contest. It’s not about the spotlight or applause (however inappropriate), it’s about whether you are the right material to run this country and represent us abroad….And none of you are.


  5. The entire group of GOP candidates amounts to a clown show, but Bachmann, Palin, and Perry are in a class by themselves. They are all dumb, delusional, and divisive, qualities shared by all the candidates. But these 3 are exceptional cases of the disastrous results of the dumbing down of education in this country. I cannot imagine any other nation that would even entertain the idea of elevating dimbulbs like these in politics or in any other endeavor. I sincerely hope one day, Americans will look back one day and wonder what the hell the GOP was thinking in ever giving those folks even one second of fame.


  6. Malia, I’ll tell you something of interest about Marcus you may not know. I live in Cincinnati Ohio, home of the notorious Union Institute, a buy a degree education establishment.

    Guess whose degree was purchased there? Marcus Bachmann’s.

    The Union Institute follows the choose-your-own-adventure model of education. In other words, send them a large check, write up some complete and utter bullshit about your field of study, another large check later and…voila! You are now Dr. Asshole. Congratulations.


    1. Barbara,
      I knew it was an usual way to get a degree. If you have any particular references I could use to document what we know about the school, I would love to get them. Thanks, Malia


  7. Malia, an FYI in the chance you don’t know or haven’t read —

    Daily Beast has an article that sets out that the twice failed Presidential candidate Steve Forbes is one of the advisors of Perry. Forbes pushed both times for a flat tax, private Social Security accounts, and medical savings accounts.


    It also points out if others haven’t realized, that Cain was and still is heavily involved with the Koch Bros. His advisors have deep roots in Koch Bros associations. As that info started to be exposed, it makes sense why he is rising in the poles. His pole numbers have been bought and paid for.


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