The Global Misperception of Sarah Palin

Yesterday’s post related to the International Threat Sarah Palin has become. Among the many comments responding to this article, “jadez” said:

“well my time here has come to a close.  if you people really believe what you write here then its no place for rational people.  try reading some international newspapers if you want to understand all those people who you think take palin serious.  you will find they are not as stupid as americans.  see ya

While negative comments usually do not bother me, this one was different. It caused me to wonder if the people of South Korea, and around the world really understood that Palin should not be taken seriously. I found this report from Australia that indicated a lack of respect for Sarah Palin.

While I hoped that the astute perception of this Australian commentator was typical of international perception of Sarah Palin, it seemed unlikely. Just as in the United States, the place that knows her best, likes her least. Sarah Palin was originally extremely popular in Alaska, with an 82% approval rating. Now that Alaskans have come to know the true Sarah, her approval ratings have declined to 29%. The reality in South Korea, where they don’t know her very well, is that she is perceived as a leader in the American politics.  


The World Knowledge Forum was designed “to provide a U.S. leadership perspective on how to lead the world out of the latest economic crisis.”. Palin was listed not just as a speaker, but as the “keynote” speaker. Palin is described as a “Presidential Candidate.”

While in South Korea Palin:

“… also plans to meet with South Korea’s next presidential contenders and major politicians during the forum.”  Former British prime minister Gordon Brown and Larry Summers, ex-director of US President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, were also scheduled to speak.

Given her position as the “keynote speaker, “ her identification as a “presidential candidate” and the other people speaking at this conference, there is a clear indication that the South Koreans perceive her as a political leader in the United States.  That’s the reason that her appearance and speech were so inappropriate and potentially dangerous. She said:

‘‘The first victims of his regime are his own people. That is so inherently unfair and unjust that I look forward to this entire regime being able to be rebuilt, South Korea being able to assist North Korea when that regime is finally ousted.’’

For Palin to openly advocate the “ousting” of the North Korean regime is inexcusable. South Korea and the United States have worked hard to improve relations with the North Korean government. This has been especially challenging with the proliferation of nuclear weapons in North Korea, and the attacks last year when two South Korean marines were killed.

North Korea maintains one of the world’s largest standing armies and militarism pervades everyday life

Palin’s remarks and appearance in South Korea were offensive, as she is known for her lack of insight into the difference between North and South Korea.

However it was that interview with Glenn Beck in which Sarah Palin attacked President Obama for not taking a harder line to sanction North Korea. Her statements made in South Korea are even more offensive because as she was speaking while South Korean President Lee Myung-bak had been meeting with President Obama. The two presidents were reported to be  discussing, among other things, ways to re-engage with North Korea.

“The government will make efforts to put inter-Korean relations on a normal footing and continue to prepare for peaceful unification.” said Lee. Although Seoul’s outreach to Pyongyang has not borne any fruit, Cha and other analysts expect that the United States will also resume engagement with North Korea in the hopes of moderating the North’s behavior and ensuring the cooperation of the North’s ally China in future regional disarmament talks.

“The longer that you do not engage with (North Korea), the more likely it is that they will carry out another provocation, whether that is a nuclear test or whether that is an armed conventional provocation against the South again,” said Cha.

For Sarah Palin to interfere with the President’s attempts to promote peace between North and South Korea is unforgivable. To antagonize the North Korean government is inexcusable. To interfere with the President’s relationships with foreign countries is treasonous.



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  1. While the White House is preparing to welcome the South Korean president and attempt peace, Palin is shooting off her big mouth in attempt to enrage the North. I hope the people in that part of the world know that the majority(large majority) of Americans believe she is a fool and a public nuisance. I agree with the commentators that claim she should be charged with treason. She is trying to make our country look bad by saying the regime should be ousted and changed. That was never an option put forth by the US or SK.


    1. grammy11,
      Why would they know that? If she is introduced as a presidential candidate, they might logically think that a lot of people in America support her!


      1. There are eight men and Bachmann who could honestly be introduced as Presidential candidates, and none of them have the support of the people. Didn’t the Koreans know that she QUIT?


  2. I just wonder what the GOP would have said if a liberal citizen went to another country and shot their mouth off while Bush was President. They would be screaming “Treason” at the top of their hypocritical lungs.

    This display by Palin just shows how inexperienced and naive she is.


    1. craigtamy – they did. Remember that country western group that merely said they were ashamed that Bush was from Texas? And they were known as entertainers, not political commentators or leaders.


  3. I think the bitch should be locked up before she starts world war 3.It is ridiculous to have that silly twit anywhere shooting her mouth off about things she doesn’t know about.Something has to be done about her.Enough is enough.


  4. Malia – I know for a fact that Palin is ridiculed and mocked in Europe. That is, she was. Now she is totally ignored. Serious people worldwide, and I would think that would include most South Koreans, know she is an idiot and is not someone to be taken seriously. I don’t know enough about the South Korean culture to comment further.

    As an aside, my new Hyundai Elantra – made in Ulsan, Korea, is a beautifully made and meticulously engineered car. It is getting praise worldwide. So, by that standard, I would think South Koreans generally would consider a flaky wild-eyed right wing extremist Dominionist nutcase from the US – as someone to ignore.


  5. Be very clear – Most Australian journalists give the impression ‘Australia’ does not take Sarah Palin very seriously – but they hold a strong opinion that ‘America’ considers her ‘beloved’. She is quite often referred to as ‘the darling of the Tea Party’, and you need to understand it is believed here that the Tea Party is thought to be an actual political party with all the clout of Republican or Democrat.

    With that in mind, know there was a single review of Bannon’s movie that was shared amongst the media here, beginning in a Sydney newspaper and copied verbatim to other sources (albeit not many) that ‘The Undefeated’ was a blockbuster movie in the US, given top, rave reviews among US movie critics and was a smashing hit at the box office on it’s opening weekend. A boots on the ground Australian journo was at one of the few well-attended openings and interviewed the Christian-right attendees who slobbered all over themselves describing how important a figure Sarah was to US politics – without the journo first separating the Christian-right from the rest of the country – and no other source challenged or changed the one review before reprinting it.

    There’s little coverage of Sarah here. Her books don’t sell well and her style of politics if frowned upon by most. Her ill-mannered attempt to visit with Margaret Thatcher was over-the-top to a country raised by a queen and whose citizens live by parliamentary protocol. At the time it was considered the worst of arrogant US behaviour ande given very little press other than a few tongue-in-cheek smackdowns.

    The phrase here goes “Ahh – Americans.”

    I have not been able to find an Australian comment on her speech in
    South Korea but the consensus of opinion here is that Sarah gave up her political credentials the day she quit as governor of Alaska and can’t understand why the US continues to look to her as a leader.

    So if – like Australia – South Korea officials believe Sarah Palin represents US political opinion – and there’s no reason to think they don’t – they will give official weight to her words. And that makes her dangerous – over here.


      1. ozmud,
        I had the pleasure of seeing Sydney, Adelaid (SP?),Melbourne, Alice Springs, the out back, the barrier reef and it was the best family vacation we have EVER had. Even got to pet Kaulas and take a hot air balloon ride over the outback at day break and see the heards of kangroo hoping back home. ! I love Australia! You are fortunate to live there! Thanks for caring about our politics in America. Malia


  6. Is it just ‘another’ coincidence that her screeching gig in SK occurs at the same time that President Obama is meeting with their head of State? Smells a bit like those convenient little hi-jacking hi-jinks she arranged around the other GOP/TP candidates’ appearances. She is so obsessed with Obama that I’d bet she keeps a copy of his schedule right next to hers so she can find a similar venue to crash. That way she only has to bone up on what he may be addressing, making it easier for her staff of writers to run up a storyline or two and give her time to ‘practice’.

    I’ve checked around some reporting sites like HP and found little mention of her trip beyond the reports from the Korean press and Al Jazeera. Did the MSM finally switch on its embarrassment gene?


      1. Malia –
        I think your comment hits it on the head. Many in the media feel some of us are unnecessarily focused on her. They do not see her as a real threat. It is because they still have not researched and examined her past (even to the point of not acknowledging the hateful rhetoric she used starting in 2008 and how that hate talk resonates to this day.
        She will never stop her antics. She has to be so thoroughly discredited that no one will pay attention to her.
        As to how she is viewed internationally – here again they do not recognize the danger.


      2. Pat,
        Yes, it is the misperception of her that scares me know. Even if people in this country understand who and what she represents, it is clear that she can still do much damage in other countries!


  7. I have followed Palin for years now and have been a resident of Alaska since 1950. We have very, very little coverage of her anymore in the media in Alaska. She is not making national news as she once was either.

    Wouldn’t it seem likely that the Obama Administration – to include Hillary Clinton – would be aware of her speech in South Korea? I would suspect she is observed as to her speech making outside of the U.S. too. Palin has no experience in foreign affairs and that is well known. Heck, if she was asked a question about Alaska history, or for that matter, American history, she would be proven the idiot that she is.

    All that Palin has going for her is that she is street smart. I doubt seriously that ANY of the Republican candidates for the primary would ask for her endorsement. She is a joke and a sick one at that!


    1. Millie,
      I am sure the Obama administration knows about the speech. It seems the policy has been to ignore Palin, and generally I think that’s a good idea, but in this case I’m not so sure.


  8. Malia: I really doubt the Administration is ignoring her when she goes out of the country (China and South Korea). I think the Obama Administration ignores what she spouts in the U.S., but outside of our country, is another thing. She is such a lunatic!


  9. Looks like palin has already found her a “New Mark”…

    I hope the State Department sat her stupid ass down and read her the riot act…

    They should have said something along the lines of…

    Listen you spoiled little brat…

    We could care less what messages are rattling around in your empty little head and/or if you think God is talking to you…

    Either you Sit Down and STFU or your vicious ass will be locked up so far away you won’t know who you’ll be scamming next.


  10. I can’t speak for perceptions of Palin in the Far East, but having spent a lot of the spring in Europe this year and last fall as well, I can tell you that she is considered a joke there. In contrast to that, Europeans love Obama. They love what he stands for domestically and for his world view of interlocking interdependencies. We were in England when he presented to Parliament and you would not believe how graciously the leaders of their two houses of Parliament greeted him in their speeches. Europeans are grateful and relieved that he is NOT Bush and IS a thinking person with a world view, not a parochial or beligerantly military view of the world.

    I proudly put my “Obama 2012” on the bumper of my car today. That’s what I’m going to work for as best I can.


    1. I am a gay veteran and a lifelong Liberal/Progressive. I lived in Europe a long time ago and fell in love with the French and Belgian people and cultures. I am so proud of President Obama. He is an intelligent, compassionate, articulate and thoughtfull world leader. Most outside of the US recognize his leadership qualities, his competency and his dedication to the American working people and to world peace and prosperity. I fear that there is a skewed impression reinforced by US mainstream media – giving Palin and the Tea Party far more power than they truly have. It is true that the Tea Party members elected in 2010 do have the power of “No” over the Congress at this point. But it is sad that in Australia it is perceived that the Tea Party is an equal party in the US political system and that Palin is a revered leader ??? in our country. More and more – and this has been happening for a while now, Palin is mocked and ridiculed even among former supporters. She has, as they say, “cooked her goose” and we all should be very happy that the grifter is outed.


  11. Sarah Palin is not street smart; she is gutter smart. She has no class, no education, no credentials, and no brain. She barn-stormed the political process in the USA with her trashy underhanded tactics – pur-dee trash. Her skankiness belongs in the gutter. I cannot for the life of me understand why she was invited to give a keynote speech at this conference and why the State Dept allowed her to participate. I hope the CIA was taking notes.


  12. It’s been discussed so many times and it’s a bit worn out. The Alaska polls that took place were awkward and impossible to interpret as representative of Alaska citizens. Roughly 400-450 people were called on the phone. You had to own a landline and have voted in 2 of the last 4 elections.

    4/5/2007 3/12/2008
    Very Positive 186/406 46% 57%
    Somewhat Positive 152/406 37% 28%
    Neutral 24/406 6%
    Somewhat Negative 19/406 5% 7%
    Very Negative 10/406 2% 5%
    Don’t Know/Refused 15/406 4% 3%

    “Thinking about Sarah Palin, would you say your opinion of her has changed since she was named the Vice Presidential candidate on August 29th? (IF YES) Has the change been positive or negative?”
    Yes, positive 11.3%
    Yes, negative 37.0%
    No change 49.1%
    Don’t Know/Refused 2.7%

    Ultimately, it can all be spun however anyone wants to. The data just doesn’t say much about what people think, on either side.

    Sarah Palin’s “approval rating” with Alaskans began to drop before McCain got involved. There was a series of missteps and cumulative frustration with her. A slow learning curve and lots of forgiveness. It was one thing after another that just kept building.
    State government staff took to wearing “Where’s Sarah?” buttons because Sarah was never in Juneau; she was billing the state for living in her own home; she billed the state for her children; she rejected stimulus money and put the Legislature in a difficult situation of having to veto her. She showed up for Vogue photo ops and interviews and hosting celebrities, but never seemed to want to sit at the desk and do the hard work.

    Then, bam! We’ve got McCain and James Dobson staffers running Alaska!
    The Liberty crowd came up from Colorado Springs, SUING our state elected representatives to suppress the Troopergate report. Then she’s flying out with staff on Alaska payroll to campaign and running state business by Blackberry, instead of properly handing it over to the Lt. Governor.

    Before her introduction to America. Before the captivating RNC speech. Before the election.


  13. Alaska saw through the fake a while back. Americans finally saw Palin was a fraud. So what remains as untested waters for Palin are foreign counties. Sure hope they come to see her as a hoax soon. Palin will then be forced to test other planets and I will have the spaceship ready to launch off earth.


    1. The UK as well as other countries knows that Sarah is a bullshit artist. She’s not fooling anybody except for the toothless people in the lower 48 who send SarahPac their lunch money.


  14. While it’s mostly a good thing that Palin is now being ignored by the media, she is still the same attention-hungry narcissist. It’s time for the State Department to restrict her from going to foreign soil to give her screechfests on subjects she knows nothing about. Her passport should be permanently revoked, and she needs to be on both watch lists and no-fly lists. She has abused the privilege of traveling overseas too many times by badmouthing our president, and this instance was one that could have had serious repercussions. In addition, it should be made unequivocally clear to other countries that Sarah Palin is not authorized to speak on behalf of this country under any circumstances, no matter who sponsors her.


  15. There’s a reason why Sarah is spending more time in Arizona than Alaska. There was a time when Alaskans were afraid of Sarah and Todd’s power and revenge but now they are just low life bullies and thugs hiding out in their Wasilla compound. Nobody takes them serious or repects them anymore. Their kids grew up terrorizing the town and people put up with it because Sarah was the mayor and governor with the attitude the Palins can do anything they wanted until the court says they can’t. Sarah doesn’t like Alaska because Alaska doesn’t kiss the Palins ass anymore.


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