10 Signs Sarah Palin is NOT Running

"Sally" shared these tonight in a comment, and I thought you wouldn't want to miss these... 1. Willow is not yet pregnant. 2. Bristol is not pregnant again, although she is wearing a of of scarves adn long sleeves in LA. 3. Sarah is not sporting scarves and a long black blazer. 4. Piper stopped... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Signs that Rick Perry’s Campaign is in Trouble

David Letterman shared these signs of a problem with Rick Perry's campaign: 10. Lost support from both the wack jobs and the nut jobs. 9. At debates, he mostly goes with, 'That's what she said.' 8. Downgraded from campaign bus to cheaper campaign Vespa scooter. 7. He's too Mitty for Newt supporters, too Newty for... Continue Reading →

Hey Herb, Can I Call You “Co-caine”?

Who could forget Steve Schmidt’s explanation of Sarah Palin’s request to just call Senator Biden “Joe?” Even though Palin remembered to ask permission to call him “Joe” she did call him “Senator OBiden” during the Vice Presidential debate. It seems the Empress is still in need of help; especially with so many GOP candidates in... Continue Reading →

SNL’s Version of the Republican Debates- Very Funny

We each need to find something to laugh about as we approach the campaign season, and SNL provides that much needed relief.  

Will Sarah Palin Run, Quit, or Have Another Child?

The month was June. The person being interviewed was Bristol Palin. The specific question asked was whether Sarah Palin had made her decision to run for President in the 2012 race. Bristol said her mother had definitely made up her mind, but she wasn’t permitted to disclose the decision.  Two possibilities were obvious. Either Bristol... Continue Reading →

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